Fluttershy the MareWolf

by BuddhtistBrony

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Now this is a Fluttershy adventure story, she meets a strange pony. Which she falls wings over hooves for this colt, and things will happen. No this is not a clopfic it MAY No promises become a shipper later on but I`m no good at that kind of thing.

Now this is a Fluttershy adventure story, she meets a strange pony. This she falls wings over hooves for this colt, and things will happen. No this is not a clopfic it may become a shipper later on but I`m no good at that kind of thing. I hope you like it

The "Dog" and the Long Night (Edited)

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Chapter 1: The Curse of the Werepony

There was a rush of cases that night for a certain yellow Pegasus. This was normal, for it was the middle of summer and all the animals seemed to have gone into heat. Dr. Fluttershy quite understood, not being able to mate will drive any animal to insanity.

"Whether it’s a pony or a bunny, all animals go into heat," as she liked to say. All of a sudden, a large dog the doctor had never seen before broke the door down. Dr. Fluttershy was surprisingly calm; she knew she could handle any animal, big or small (well, except for other ponies). The windows broke with a howl that could have come from Tartarus. Fluttershy carefully held out some ham for the dog to eat. It ran to her, hungry, and started chewing. The dog bit the doctor’s hoof while he ate the ham. He stood up, turning to the direction of the door. This was more than expected, as hot animals tended to try and find another of their species. If this dog found Winona, or another female dog that could be a problem for the pets and the owners.

Dr. Fluttershy sighed. “It’s the only way,” she said as she pulled out a sniper rifle. The sky was pitch black, but she had enough light to see.

“Steady, steady, steady,” she muttered.

POW! “Goodnight, little doggie.” She put the tranquilizer sniper rifle back in the closet where it belonged. She went to fetch the sleeping dog and let the dog sleep on the couch, just for tonight.

“The doctor is in,” she muttered to herself. It was summer and the animals couldn't sleep because of the heat, so close to the Everfree Forest. It was morning by the time she finished the last case, an hour before sunrise.

“An hour of sleep, that`s more than I usually get,” she said. She fluttered off to bed so she didn't wake up any of her animal friends, again. As soon as she got into bed, she fell fast asleep.
She spent most of the next morning helping her animal friends.

“That’s alright, it’s always worth it…” Her thoughts trailed off as shy saw a very attractive colt sleeping on her couch.

“Oh… my, I wonder if I should wake him up.” As if on command, he rolled over and wound up on his side looking at her, half asleep, but he fell back asleep after a few seconds.

Fluttershy sighed, relieved, and continued her morning routine with a healthy breakfast. She looked down at the colt and stood up. She made some coffee for her “guest.” She burned her hoof.

“Ouch,” she muttered.She went to clean and cover it. She noticed she had a mark on her hoof!

“Was it the coffee burn maybe? Oh well, I guess it was worse than it looked.”
At the smell of coffee her “guest” woke up. Their eyes met. Fluttershy froze. He was looking at her! She screamed (a Fluttershy scream, mind you), and he started screaming, too. At last they both stopped, mainly because Angel Bunny had hopped in, and used the gardening shovel he got for his birthday to knock the colt out cold.

“Angel Bunny, why did you do that?” Fluttershy asked in her motherly, condescending voice.
The bunny only shrugged and grabbed the carrot from his bowl on the kitchen floor, put it in his mouth like a cigar, and hopped away to find a place to sleep. Fluttershy pushed the knocked out colt onto her couch again.

“I wonder where he came from, I`ll ask him when he wakes up,” she thought. She checked him for a concussion, and she left him to rest when she realized he was fine.

“I wonder if he`s alright. I don’t remember him coming in last night, but I was very busy with Vincent, Perry, and Johnny, the bear triplets again.”

She walked off to finish her coffee and porridge; her usual breakfast. After eating, she cleaned up and went to check on the colt.

She noticed that he was an earth pony with an impressive (and in certain areas proactive) build. She got a little closer, and he woke up. They head-butted each other and stumbled back into opposite walls. He got up quickly and went over to try to help her up.

