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Note: The Dark tag is only there "Just in Case". I'm pretty sure nothing goes quite THAT dark, I'm just being safe.

Discord has broken free of his stone prison and has taken over Equestria. Some have gone mad under his rule, while others are either mind wiped by him to love his world, or tremble in fear from it.

All except for the Element of Laughter... She instead throws a party with her new friends, absolutely having the time of their lives.

But darker things are underfoot in Discord rule... But really. Are we all that surprised?

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Are you implying the Great and Powerful Trixie cannot appear and save the day, freeing the hapless little ponies from the rule of their demonic overlord? I unacceptingly disagree. :trixieshiftleft:
Also, you trapped Luna. :raritydespair:
Good fic. Nice idea, well pulled off.

Is that IT? MOAR!

2033592 Discord had JUST explained that he had mind wiped a third of the pony population. While others went bat shit insane and others still refuse to come out of their houses.

And thank you... I work really hard on this.

2034485 I seriously am considering it.... *sigh* If my schedule wasn't so booked.

The fun part is that even if he's defeated, Discord still won. He's traumatized the populace, shattered their faith in their rulers and broken the bearers. Even if he's defeated, Equestria's in no condition to resist something like Sombra's return or the Villain of the Arc.

>>Evil-Loveiness *Some 3rd person Trixie banter denouncing Discord's power* :trixieshiftright:

2034997 Not ALL of the bearers... And even if he is defeated... There is still the matter of the Screws and the corrupted Element of Laughter.... Hmmmm... Maybe I should make this into a full fledged fan fic.

Not badly pulled off. The insanity of Pinkie Pie is quite entertaining when mixed with Discord and the Screws. Some grammar mistakes, but I'll let it slide since I found it so fun to read!

2039866Maybe there are grammar mistakes for the purpose of the story... But yeah I really enjoyed myself writing in all the insanity of those four... I swear I gotta write those four sometimes soon again.

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