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What does a Mare do on the Moon? - The_Silent_Hero47

How did Princess Luna entertain herself on the moon for about One Thousand years? Well lets just say when you have magic, you can create your own fun.

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Time To Leave

Luna was going insane for more music, more drinks, more zero gravity fun! But as time passed, Luna's time was coming to an end. She doesn't want to leave; she loved it here on the moon. She had grown attached to the DJ, whose name she found out was Excision. And the bartender whose name she found out was James.

True, there were people that came and went. Luna found love one night, then again the next. All of her stories she had here were all fun. Like on year 57, her and a group of other strange alien creatures she had as friends, decided to go out and make a hot tub on the moon!

"You're crazy Luna, theres no way that would work!" one of her friends exclaimed.

"But if you think about it, if we could get a heater that goes over 201 degrees, the water would be like maybe, 72 at most!" Luna shouted. All of her friends looked at her, and then put some thought into it. Luna went over to Excision and tried to ask what he thought about it.

"To be quite honest, I think this club has enough things as is, like we have an upper level, thanks to you. We have a huge ass pool, thanks to you, and we have more lasers for the show, what else could we need?" Excision asked Luna.

Luna paused for a moment, then an idea came to her head, there was no law enforcement on the moon so it was legal. "Pot!" Luna's Canterlot voice kicked in, almost taking off Excision's goggles. Luna chuckled at that memory. She was a relentless mare who would do anything to do something to come back up here. This place was a part of her, it was the peanut butter to her jelly, the yin to her yang, the Vinyl Scratch to her Bass Cannon. It was home here, sure she could use some like say a thousand year nap. But sleeping meant you got drawn on hard!

Luna walked outside and took a deep breath in. The air outside was lovely, calming, and smoke free from all the weed inside the club. God I need some of that shit when I come back in the next day. I still can't believe that one little bird can bring all those customers! Luna thought to herself as she started jumping around in the zero gravity that is the moon. Like the first time she had been teleported here: She was jumping so high that she was almost out of the gravity pull from the moon. And just like last time she was having endless fun.

"Wheeeeeeeee!" Luna was shouting to the never ending sky full of stars. Equestria would of heard the sound from the moon. Canterlot, if they went quiet, they could've heard it first. She was over them after all.

She stopped jumping to catch her breath. Excision was taking a break, and let his little laptop on his podium do its thing, he tapped Luna on her back and gave her a goodbye hug.

"You may have been here for a thousand years, but its still not enough in my eyes." Excision said while releasing her from his embrace.

"I've had so much fun here; I never want to leave. Just imagine the things we can do here, nopony, as far as I know, owns this land on the moon. We could expand it as far as the dark side goes!" Luna's ideas were going on and on. Excision just shook his and found a way to stop her in her tracks.

He grasped her face and kissed her. Luna was shocked, stunned even, Excision always had a hard personality, he barely showed any emotion other than fun.

"Look, Luna," Excision started, "you may have had fun here, but we don't own that much salary to do so. I know you mean well, but come on, we need to have some money, right?" he tried to suppress a laugh.

"Wait, you actually leave the club, from the time I was here. You never left that podium for longer than an hour to go to the bathroom, and when you do, you leave me in charge. Especially after the first day I was here." Luna hinted, raising her eyebrows.

"Well you were up for a whole thousand years, so I guess I just buy my own drinks."

"See if you and James just save up, you guys could do whatever you want with this place!" Luna shouted, making Excision readjust his goggles. He then put his hands on her shoulders and held her down.

"Luna, I think you've had enough weed if it's making you act like this," Excision then hugged her lightly. Luna just stood there and enjoyed the embrace. "Now look, I have to go back into the club and start playing some music, would you like the VIP access?"

Luna jumped up with glee. "Of course I would love VIP access!" She then followed Excision into the club. He then, opened the red velvet rope and let Luna in.

The princess of the night, then was surrounded by famous intergalactic musicians. She was having the time of her life; there was no contest. Club Purgatory was the best, and only, place to call home.

But then after midnight, she had about three to four beers, a different source of power took her over, she was lifted into the air and a dark light exploded and Nightmare Moon was formed. Now, regular reactions in Ponyville Screaming in terror, running, having the pony force defend the innocent. But that wasn't the case in Club Purgatory, what was their reaction to the evil alicorn pony?

Some screamed "Hell yeh, final form is in the house!" others just screamed in acceptance of the awesome looking mare. But then there's the group like me, Silent Hero, who had over a hundred emotions, and only had one sentence to say about them, "PONY EVOLVED INTO BADASSERY!" many people who worked or visited the club has seen Nightmare before, not surprising to them in the least.

Now kids, remember that when you drink alcohol, ideas that seem bad and could get your ass kicked turns into good ideas when you're drunk off your ass. Poor Luna couldn't handle the beer here only having about four, she stumbles after two, she had the glorious idea to just grab a random person in the area around here and just start having a very drunken make out session. Although he doesn't regret it now, Excision was sadly the person she chose at random, he was taken by this surprise but then again he was a galactic DJ, there were many things that happened to him that took him off guard. Luna, or Nightmare Moon, started to hug him, standing on her hind-legs and moving her front-hooves all over his body.

Excision just pulled her back and went back to the podium to play more music. Nightmare Moon on the other hand, started making out with many other people. Them being male or female, she did not care, and almost started a sex orgy. What stopped her was Excision and James giving her a nasty glare from where they were. Sure Excision had his eyes covered, but he looked hella scary with those goggles! Luna thought as her uncontrollable self took its place between more mouths than she can count.

This process of Nightmare drinking and constantly making out with other kissable beings in the club lasted until about three to four hours. Excision then, was given a break by another visiting DJ that knows the system perfectly. He took the advantage of this break to lure the lustful mare out of the club, just to talk. They were sitting in the provided seats that were there since the beginning of time, looking out at the many stars that filled the empty void that was space.

"Luna?" Excision asked.

Since being drunk off her ass, she didn't respond to Luna but as something else, "Princess of Uber Major Hotness that makes me cum?"

"Hm?" Nightmare questioned the tone he used her nickname.

"What are you going to do after Celestia picks you up?"

"I don't know man. I guess I am going to get her back for hiding this place from me, I might threaten to take over Equestria
and make it into eternal night for like a day or so," Nightmare was talking off her mind.

"Well, just promise me one thing, okay?" Excision took off his goggles revealing his deep blue eyes.

"Promise what?" split second after Nightmare asked the question on her mind, Excision took force and leaned in to kiss her passionately. It took a few seconds before Excision broke from the kiss.

"Never lose your sense of fun, it's cute I like it." He said, before standing up and going back inside to get a well deserved drink and putting his goggles back on. Nightmare just sat there, thinking about if the rumors she heard about the famous DJ were true, after having that experience happen it confirmed it.

Is Excision really falling for me? Nightmare Moon never got the chance to ask the infamous DJ, as after a few minutes of asking herself that confusing question, she was rudely teleported back into Equestria, in her own room to be exact. She sighed deeply and began a new thought that would change Equestria and Twilight Sparkle forever. Should I make a big appearance about me being Nightmare Moon?

The End

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