When he got closer, Fluttershy noticed that he had the same mark on his hoof as she did. Before she could ask about it, he started talking.

"Are you alright, and is there anything I can do to help?" Before anymore could be said or done to learn more about this mysterious colt, Scootaloo (Fluttershy’s adopted child), came downstairs in her school uniform, and drowsily walked into the kitchen, hitting the table with her chest, as she always did.
Fluttershy still had to figure out who the colt was.

"Excuse me sir, make yourself at home, while I walk Scootaloo to school, I mean, if you don`t mind."
His reply was loyal and curious -as if he was wondering what he just got himself into. He finally said, "Of course, I would like to fix that door for you, I mean if you don`t mind."

"Um, okay," she squeaked her trademarked confirmation.

When Scootaloo was done her breakfast she said, "Come on Scoots, time to go to school," and with that they were off.

The Uncanny Dark Coated Colt

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Chapter 2:The Uncanny Dark-Coated Colt

She was walking Scootaloo to school as she has always done It had been a couple of years science she adopted Scootaloo for her nasty foster parent, her mandatory schooling was almost done and she was almost an adolescent pony(a teenager).

"I`m going to have no choice pretty soon she almost a teen, and starting to notice the young foals when shes in town and... ," her thought trailed off as she heard the familiar rustling of feathers that she always got around Thunderlane, but it wasn't from her wings.

"Hey, Mom?" Scootaloo asked, more than a little loud. The little orange pegasys was on her scooter because it was a Friday.

"Yes Scoots, is something wrong," Fluttershy asked in her usual quite manner. By this point scoots and Fluttershy were mother and daughter in the eyes of the whole town. It was normal to them, made it kinda cute.

"Was that your colt friend i saw this morning?" Scootaloo teased her mother, Fluttershy responded by blushing and mumbled toward the negative. By that point they were at Scootaloo`s school, after Scootaloo went inside. She flew home as fast as her wings could carry her wing could carry her, bowling down a couple pegasys Rainbow Dash, Cloud kicker, and even Derpy Hooves on her mail route. She got back in all of nine seconds flat, she felt her wings fold back almost feeling the need to do more flying at high speeds, almost.

"Maybe later," she though to herself, "but first I have work to do,"

"Who is this colt in my house?" she thought out loud.

"My name is Thunderflicker, But please call me Thunder," he says quietly almost to the point of being incoherent.

"I`m Fluttershy," she squeaked, somehow he was able to understand what she said.

"Sorry about your door last night Fluttershy," he said as if he were that dog.

"Could he be a were-pony that we were told to look out for... nah," Fluttershy though to herself before she said, "It`s no trouble, really."

"It hasn't been the first time." she stated with as an afterthought.

He blinked in surprise, seemingly trying to process this information. Then after understanding this new information stepped on a stone and said,"let me get the door for you." She gasped in surprised that the door swung open when the stone put weight on it.

"Oh, my," she stammered as she never saw such a technical marvel before, "How did you do that, wont that be a problem later on."

"Not at all it locks from the inside as always," Thunder explained,"there are other mechanisms inside if you want me to show you."

"Um, well, okay," she started inside but then remembered why she rushed home in the first place. "May i asked where you came from, i only know you fell asleep on my couch last night."

"Well okay, but its a long story,"Thunder hesitated,"so you may want to sit down for this."

Therflicker and the Werepony`s Curse

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Chapter 3: Therflicker and the Werepony`s Curse

"Where do I begin," He pondered aloud, as that was said Fluttershy said that the tea was almost done. He relaxed on the couch, knowing he slept there last night it was difficult but he managed.

"From the beginning, i mean, if you don`t mind," placing a tray of tea, coffee, and cookies, and a variety of hard candies on the coffee table with her front hooves. He noticed one of them was bandaged, after inquiring about it he found out that it was from the coffeemaker so he shrugged it off.

"Alrighty then," he began with a smirk and after clearing his through, "Please don`t hate me for telling you, can you promise me that."

