• Published 26th Mar 2013
  • 1,183 Views, 47 Comments

Fluttershy the MareWolf - BuddhtistBrony

Now this is a Fluttershy adventure story, she meets a strange pony. Which she falls wings over hooves for this colt, and things will happen. No this is not a clopfic it MAY No promises become a shipper later on but I`m no good at that kind of thing.

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Thundeflickers Lullaby

sleep now dear flutters
you musn't be afraid
i know that truth hurts
and mine is now plain

a dog by night
and pony by day
getting looks of fright
always getting pushed away

i'm scary at first
but once you get to know me
you'll be happy enough to burst
that you put aside your worries

so rest now dear flutters
its time to lay your sleepy head
your kindness will do wonders
now, its time to go to bed . . .

Author's Note:

The contest is now over but I will add them as bonus chapters
The Winner is Princess Maxii, congrats

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