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[I'm writing this only when I have no ideas for my other story! Unless poeple like it more.]

Fidget had gone from being Gaurdian of a Sword of Elysium, meeting someone named Dust, going on an adventure, to now being in a place nowhere in Falana. She doesn't want to go anywhere without Dust or Ahrah, but she's alone. She'll have to be brave and venture out to find her friends, or get caught up in an even crazier adventure! With two prophecies at once that were supposed to be hundreds of years apart, to near death situations, and even an ancient evil! Not knowing if she can trust anyone, can she cope with her most dangerous adventure yet?

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I'm sorry, but I do not approve this crossover. More because the ending of the game was perfect in every way shape and form. Oh well, I guess it was bound to happen...

Well, after reading, there are a lot of things that should have been done differently. Instead of having dust as a spirit, I would have just had him dead and kept it that way. As for Arrah, the sword should have gone dormant and been at rest. Fidget getting teleported into Equestria is no way to make this happen. I figure since he world is pretty undescribed in the game, you could have just avoided the whole portal thing. I was going to write it as Dust being gone, but the army that followed the General (can't remember his name at the moment) kept trying to conquer more and more land before eventually stumbling upon an Equestrian race of anthro ponies instead. It would make for a better story overall, and I wouldn't mind collabing with you if you want some help with the development of the story. I liked the idea of this crossover, but it needs to start out differently, that way it doesn't read like a human in Equestria fic. Anyways, PM me if you are interested in my help, because as this stands it will write out to be just a decent fic. It may be the first crossover of this game, and you may get a lot of views because of it, but just something about it seems off. It would fair better as anthro since the game is already full of furries.

very good, i expect great things from you!


If you like this one, please consider checking out my other story, A Gifted Pony With A Life Changing Secret! :twilightsmile: And tell me if you want me to continue this one :yay:

Reading this story makes me wanna almost continue mine. I'll have to think about it.

Continue please. The way YOU want to do it. Not Prince Whats his face way. He can write his own story. (I don't know why but his comment really bugged me.) (Sorry Prince)

Awesome so far. And if you could, please continue. There's only three other crossovers with dust that I like out f a total of all the dust ones. Which, by all accounts, is next to nothing as is. I'm certain the 11 ups and no downs is a good indication on how popular this can be~

I don't meant this personally, but Сука, let the author write it how they want. You can put those ideas into your own story if need be, but this one is fine how it is xD.

if there shoud be another chapter sometimes, I would be gladly know about it.
If anybody knows a story about her, I would like to know it too.

if someone writes a story with her please tell me.

Not much Dust based stories out there. Sadly.

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