The best of Friends

by BuddhtistBrony



This is The BuddistBrony, i wrote this fanfiction, because I felt it needed to be done. This will be on fimfiction, and only on fimfiction. I hope it teaches and entertains everyone, maybe some people might find this offensive to some. I highly apologize in advance. Now i will introduce the characters, they are as follows:

Thunderflikcer: my old and frist OC, a red and black pegasys with a cutie mark of crossed lightning bolts his story is that he flicked thunder away from his family when he was attacked by a lightning elemental and destroyed him and he got his cutie mark. he is Rainbow Dash's manager and controls the weather of Cantorlot. He never cared to make friends until his accidental meeting with his first friend, 64th Note.

64th Note: my new OC(fan drawn) with a tail that has a claw at the end. he is best known for playing 64th notes his cutie mark is the reverse of DJ PON3`s he got it when he was struck by Thunder and then he sang a 64 note otherwise impossible to sing


The BuddistBrony

P.S. The first chapter is a gag article, i hope you enjoy it