• Published 28th Mar 2013
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The Trio - BuddhtistBrony

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The Best of Flying Buddies

The best of flying buddies
Characters in order of appearance
Rainbow Dash
Tank the Tenacious Tortoise
Derpy Hooves

After a long day of clearing the skies from Las Pegasus to Fhillydelphia, with the help of her best flying buddy Cloudkicker. They met back to Dash`s Cloud-house for Pinkie`s brew, Gummy-ade and frozen Pizza. When Cloudkicker had her usual meager fill she asked Rainbow what was bothering her for some time.
"Hey Dashie," Cloudkicker asked uncertainly.
"Yeah," Dash replied, "What`s up?"
"There has been this yellow and pink blur that has been blowing me down for a while now..." she continued uncertain.
"... it has been blowing me down also, but I doubt it is who you think it is," Dash replied in her usual brash way, "but trust me there is no possible way that it could be Fluttershy, trust me it`s just impossible."
"But...," Cloudkicker asked hesitantly.
"But what," Rainbow Dash asked on the brink of irritation.
"Is she not a smaller mare with a larger wingspan, thus begin able to fly faster?" Cloudkicker asked innocently.
"Well," knowing she had been beaten, Rainbow dash ate more pizza and drank more Gummy-ade. She then added in as an afterthought, "I still exercise more."
"Not really, you sleep all day," Cloudkicker teased innocently. Wanting to change the subject, Rainbow Dash asked in a gentle and innocent voice, "Y u be so mean to me, Butterball?" That made her blush and say quietly, "I always hated that nickname." Cloudkicker teased Rainbow Dash as an afterthought, "Dashie." Rainbow shrugged it off and scarfed down more pizza.
"Oh yeah, Well I really, really don`t like that nickname," she retorted, obviously lying. They were both silent for a long while after that little interchange. By that point Tank the Tenacious Tortoise woke up for his nap, took off and accidently hit Cloudkicker in the back of her head. Rainbow couldn't help but laugh, and with a glare from her friend she took Tank outside and let him fly around on a leash. After coming back in as silently as she could Rainbow Dash noticed the bump on the back of her friend`s head, it was already the size of a tortoise. She went to get the first aid kit, and came back as soon as she could. Cloudkicker was already showing half of the sings of conc, Dash was still surprised that her friend was still conscious.
"Are you alright," she asked in a worried tone!? After Cloudkicker confirmed that she was not, she cringed.
"Sorry about Tank." she said as she carried Cloudkicker to the hospital.
"RAINBOW DASH, LOOK OUT" she heard the mail mare cry out flying headlong into the weather pony. Rainbow dodged with some visible effort because she was carrying her friend. Derpy went headlong into Rainbows favorite napping cloud.
"WHOOPS, MY BAD," she said still stuck in the cloud.
"What is it Derpy," she said rolling her eyes.
"A tornado is coming this way from the direction of Manehatten," she reported with an unusually ditsy high voice after pulling her head out of the cloud.
"We need you and... say what happened to Cloudkicker," she said just noticing the barely conscious pony on Dash`s back.
"Why now of all times, Tank flew into the back of her head," she explained in a serious tone of voice.
"That`s just terrible," she said as Tank hit her in the head for a seventh time, "here I`ll take her to the hospital and then meet you at town hall."
"Ready, Break," they said in unison clapping their own front hooves together and flew off in different directions. Clockicker was on Derry’s back singing about, it was really any pony’s guess. It was a short flight for the mail mare and she had to deliver something to the hospital anyway.
After a couple of minutes of flying, she had flown to the hospital with no problems. While Derpy was there, she delivered Discord's letter to her daughter screwball. With that final delivery she fished her route and met rainbow dash at town hall she was already trying to slow it down with the rest of the weather team. Derpy had already had a plan and started her complex plan of attack.

Author's Note:

What will this plan of attack be? Can Derpy deal with this tornado single-handedly? What will she do? Find out by reading more.

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