• Published 26th Mar 2013
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Fluttershy the MareWolf - BuddhtistBrony

Now this is a Fluttershy adventure story, she meets a strange pony. Which she falls wings over hooves for this colt, and things will happen. No this is not a clopfic it MAY No promises become a shipper later on but I`m no good at that kind of thing.

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The Uncanny Dark Coated Colt

Chapter 2:The Uncanny Dark-Coated Colt

She was walking Scootaloo to school as she has always done It had been a couple of years science she adopted Scootaloo for her nasty foster parent, her mandatory schooling was almost done and she was almost an adolescent pony(a teenager).

"I`m going to have no choice pretty soon she almost a teen, and starting to notice the young foals when shes in town and... ," her thought trailed off as she heard the familiar rustling of feathers that she always got around Thunderlane, but it wasn't from her wings.

"Hey, Mom?" Scootaloo asked, more than a little loud. The little orange pegasys was on her scooter because it was a Friday.

"Yes Scoots, is something wrong," Fluttershy asked in her usual quite manner. By this point scoots and Fluttershy were mother and daughter in the eyes of the whole town. It was normal to them, made it kinda cute.

"Was that your colt friend i saw this morning?" Scootaloo teased her mother, Fluttershy responded by blushing and mumbled toward the negative. By that point they were at Scootaloo`s school, after Scootaloo went inside. She flew home as fast as her wings could carry her wing could carry her, bowling down a couple pegasys Rainbow Dash, Cloud kicker, and even Derpy Hooves on her mail route. She got back in all of nine seconds flat, she felt her wings fold back almost feeling the need to do more flying at high speeds, almost.

"Maybe later," she though to herself, "but first I have work to do,"

"Who is this colt in my house?" she thought out loud.

"My name is Thunderflicker, But please call me Thunder," he says quietly almost to the point of being incoherent.

"I`m Fluttershy," she squeaked, somehow he was able to understand what she said.

"Sorry about your door last night Fluttershy," he said as if he were that dog.

"Could he be a were-pony that we were told to look out for... nah," Fluttershy though to herself before she said, "It`s no trouble, really."

"It hasn't been the first time." she stated with as an afterthought.

He blinked in surprise, seemingly trying to process this information. Then after understanding this new information stepped on a stone and said,"let me get the door for you." She gasped in surprised that the door swung open when the stone put weight on it.

"Oh, my," she stammered as she never saw such a technical marvel before, "How did you do that, wont that be a problem later on."

"Not at all it locks from the inside as always," Thunder explained,"there are other mechanisms inside if you want me to show you."

"Um, well, okay," she started inside but then remembered why she rushed home in the first place. "May i asked where you came from, i only know you fell asleep on my couch last night."

"Well okay, but its a long story,"Thunder hesitated,"so you may want to sit down for this."

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