The Trio

by BuddhtistBrony

First published

Three ponies together as a family

The Doctor and Derpy are finally getting married, Dinky couldn't be more elated. They`ll be a real family, and shell have a real father, whats to come. Lets find out, Allons-y!

The Best of Flying Buddies

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The best of flying buddies
Characters in order of appearance
Rainbow Dash
Tank the Tenacious Tortoise
Derpy Hooves

After a long day of clearing the skies from Las Pegasus to Fhillydelphia, with the help of her best flying buddy Cloudkicker. They met back to Dash`s Cloud-house for Pinkie`s brew, Gummy-ade and frozen Pizza. When Cloudkicker had her usual meager fill she asked Rainbow what was bothering her for some time.
"Hey Dashie," Cloudkicker asked uncertainly.
"Yeah," Dash replied, "What`s up?"
"There has been this yellow and pink blur that has been blowing me down for a while now..." she continued uncertain.
"... it has been blowing me down also, but I doubt it is who you think it is," Dash replied in her usual brash way, "but trust me there is no possible way that it could be Fluttershy, trust me it`s just impossible."
"But...," Cloudkicker asked hesitantly.
"But what," Rainbow Dash asked on the brink of irritation.
"Is she not a smaller mare with a larger wingspan, thus begin able to fly faster?" Cloudkicker asked innocently.
"Well," knowing she had been beaten, Rainbow dash ate more pizza and drank more Gummy-ade. She then added in as an afterthought, "I still exercise more."
"Not really, you sleep all day," Cloudkicker teased innocently. Wanting to change the subject, Rainbow Dash asked in a gentle and innocent voice, "Y u be so mean to me, Butterball?" That made her blush and say quietly, "I always hated that nickname." Cloudkicker teased Rainbow Dash as an afterthought, "Dashie." Rainbow shrugged it off and scarfed down more pizza.
"Oh yeah, Well I really, really don`t like that nickname," she retorted, obviously lying. They were both silent for a long while after that little interchange. By that point Tank the Tenacious Tortoise woke up for his nap, took off and accidently hit Cloudkicker in the back of her head. Rainbow couldn't help but laugh, and with a glare from her friend she took Tank outside and let him fly around on a leash. After coming back in as silently as she could Rainbow Dash noticed the bump on the back of her friend`s head, it was already the size of a tortoise. She went to get the first aid kit, and came back as soon as she could. Cloudkicker was already showing half of the sings of conc, Dash was still surprised that her friend was still conscious.
"Are you alright," she asked in a worried tone!? After Cloudkicker confirmed that she was not, she cringed.
"Sorry about Tank." she said as she carried Cloudkicker to the hospital.
"RAINBOW DASH, LOOK OUT" she heard the mail mare cry out flying headlong into the weather pony. Rainbow dodged with some visible effort because she was carrying her friend. Derpy went headlong into Rainbows favorite napping cloud.
"WHOOPS, MY BAD," she said still stuck in the cloud.
"What is it Derpy," she said rolling her eyes.
"A tornado is coming this way from the direction of Manehatten," she reported with an unusually ditsy high voice after pulling her head out of the cloud.
"We need you and... say what happened to Cloudkicker," she said just noticing the barely conscious pony on Dash`s back.
"Why now of all times, Tank flew into the back of her head," she explained in a serious tone of voice.
"That`s just terrible," she said as Tank hit her in the head for a seventh time, "here I`ll take her to the hospital and then meet you at town hall."
"Ready, Break," they said in unison clapping their own front hooves together and flew off in different directions. Clockicker was on Derry’s back singing about, it was really any pony’s guess. It was a short flight for the mail mare and she had to deliver something to the hospital anyway.
After a couple of minutes of flying, she had flown to the hospital with no problems. While Derpy was there, she delivered Discord's letter to her daughter screwball. With that final delivery she fished her route and met rainbow dash at town hall she was already trying to slow it down with the rest of the weather team. Derpy had already had a plan and started her complex plan of attack.