"Well, i don`t really know,"she seemed unsure.

"Please, I promise I will not cause you any trouble(intentionally.)" he pleaded will the look that pinkie pie gave her that one time they were all poison joked.

"Alright," she said shyly. He began his grim tale, it was the middle night by the the time he finished his tale. She was in absolute wonderment by the time he stated he need a cure for the wereponies curse. He genuinely shocked when she looked him in the eyes with a look to tame a cockatrice, after a while she gave up on this endeavor.

"You can stay for as long as you need do you want me to show you to the guest room,"Fluttershy asked him as if she wasn't afraid in the slightest.

"Ummm, okay," he said stifling a yawn and got up with visible effort.She herself passed out on the chair she was sitting on. With a sigh and a lift he took her to her what he though was her room and tucked her in. He assumed her daughter was sleeping over at a friends house, or something. He heard a whimper of fear from her bed, so he decided to sing her a song to help her get to sleep. After ten minutes of singing, she fell fast asleep and tiphoofed off to the couch, where he feel asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Thundeflickers Lullaby

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sleep now dear flutters
you musn't be afraid
i know that truth hurts
and mine is now plain

a dog by night
and pony by day
getting looks of fright
always getting pushed away

i'm scary at first
but once you get to know me
you'll be happy enough to burst
that you put aside your worries

so rest now dear flutters
its time to lay your sleepy head
your kindness will do wonders
now, its time to go to bed . . .

The NightMare

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Fluttershy almost always had nightmares but never like this one, at least not to her memory. She was in the darkest part of the Everfree Forest surrounded by blood red and charred black pony statues without head all pointer to face the center of a circle. Where she was standing she felt her wings were missing and stood on her hind legs to look at her front hooves she noticed claws and ran into a magical force field she saw a strange and mysterious figure, one she knew from her stories. It was the physical embodiment of cruelty, an element of disharmony. She leaped at him with her newfound wolflike body and was electrocuted by an unknown object. She was twitching and dying when she heard a song that healed her and put her to sleep. She didn`t know why but the singing sounded familiar, like it was from somepony she knew and was falling in love with.


"Whew thank Celestia thats over," Thunderflicker said stepping out of the darkness.

"What`s wrong, dont like your job," an oily voice said as a large body was sitting down on his back.

"Please get off of me, you can float what`s the point in straining my back," Thunderflicker said trying to hold himself up.

"Because its just so fun," He Retorted holding a snake in front of Thunder, "Being cruel is what I do." Thunder fell to the ground, and the element of cruelty floated above him showing off his wings but not using them.

"No kidding," Thunderflicker said picking himself up off the ground, "Let me know if you need me again i going to sleep, if you actually allow it."

"I do, but before you go," The figure said making thunder stop in his tracks, "when she transforms for the first time make sure that you are there."

"Wouldn't dream of being anywhere else," Thunderflicker said hoping he was allowed to dream of his coltfriend 64th note.

Do you like to watch the moon rise?

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Chapter 6: Do you like to watch the moon rise?

Pinkie Pie wanders around her room inspecting her décor making sure her balloons were bright and cheerful as always. Her powder blue balloon needed to be replaced so she gave the balloon to pound cake, and told him not to tie it to his sisters’ horn. Then she stepped outside to watch the moon rise, as she always did. She smiled knowing Maud was watching the same moon rise, with rocky of course. She had gummy on her back biting on her hair somehow braiding it; he was being quite for a change.

“Something wrong Gummy?” Pinkie asked with concerned.

"The winds have changed and something will happen during the next full moon,” her said matter of fact. He looked worried, he was genially afraid for his homes` safety.

“I`m sure everything will work out alright,” Pinkie reassured the worried gator.

“I`m not so sure,” Gummy passed out after he finished braiding her hair.

“It`ll be ok gummy,” Pinkie reassured him, “Trust me.” With that she put her gator in his bed and she passed out spread out in her own bed. In the morning, she woke up to pumpkin complaining about her brother tying a blue balloon to her horn.