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[I'm writing this only when I have no ideas for my other story! Unless poeple like it more.]

Fidget had gone from being Gaurdian of a Sword of Elysium, meeting someone named Dust, going on an adventure, to now being in a place nowhere in Falana. She doesn't want to go anywhere without Dust or Ahrah, but she's alone. She'll have to be brave and venture out to find her friends, or get caught up in an even crazier adventure! With two prophecies at once that were supposed to be hundreds of years apart, to near death situations, and even an ancient evil! Not knowing if she can trust anyone, can she cope with her most dangerous adventure yet?

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Star Shooter has always had a secret. One that if she told anypony, would ruin her life. But, one day when she is called upon for a special job, everything goes wrong. Now she has no choice but to take the young filly and leave behind nearly everything she has known. But things get worse when she and the filly are caught. And by the worst pony possible. Can Star Shooter and the filly hide from her friends? Can she protect the filly from everypony? But, can they also escape their captor before they are brought to Canterlot?

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