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This story is a sequel to Magic Talents

In one night, five of the mane mares get attacked by monsters. Twilight manages to save the others, but not without concequences. Now, the other five must find a way to overcome new lifestyles, living requirements, and instinctual rivalries. The only help they have is Discord's parting words.

"Read the books. Remain in Harmony. If you don't, Twilight Sparkle will die."

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This is Alternate Universe because the events of Magical Mistery Cure never happened.

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I might be gone for a few hours. I will try to get back to any coments as soon as possible.

Oooh I love it - amazing for a first upload. ^^, keep writing please! :heart:

Wow... that was ... strange. I don't either remember Discord ever being so serious. And exactly how come is Twilight somewhere else and those five are relatively okay but if the five stop being in harmony Twilight will probably die. What is this about again? I mean I've read about the five types of evil that were on the scene of crime but how come are they seeing working together?

Yep, most of the draconequus (or whatever the spelling is) seem boring - especially slender mane, seriously, faceless horse... old.
But otherwise it's a fitting chapter, I just hope that the elements of harmony will stay in harmony, oh and I have never seen Discord being helpful either.

6256268 This story has been on hiatus for a while. I have been writing a different AU lately. I have not had much chance to flesh out the personalities of the Draconequui. There is a lot more world building that simply has not had the time to show up, given the hiatus.

The five assorted monsters were not working together. They just happened to be attacking at the same time. It was fate.

6256318 Eyup, fate and Eynope I don't believe it, the start was sarcasm. But isn't that fate a little to ironically coincidental and extremely suspicious? (You should probably not ask me if I even know what I'm talking about, of course not)

Intriguing. I hope you come back to this some day.

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