Fluttershy the MareWolf

by BuddhtistBrony

The NightMare

Fluttershy almost always had nightmares but never like this one, at least not to her memory. She was in the darkest part of the Everfree Forest surrounded by blood red and charred black pony statues without head all pointer to face the center of a circle. Where she was standing she felt her wings were missing and stood on her hind legs to look at her front hooves she noticed claws and ran into a magical force field she saw a strange and mysterious figure, one she knew from her stories. It was the physical embodiment of cruelty, an element of disharmony. She leaped at him with her newfound wolflike body and was electrocuted by an unknown object. She was twitching and dying when she heard a song that healed her and put her to sleep. She didn`t know why but the singing sounded familiar, like it was from somepony she knew and was falling in love with.


"Whew thank Celestia thats over," Thunderflicker said stepping out of the darkness.

"What`s wrong, dont like your job," an oily voice said as a large body was sitting down on his back.

"Please get off of me, you can float what`s the point in straining my back," Thunderflicker said trying to hold himself up.

"Because its just so fun," He Retorted holding a snake in front of Thunder, "Being cruel is what I do." Thunder fell to the ground, and the element of cruelty floated above him showing off his wings but not using them.

"No kidding," Thunderflicker said picking himself up off the ground, "Let me know if you need me again i going to sleep, if you actually allow it."

"I do, but before you go," The figure said making thunder stop in his tracks, "when she transforms for the first time make sure that you are there."

"Wouldn't dream of being anywhere else," Thunderflicker said hoping he was allowed to dream of his coltfriend 64th note.