Fluttershy the MareWolf

by BuddhtistBrony

Therflicker and the Werepony`s Curse

Chapter 3: Therflicker and the Werepony`s Curse

"Where do I begin," He pondered aloud, as that was said Fluttershy said that the tea was almost done. He relaxed on the couch, knowing he slept there last night it was difficult but he managed.

"From the beginning, i mean, if you don`t mind," placing a tray of tea, coffee, and cookies, and a variety of hard candies on the coffee table with her front hooves. He noticed one of them was bandaged, after inquiring about it he found out that it was from the coffeemaker so he shrugged it off.

"Alrighty then," he began with a smirk and after clearing his through, "Please don`t hate me for telling you, can you promise me that."

"Well, i don`t really know,"she seemed unsure.

"Please, I promise I will not cause you any trouble(intentionally.)" he pleaded will the look that pinkie pie gave her that one time they were all poison joked.

"Alright," she said shyly. He began his grim tale, it was the middle night by the the time he finished his tale. She was in absolute wonderment by the time he stated he need a cure for the wereponies curse. He genuinely shocked when she looked him in the eyes with a look to tame a cockatrice, after a while she gave up on this endeavor.

"You can stay for as long as you need do you want me to show you to the guest room,"Fluttershy asked him as if she wasn't afraid in the slightest.

"Ummm, okay," he said stifling a yawn and got up with visible effort.She herself passed out on the chair she was sitting on. With a sigh and a lift he took her to her what he though was her room and tucked her in. He assumed her daughter was sleeping over at a friends house, or something. He heard a whimper of fear from her bed, so he decided to sing her a song to help her get to sleep. After ten minutes of singing, she fell fast asleep and tiphoofed off to the couch, where he feel asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.