Laughter of Chaos

by Evil-Lovieness

First published

Pinkie Pie holds a party for her new friends amongst Discord's kingdom

Note: The Dark tag is only there "Just in Case". I'm pretty sure nothing goes quite THAT dark, I'm just being safe.

Discord has broken free of his stone prison and has taken over Equestria. Some have gone mad under his rule, while others are either mind wiped by him to love his world, or tremble in fear from it.

All except for the Element of Laughter... She instead throws a party with her new friends, absolutely having the time of their lives.

But darker things are underfoot in Discord rule... But really. Are we all that surprised?

Celebrate Today!!!

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Pinkie Pie woke up to the sound of two ponies giggling maniacally. She could tell just that there was only two due to the fact that she immediately recognized both sounds of the giggles. The whole idea made it hard for Pinkie Pie to conceal her own smile, and even her own laughter.

But she knew she had to wake up sooner or later.

Slowly she opened her eyes, and once she did she was assaulted by two mares wearing party hats and beaded necklaces with noise makers, making a huge ruckus once they saw that she was awake.

“HAPPY TODAY PINKIE PIE!!!” Both mares yelled simultaneously, even though both were a little off and sounded a bit confused. Though considering the mares, it wasn’t really all that strange for them.

“Happy today you guys!” Pinkie Pie greeted merrily, jumping out of her plushy, candy bed with ease.

“Here ya go Pinkie. We’d figure since it’s Today we ought to celebrate with a party! And we know how much you love those!” One of the mares said, holding out Pinkie’s own little party accessories: A bright pink party hat with yellow and blue balloons decorating it with a bright pink pom-pom adorning the top, with three things of beads all blue and yellow and of course her own little noise maker.

Pinkie Pie did not hesitate to take these things and put them on lickety split, though it was a mystery how she even put all three on at the same time. The idea of a party was too tempting to ever back away, besides, her new friends were just so much fun at these parties that even if Pinkie Pie was puking her guts up, she would still say yes if they offered her a party.

Not that she would ever get sick nowadays.

“You betcha! We’re gonna have an awesome party for Today! Thanks so much Screwball!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed, hugging the other pink mare, before breaking apart so she could pat her on the head. Mindful of her beanie.

Screwball just beamed at her, and Pinkie Pie couldn’t help but feel happiness at the sparkles of joy she saw in the strange mare’s purple swirled eyes. Screwball just giggled as her proper response, her wavy purple curls bouncing along, though the only way to tell was the faint white highlights that moved up and down from their original pattern. Pinkie Pie couldn’t help but giggle too.

That is until her check was ruthlessly licked by somepony.

“Oh hi Screwloose! You ready to party for Today too?” Pinkie Pie asked the light blue mare with the silver, messy mane and tail.

“You bet I am!” She exclaimed, though it sounded more like a bark. It didn’t help that she lowered her front low to the ground and wagged her tail high up in the air.

Both Pinkie Pie and Screwball couldn’t help it, they both started giggling madly. Pretty soon Screwloose too started giggling along with the other ponies, and they all fell over on top of each other, busting a gut laughing.

“Oh, oh! What should we do first for the party?” Pinkie Pie asked, jolting back up in a standing position. Practically throwing the other maniac ponies off of her.

Neither one took much notice of this however; all they took in was Pinkie Pie’s question, which they thought over pretty sternly.

“Oh! How about Karaoke? We could have all kinds of songs to sing from! And maybe even make up our own!” Screwball said, raising her front hoof in the air. She choose to ignore Screwloose’s glares though.

“Oh you only want Karaoke because you want me to embarrass myself!” Screwloose accused, practically barking at her, and the fact that she now spoke with a wide jaw every syllable didn’t exactly help at all.

“But you’re so good at singing! Remember that one song we caught you singing? That made the top charts!” Screwball said, reaching up high in the air, looking like she was reaching for something. A second later she pulled down a chart out of nowhere that showed the top 20 musical charts. She also pulled out a pointing stick from behind her, as well as a pair of glasses and put them on. Screwball took the time to point to Screwloose’s, apparently existing, song to show that it held the number 4 spot. But that was mostly because there were three other songs that were defined as “too much fun” to let die.

After she felt her message was across she pulled down the screen before letting fly back to wherever it came from. She also pulled off the glasses and put them and the stick back behind her to wherever they came from.

Screwloose’s only response was to blow her chaotic companion a raspberry.

