• Published 12th Feb 2013
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What does a Mare do on the Moon? - The_Silent_Hero47

How did Princess Luna entertain herself on the moon for about One Thousand years? Well lets just say when you have magic, you can create your own fun.

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What does a Mare do on the Moon?

*zing* Luna fell to the grey earth that was the moon, she looked at the big colorful marble that was what they called Earth. That's, funny I thought Equestria would think of a better name then just plain old earth for something like this! Damn now I remember what that meeting I ditched was about now, if I was there I would named it Old Glory! wait that's a geyser never mind. Luna thought to herself as she walked around in the zero gravity ground. She lost herself in jumping around here and there just laughing in a fun way. So far the moon was great for her no duties to do, no more annoying sister to pull pranks on her, and better yet zero gravity fun! She was having the time of her life. If Equestria went completely silent after she was teleported to the moon within minutes ponnies would hear the banished princess screaming in joy "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Luna was jumping so high from the moon she could almost reach a nearby asteroid and land on it.

Oh my gosh this is so fun, why did I not think of this earlier in the years! Luna thought as she was screaming in joy in zero gravity fun. It didn't take long for her to become bored, eventually she stopped jumping and landed with a soft thud. She then put a hoof to her chin, thinking about what to do next. What kind of fun would I do here on this once of a life time opportunity, hmm maybe throw a party but who would I invite? Nopony from earth would come that's for sure. Luna then heard a slight bass beat within the some what air. Normally things couldn't be heard from in space because of the vacuum inside it, but then again this is a fanfic about ponies so logic doesn't matter right now. Luna walked (or bounce in this case) over to the noise and found a club on the dark side of the moon. Huh who would of thought that there was a club here on the moon? More reasons for me to come back later. Luna thought as she entered the club. The moment she walked in the previous song ended and a new one began. But this song made the major focus on the bass.

the moment she stepped in the middle of the club these were the last few words she could hear for a few years.
Fire up the bass canon.

The moment those words escaped the god like sound system that would bring Vinyl to tears for its shear beauty of it, the bass dropped and nothing but eternal bass drops entered Luna's head for a few minutes. Luna didn't really like the dubstep or techno songs that Vinyl made but after hearing such a god like song from out of this world she had to have more. Luna looked around as the song interfered with her hearing. She found what looked like the DJ and wanted to request more songs from this artist, this beautiful artist. When she looked at the DJ she noticed that first off he had hands, and was wearing goggles that were tinted with a light green color, and standing on two legs not four. The DJ looked at her like she was a normal customer, she didn't really pay attention to the rest of the crowd for she didn't care what they looked like then she turned and saw many, many different things that existed in this world of wonders. She saw things with six arms and five legs, things with two heads and sixty fingers. Luna looked in awe as she looked back at the DJ.
"What is this place!" She yelled to the DJ so he could hear her.
The DJ took a moment to understand and remember the language she was speaking. "This is Club Purgatory, man I haven't seen another Equestrian for years tell Celestia I said hey"
Luna looked at the DJ." Wait are you saying that my sister has been here before!?" the DJ looked at Luna and motioned his head backwards to show the royal founder's of Club Purgatory. And there she was Celestia with shades that looked like Vinyl's exact same size and everything, Luna was enraged that her sister found this place and never told her. Luna looked at the DJ again.
"Two things, first I would like more songs from this artist I really like it a lot, second where is something I can contact my sister now?" Luna asked
"As for the songs I'll do my best it might be an hour before another one comes on, as for the communication there's a phone behind the bar tell the bartender I sent you okay?" The DJ said.

