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Harmony is always working toward her goals.

Not all of her pawns are aware of the fact that they are pawns.

Starswirl, a sacrifice toward the Plan.

Twilight, the results of the Plan.

Two mortal lifetimes ended. A plan millions of years in the making entering the endgame.

Pawns may be weak, but they can be promoted...

This is an experiment in trying to write a story heavily mixed with world building. If I fail to tell a compelling story, then at least I can learn from my mistakes. The fact that it is an experement is why I tagged it [Random]

Set in the far past, during Magical Mystery Cure, and the far future.

I might come back and re-write this someday.

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Trixie faithfully worships the Sundered Goddess. That's what her Cutie Mark has always told her. That is why she seeks to repent for her sins at the Gathering of the Family, the only time the worshipers of the Goddess gather.

She has no idea what is in store for her.

This story is set in the Sundered Goddess universe.

Large thread on the deities.

More info on the setting.

Will replace the cover image once I make a better one.

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The Sundered Goddess and Queen of All Magic, Twilight Sparkle, has reunited with one of the 24 Fragments of the Sundered Goddess: Okami Amaterasu. She has to fulfill all of Amaterasu's duties. Finding a foalsitter for Amaterasu's son, Chibi, is one of those duties.

If only Chibi weren't so cute.

This is an AU where many cultures have physical gods as rulers or patron deities. More information and world-building can be found in this thread. The story should be readable without reading the thread. The thread just offers a ton more background info.

This is a quasi-crossover. It features Ammy and Chibi, but they are given different back stories and treated as parts of the universe. They never had their adventures in Nippon, hence the lack of a [Crossover] tag. Edit: moderators made me add the crossover tag.

Characters not tagged: Dinky Hooves, Cadence, Shining Armor.

Changed rating to teen.

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Ever since she first saw the mare, Trixie has felt a connection to Twilight. Now she wants to discover the nature of this connection, because it is clearly of magical origin. But knowledge comes with a price, and neither magically talented mare is expecting this price.

First in the Magic Talents Trilogy. AU because Twilight will never become an alicorn. Not a Twixie ship.
Updates will be on Thursdays.

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This story is a sequel to Magic Talents

In one night, five of the mane mares get attacked by monsters. Twilight manages to save the others, but not without concequences. Now, the other five must find a way to overcome new lifestyles, living requirements, and instinctual rivalries. The only help they have is Discord's parting words.

"Read the books. Remain in Harmony. If you don't, Twilight Sparkle will die."

Working to find a cover image
This is Alternate Universe because the events of Magical Mistery Cure never happened.

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