Derpy`s Special Talent: The Upside Down Tornado

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Derpy`s Special Talent: The upside down the Tornado
Characters in order of appearance
Derpy Hooves
Doctor Whooves
Dinky Doo
"ATTACK," she shouter, absorbing it with her upside down tornado, her signature move, within five minutes all that was left was a cool breeze. Everyone gaped at this feat, especially rainbow dash who wanted to know how it was done. After a brief lesson for the weather team, everypony tried but still only Derpy Ditzy Doo Hooves out of all of them could do it. After the lesson she went to get muffins at Sugarcube Corner for her and Dinky before she picked her up form school. She had a whole to weeks to spend with her daughter, maybe even her papa and other daughter, unless The Doctor calls her again.
"It`s been awhile science The Doctor has called me maybe I should go and talk to him," she thought to herself. She soon saw he was being grilled to buy some apples, and called him over. Everypony was calling them cannon now, which meant a couple over a thousand years ago. They went together to pick up Dinky from the train station. After talking she found out that he was upgrading the TARDIS which is now up to date, complete with a tumbler app on its main computer. By the time he fished explaining the details, they both hear her voice.
"MOMMY, GOOD NEWS," Dinky shouted at the top of her voice, "Princess Luna is my Personal Teacher."
"That great news muffin," she picked up her daughter and gave her a big hug, seeming to float in the air. In reality they were on the doctor’s back, he was struggling to support the weight of them both. She showed them the letter after the hug broke and the doctor fell to the ground. Then she introduced her baby dragon she hatched by magic, Spines. The dragon looked quite a bit like Spike, if Spike were a female. After all the greetings took place, they ate the dozen muffins that Derpy brought for them and went to relax on the hill where the TARDIS sat.
"You said that you had taken time off to spend time with me I`m so happy," Dinky said massaging her mom`s back. After she confirmed she did, and asked her simply, "What would you like to do first?" It took a couple minutes of pondering, but she decided that she wanted to fee papa and her family; she wanted to know if The Doctor would come with them,
"Of course, I almost forgot to tell you," she shot up hovering a few inches before she landed again she noticed that she had a bulge in her pocket, and it wasn't a donuts. Dinky Doo had the smarts to rival Twilight Sparkle, so she knew what was going on. After a few moments of making sure it was the right colt, once she confirmed it with the look she gave her.
"I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!" she sing-songed loud enough to wake up The Doctor and Spines.
"We’ll have to tell Papa, Sparkler, Mama, and maybe even Auntie Cadence ..." With that, her voice trailed off seeing the look on her mother’s face. There was a long silence. The Doctor spoke up to break the silence because he was getting evil stares from all of them. He explained how he proposed to his little "love muffin" mail mare leaving out the time lord parts, for obvious reasons. Still Dinky knew all of the Stuff, weather it was unicorn magic or her "Dinky sense" sometimes she is able to know what others don`t want her to know, she played all of it off and said, "Awe how romantic." They both smiled and she took him in her wing, and they kissed so deep and passionately, that dinky looked away to notice Spines, belched out a letter and she read it while they had her moment. After they finished that long make-out session, she learned a new spell and mastered it in a matter of minutes. I`m going to visit my friends, is that alright.
"It`s alright, be sure to take spines with you," she said in her happy Ditzy-high voice mentioning Spines as if they live with the baby dragon their entire lives.
"Alright, bye mommy bye Daddy, I love you," Dinky sing-song as she trotted after Tootsie Flutes house.

Dinky`s friends

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Dinky`s friends

Characters in order of appearance
Dinky Doo
Peach Pie
Tootsie Flutes
Berry Pinch

She knew the filly quite well and was thrilled that she was luckily adopted from a Cantorlot orphanage to Lyra and Bon-Bon shortly after their marriage. With a heart stopping surprise, Peachy Pie jump from a cloud shouting, “CACTH ME,” with some effort and she levitated Peachy an inch above the ground teleported her to her feet and they walked to Tootsie Flutes house catching up side by side.

“Your princess Luna`s personal protégé, that’s so awesome,” Peachy said a little louder than actually needed. This aroused Tootsie Flutes from her candy making, who was trying a new recipe for tootsie flutes. She pulled out the Flutes just in time to make three perfectly made three perfect Tootsie Flutes, one for each of her friends. With that she let them cool on the plate with a small note she prepared for such an event.
It reads:

To whomever reads this note:

These treats are currently cooling; they are not to be tested until they are perfect.


Tootsie Flute

After the note was placed, knowing her mom’s Lyra and Bon-Bon were out of the house she went to play and catch up with her friends Peachy Pie and Dinky Doo. After a short walk to the park, they met her other friends at the park Scootabloo, Seabrease, and even Berry Pinch. With a spell she learned from Princess Luna, she made muffins appear for each of her friends; Peach Pie, Tootsie Flutes, Scootabloo, Seabrease, and even Berry Pinch. She even had the energy to make one for herself, it was a blueberry muffin with strawberry chunks, her favorite. The six friends sat down under an old oak tree that had been there for longer than even Mayor Mare could or would care to remember. They swapped stories, sang songs,and played games until the sun was starting to set. Dinky walked everypony home and made sure they could hang out at the park again tommarow afternoon. After she dropped Tootsie Flutes off, she trotted home to see how her Mommy and Daddy were doing and to play with Sparkler. She lost track of time and finally got back home in the middle of the night,she teleported in seeing her parents were in the TARDIS doing only Luna knew what. So she tiptoed off to bed and dreamed of the wedding day, the day everypony would be happy for her mommy for once.

The Pegasus Weather Meeting

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Characters in order of appearance
Dinky Doo
Derpy Hooves
Princess Luna

Once every month, all of the adult Pegasus in Ponyville report to Cloudsdale to discuss the the next months weather cycle for that month. The rules were set by the royal sisters, Tia and Luna, and they made sure that they were upheld by attending themselves. When everyponies favorite mailmare , Derpy, arrived everypony was thrilled that she said yes and rainbow dash promised to make sure the sky was clear on that day. The mailmare had Dinky on her back so she could talk to the teacher and ask her for the favor that Derpy knew that the Princess` wont let happen.

"Princess Luna," Dinky said waving her hoof then bowing as the princess of the night flew over. To her mothers surprise Dinky Doo leaped through the air, growing butterfly wings like Rarity had during the Young Fliers Competition. Luna smiled at this as her student fluttered around trying to get a feel of her newest appendages. After a short while, she explained to her mom how she learned the spell and use it so easily. Then told the story of how Time Turner proposed to Derpy and asked if they could use the castle. The Princesses agreed, and let Derpy know that the castle open to them anytime they needed it. Reminding her they haven`t even set the date yet, she told them what they had left to do and they all heard a sound only few ever get to hear. The Doctor opened up the door to his TARDIS, surprising nopony except Dinky, who was awed and fling around it to try to figure out how it was flying, and when she flew inside of it she gaped passing out from such a remarkable scene.

"Well that`s a new reaction to the TARDIS," the doctor said with a sigh. He lifted her up and took her to Derpys` Bed, with her permission of course. The Doctor remembers what happens when you mess with a companion,and worse shes immortal so if she gets angry shell remember till the universe collapse in on itself ending the entire multiverse.