The Trio

by BuddhtistBrony

The Pegasus Weather Meeting

Characters in order of appearance
Dinky Doo
Derpy Hooves
Princess Luna

Once every month, all of the adult Pegasus in Ponyville report to Cloudsdale to discuss the the next months weather cycle for that month. The rules were set by the royal sisters, Tia and Luna, and they made sure that they were upheld by attending themselves. When everyponies favorite mailmare , Derpy, arrived everypony was thrilled that she said yes and rainbow dash promised to make sure the sky was clear on that day. The mailmare had Dinky on her back so she could talk to the teacher and ask her for the favor that Derpy knew that the Princess` wont let happen.

"Princess Luna," Dinky said waving her hoof then bowing as the princess of the night flew over. To her mothers surprise Dinky Doo leaped through the air, growing butterfly wings like Rarity had during the Young Fliers Competition. Luna smiled at this as her student fluttered around trying to get a feel of her newest appendages. After a short while, she explained to her mom how she learned the spell and use it so easily. Then told the story of how Time Turner proposed to Derpy and asked if they could use the castle. The Princesses agreed, and let Derpy know that the castle open to them anytime they needed it. Reminding her they haven`t even set the date yet, she told them what they had left to do and they all heard a sound only few ever get to hear. The Doctor opened up the door to his TARDIS, surprising nopony except Dinky, who was awed and fling around it to try to figure out how it was flying, and when she flew inside of it she gaped passing out from such a remarkable scene.

"Well that`s a new reaction to the TARDIS," the doctor said with a sigh. He lifted her up and took her to Derpys` Bed, with her permission of course. The Doctor remembers what happens when you mess with a companion,and worse shes immortal so if she gets angry shell remember till the universe collapse in on itself ending the entire multiverse.