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This is a story about my OCs, my first one my old red and black colt Pegasus. As well as my new OC a cream white unicorn with electric blue stripes, which are completely natural, if for no other reason than magic. This story is about the love that is between them, this was only intended as OC shipping in order to keep my OCs close by, but I might be convinced to turn this into something more.

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The Doctor and Derpy are finally getting married, Dinky couldn't be more elated. They`ll be a real family, and shell have a real father, whats to come. Lets find out, Allons-y!

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Now this is a Fluttershy adventure story, she meets a strange pony. This she falls wings over hooves for this colt, and things will happen. No this is not a clopfic it may become a shipper later on but I`m no good at that kind of thing. I hope you like it

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