The Trio

by BuddhtistBrony

Dinky`s friends

Dinky`s friends

Characters in order of appearance
Dinky Doo
Peach Pie
Tootsie Flutes
Berry Pinch

She knew the filly quite well and was thrilled that she was luckily adopted from a Cantorlot orphanage to Lyra and Bon-Bon shortly after their marriage. With a heart stopping surprise, Peachy Pie jump from a cloud shouting, “CACTH ME,” with some effort and she levitated Peachy an inch above the ground teleported her to her feet and they walked to Tootsie Flutes house catching up side by side.

“Your princess Luna`s personal protégé, that’s so awesome,” Peachy said a little louder than actually needed. This aroused Tootsie Flutes from her candy making, who was trying a new recipe for tootsie flutes. She pulled out the Flutes just in time to make three perfectly made three perfect Tootsie Flutes, one for each of her friends. With that she let them cool on the plate with a small note she prepared for such an event.
It reads:

To whomever reads this note:

These treats are currently cooling; they are not to be tested until they are perfect.


Tootsie Flute

After the note was placed, knowing her mom’s Lyra and Bon-Bon were out of the house she went to play and catch up with her friends Peachy Pie and Dinky Doo. After a short walk to the park, they met her other friends at the park Scootabloo, Seabrease, and even Berry Pinch. With a spell she learned from Princess Luna, she made muffins appear for each of her friends; Peach Pie, Tootsie Flutes, Scootabloo, Seabrease, and even Berry Pinch. She even had the energy to make one for herself, it was a blueberry muffin with strawberry chunks, her favorite. The six friends sat down under an old oak tree that had been there for longer than even Mayor Mare could or would care to remember. They swapped stories, sang songs,and played games until the sun was starting to set. Dinky walked everypony home and made sure they could hang out at the park again tommarow afternoon. After she dropped Tootsie Flutes off, she trotted home to see how her Mommy and Daddy were doing and to play with Sparkler. She lost track of time and finally got back home in the middle of the night,she teleported in seeing her parents were in the TARDIS doing only Luna knew what. So she tiptoed off to bed and dreamed of the wedding day, the day everypony would be happy for her mommy for once.