The best of Friends

by BuddhtistBrony

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Coming Home

Thuderflicker raced across the sky feeling elated to the point of exploding. For he got a few months off from the Wonderbolts, to spend time in Ponyville with his best friend 64th note He rested on a cloud and heard that song so long ago in his past it almost brought tears to his eyes, almost. Then he heard that angelic voice say his name.
“Thunder, is that you, it’s been forever,” Tavi`s ensemble was being pulled on a wagon by some other colts.
“82, is that really you,” his voice trailed off as Thunder flew to his first friend accidentally crushing him under his body, just like old times. Except they were both in a 20 foot down creator, but 82 expected this and cast a body shield around himself just in time. The two colts made each other’s destinies intertwine when they were no more than foals, just losing their latent magic.

“How’s live been in Ponyville, 82?” Thunder asked.

“Too boring without you brony, much too quiet,” 82 retorted. “POMF,” the sound was inevitable with his oldest friend standing there with his wings spread to their full length. He wanted him, no he needed him; but he revisited the urge, remembering his coltfriend was prudish. Two growling stomachs resounded seemingly out of nowhere, surprisingly in perfectly in unison. They shared a laugh for 10 minutes, and walked to the closest diner available. They waited for their meals and told each other about how they both sent flowers after each other’s shows. Everyone watched in silence as a world renowned singer and the 8th Wonderbolt sat at a table together and talked. They heard the wagers being made, but they didn`t even seem to care. When they were done they left, Thunderflicker paid the bill in full. Then they walked side by side just being a couple, some tried to poke fun but they didn't even seem to notice this. Not even when they walked right past the Equestrian Families United protest outside the cryogenics bank.. Their first house bordered Ponyville in the middle of a calm meadow, every single flower was in bloom and their treehouse was in sight in the center of the meadow. The old treehouse was a sight for really sore eyes; he felt his childhood flash before his eyes.
82 must have noticed this because he put his arm around his first friends` waist, and said that he didn`t change a thing in their old place. That made his heart melt and he raced toward the door at full speed, as fast as his hooves and wings could carry him. He skidded to a halt in front of the doormat read; friends welcome, family by appointment only.
“Well I`ll be, you even kept the same doormat,” Thunder said genially surprised hugging his colt friend. They broke the hug and they walked into the dark room. Almost immediately after the door closed they heard a collective shout was heard, “SUPRISE”. 82 went into the ceiling by his horn and Thunder almost wound up with shy shocked. Fluttershy, who was decked out in heavy metal makeup, stepped out of the crowed, saving them with her heavy metal scream, after several attempts to restart their stop hearts their hearts started beating again they were given some tea and muffins by Derpy who was holding a tray on her back. Pinkie Pie explained how she wanted to have a surprise party because Thunderflicker was coming home today she apologized to the couple.
“You didn`t even think to tell me,” 64th note asked, “How did you get in here anyway.”
“Oh that was easy you left the door unlocked,” Pinkie said with pride knowing this. Two face hooves occur in perfect unison, as confused Pinkie looked at the two wondering if she was trying to understand this couple.
“Breaking into people’s houses is bad,” the couple said in unison.
“Even if the door is unlocked,” Pinkie said now realizing this.
“Especially if the doors unlocked,” 64th note said trying not to shout in the pink pony’s face. She thought for a moment, and look like she was going to apologize.
“Well,” Thunder asked, “Is there something you would like to say?”
“Yes,” Pinkie said totally missing the point, “It`s time to party.”
“That’s not what I meant” Thunder shouted but was sadly drowned out by the group of partygoers.
“Egocentric condescending little…” Thunders voice trailed off.
“Clam down, it’s just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie,” 64th note said attempting to calm his colt friend. To his great surprise, it actually worked for once.
“Your right, I’m sorry,” Thunder said.
“There`s a party in our treehouse, let’s have some fun,” 64th note said winking at his coltfriend.
“Allons-y,” they said in perfect unison as they went straight to the dance floor to have the time of their lives and to make complete foals of themselves. The party commenced well into the night until the sun was about to rise. They woke up with headaches and a treehouse sized mess to clean up.