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The Trio - BuddhtistBrony

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Derpy`s Special Talent: The Upside Down Tornado

Derpy`s Special Talent: The upside down the Tornado
Characters in order of appearance
Derpy Hooves
Doctor Whooves
Dinky Doo
"ATTACK," she shouter, absorbing it with her upside down tornado, her signature move, within five minutes all that was left was a cool breeze. Everyone gaped at this feat, especially rainbow dash who wanted to know how it was done. After a brief lesson for the weather team, everypony tried but still only Derpy Ditzy Doo Hooves out of all of them could do it. After the lesson she went to get muffins at Sugarcube Corner for her and Dinky before she picked her up form school. She had a whole to weeks to spend with her daughter, maybe even her papa and other daughter, unless The Doctor calls her again.
"It`s been awhile science The Doctor has called me maybe I should go and talk to him," she thought to herself. She soon saw he was being grilled to buy some apples, and called him over. Everypony was calling them cannon now, which meant a couple over a thousand years ago. They went together to pick up Dinky from the train station. After talking she found out that he was upgrading the TARDIS which is now up to date, complete with a tumbler app on its main computer. By the time he fished explaining the details, they both hear her voice.
"MOMMY, GOOD NEWS," Dinky shouted at the top of her voice, "Princess Luna is my Personal Teacher."
"That great news muffin," she picked up her daughter and gave her a big hug, seeming to float in the air. In reality they were on the doctor’s back, he was struggling to support the weight of them both. She showed them the letter after the hug broke and the doctor fell to the ground. Then she introduced her baby dragon she hatched by magic, Spines. The dragon looked quite a bit like Spike, if Spike were a female. After all the greetings took place, they ate the dozen muffins that Derpy brought for them and went to relax on the hill where the TARDIS sat.
"You said that you had taken time off to spend time with me I`m so happy," Dinky said massaging her mom`s back. After she confirmed she did, and asked her simply, "What would you like to do first?" It took a couple minutes of pondering, but she decided that she wanted to fee papa and her family; she wanted to know if The Doctor would come with them,
"Of course, I almost forgot to tell you," she shot up hovering a few inches before she landed again she noticed that she had a bulge in her pocket, and it wasn't a donuts. Dinky Doo had the smarts to rival Twilight Sparkle, so she knew what was going on. After a few moments of making sure it was the right colt, once she confirmed it with the look she gave her.
"I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!" she sing-songed loud enough to wake up The Doctor and Spines.
"We’ll have to tell Papa, Sparkler, Mama, and maybe even Auntie Cadence ..." With that, her voice trailed off seeing the look on her mother’s face. There was a long silence. The Doctor spoke up to break the silence because he was getting evil stares from all of them. He explained how he proposed to his little "love muffin" mail mare leaving out the time lord parts, for obvious reasons. Still Dinky knew all of the Stuff, weather it was unicorn magic or her "Dinky sense" sometimes she is able to know what others don`t want her to know, she played all of it off and said, "Awe how romantic." They both smiled and she took him in her wing, and they kissed so deep and passionately, that dinky looked away to notice Spines, belched out a letter and she read it while they had her moment. After they finished that long make-out session, she learned a new spell and mastered it in a matter of minutes. I`m going to visit my friends, is that alright.
"It`s alright, be sure to take spines with you," she said in her happy Ditzy-high voice mentioning Spines as if they live with the baby dragon their entire lives.
"Alright, bye mommy bye Daddy, I love you," Dinky sing-song as she trotted after Tootsie Flutes house.

Author's Note:

How have her friends been without her? Do they still remember her? Please tell me what you think, i mean, if that's alright.

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