Luna gave thanks to the helpful DJ and walked towards the bar. The bartender was odd some would say, he looked like the DJ but had nicer features. She waved at the bartender who was serving another customer and tried to go though it faster to get to the Princess of the night.
"Hey you must be Luna, Celestia told us so much about you!" The bartender said.
"May I use the phone, the DJ told me that it was over here." Luna said.
"Of course over here." The bartender opened the bar door and let her through and showed her to a room. She walked in and closed the door, when she did the whole room was quite. She ignored that fact and went to the telephone, but then realized something very important. Shit, Equestria doesn't have a phone! How am I going to contact 'Tia now? She looked at the book named "Contacts". She opened the book and looked in the E's and sure enough there was only one number for one name "Celestia" she pushed the buttons with her horn and held it with her hoofs. She then waited for an answer.
rinnng rinng rinnnnng.
Luna heard a click and heard a voice.
"Why hello little sister, enjoying the club?" Celestia said with a some what jokingly voice.
"How come you never told me of this place I was nearly bored after jumping around in zero gravity." Luna yelled at her sister.
"I never told you about it because I knew you wanted more time off then you often would, why else would I band you for 1,000 years for something so stupid like not waking up on time to rise the moon?" Luna heard her sister explain that and never thought about it.
"Huh I guess that is kinda dumb to do that." Luna said
"Now why don't you get off the phone and get back to the best 1,000 years of your life." Celestia said and hung up.

Luna put the phone back and sighed, she then went out side and was hearing yet another dubstep song. This one had very, very dirty bass drops they were loud and noticeable how she didn't see or hear this before she had no idea, but she lost herself in the music. While she was dancing she accidently bumped into another "visitor" to the club and turned around to apologize.
"Oh my god I'm so sorry I didn't see you there." Luna said quickly.
this customer looked very like the DJ but didn't understand Luna's language. He just shrugged it off and went back to his own business.
Luna felt very alone for a few minutes she had no one to talk to, except for the DJ and the bartender but other then that she didn't another pony in sight. She decided to hang out near the DJ to talk to him while he worked, as she went up he looked at her with some thought into it, Luna didn't see it of course I mean he was wearing goggles. He ran up to her and asked her a quick favor.
"Look can you take over for me really quick, I need to go to the bathroom but the Club needs some music while I'm gone could you possibly start making some music up fast?" He asked her.
"I don't know how to even push 'play' on that god damn thing how am I-" Luna was cut off and was placed in front of the DJ system. On the system were many buttons of many colors. Oh my god it's like Equestria except with buttons! She squeed slightly on the inside. The DJ waited for the song to end and pushed one button and then a bass started in, he motioned for Luna to take over then left in a hurry.

Well, looks like I have no choice, what kind of DJ just lets some random pony use this thing without instructions. Luna thought as she started to push another button, this one was another bass loop but sounded more desirable. She liked where this was going, she was just having fun as is pushing random buttons I mean who doesn't right? But she was also making the best Dubstep song ever heard in history sadly no one recorded it so we will never know what she did in a matter of minutes. After what felt like five hours the DJ finally took back his rightful spot on the pedestal and made Luna's song even better with more bass drops and more melody uprising. Luna was sweating real hard due to the intense body heat in the club she went out side for a breath of fresh air. As Luna walked out a bit she saw earth yet again and looked real hard at it. There still could be a better name for that then just earth. Its like 'Hey jimmy where you going this time the planet of doom or Planet Zord slayer?' and jimmy's like 'nope I'm going to something even better EARTH' It just doesn't sound right to me. Luna thought to herself she decided to bounce around again in the moon she was having the time of her life, yet again if Equestria went quite they could hear that same voice of excitement "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" Luna stopped bouncing again. How long did she have to stay here, other then listen to Dubstep and bounce around in zero gravity what else could she do, Luna pushed that thought away as she yelled out in the air.
"I never want to leave this place ever, I having the time of my life, and the dubstep ooh that glorious dubstep!" She then stopped and looked at earth one more time and finally a name came to her head.
"Yes that's it, we should of called 'The Wub Station'!"

Author's Note:

Sorry this is kinda short but it was a last minute thing. Hopefully my grammar and spelling is a tad bit better, and if not *sigh* Grammar Nazi's away and save me.