Pinkie Pie, who was merely watching their banter back and forth, decided to only NOW intervene. She didn’t want her new friends to get in an irreversible fight; he could just feel it coming on, and she was afraid that she would become sad again if that happened, and she didn’t want to go flat maned again.

Also because she just ran out of pop-corn.

“Girls! Stop! How about this. Why don’t we start of this party by…” Pinkie Pie trailed off, hugging to the two bickering mares.

One second later they arrived in a gigantic ball room, and except for the trio and one incredibly flustered Vinyl Scratch, no one was currently using it.

The ball room was grand indeed to them. The walls were a fluffy and bright pink, almost as if they were made completely out of cotton candy, and odds were they were. The pillars lined the walls were all painted different colors and in different patterns that seemed to flash and shift to show off its bright colors. There was also a dance floor that had a flashing floor that would light up in various colors of the rainbow in different patterns that would match the beat of the music perfectly.

“A dance off!!!” Pinkie Pie finished off her sentence, and since she had just transported them there with only a second pause there was no need for confusion. However why she decided to continue her sentence when everyone else who read the last couple of paragraphs already knew what she was planning.

“Hey!!” Pinkie Pie yelled at the author…. What do you want Pinkie?! It’s clearly obvious!

However, Screwball and Screwloose paid no mind the Pinkie’s small little bickering with the author as their eyes lit up like the dance floor and their smiles grew wider than normal.

“Yeah!!” The both exclaimed, high hoofing each other, being careful not to accidentally hit Pinkie Pie, as they were still in her hold.

Pinkie Pie took that as her cue to let both of them go. She then raced over to the still flustered Vinyl who was now shaking in her shackles, shackles which Pinkie Pie either paid no mind to, or were hidden from her view seeing as how she only saw the DJ pony from fore hooves upward from behind the DJ booth.

“Hiya Vinyl!” Pinkie Pie said, waving towards her old DJ friend.

“H-h-h-hi Qu... I mean! Pinks. Heh heh.” Vinyl stammered, trying to keep the bright pink pony in front of her happy by trying to be friendly and forcing a giant grin. Even though after she discovered her pink friend’s growing insanity from her forming a friendship with two of the most mentally unstable ponies in Ponyville. At first she didn’t mind so much, but then everything changed. Literally. And next thing Vinyl knew, she was subject to DJ for Pinkie Pie’s party whenever, wherever. That’s when she really saw the not-so-subtle craziness that was Pinkie Pie.

“Why don’t you play us some tunes! We’re gotta celebrate! It’s Today!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

“Sure. No problem, just let me find some bass to drop. Hehehe.” Vinyl said, hoping that her joke didn’t sound too lame for Pinkie Pie.

Thankfully Vinyl’s wish came true as Pinkie Pie started a burst of laughter at her joke.

“Hahaha! Oh I get it! Because you’re going to “drop” the bass! Hahaha!” Pinkie Pie continued to laugh as she made her way back to the dance floor with the two Screws who were already dancing their flanks off before Vinyl played any music.

Not that it mattered anyway, seeing as how once Pinkie Pie joined up with them she started dancing the exact moment Vinyl started playing music.

“Hey Pinkie Pie!” Screwball called out for Pinkie’s attention.

“Hmm?” Pinkie Pie said, paying attention to the mare, but still dancing in her own little world.

“Check this out!” She called out, getting on her hind legs, bowing them both, but making one lower than the other. She repeated this pattern for her front legs that were currently in the air. Then, sticking her tongue out in concentration, she started bobbing her entire upper body forward and backward in that motion, only ever pausing to slip her position and repeat the entire process over and over again to the beat of the music.

Pinkie Pie just ended up laughing, and falling backwards on the crystallized lit up dance floor.

“Ha! You call that dancing!” Screwloose challenged, although the direction of her eyes didn’t seem to be directed at Screwball at all.

Screwloose then proceeded to lay flat on the ground, where it seemed like she was about to plank for a moment, then she started moving. Her whole body flowed like a wave, and she almost looked like an inch worm before she started going full force with her actions and soon her whole body looked like she was doing a wave push up to the pounding of the bass of the song.

Screwball and Pinkie Pie whooped Screwloose on. That is until a thought came across Pinkie Pie’s mind. She soon raced over to the DJ’s booth once again and requested a certain song and came right back before either pony realized she was gone.

“Your turn Pinkie Pie. Show us your moves.” Screwloose said, lifting herself to a standing position again.

Pinkie Pie’s only response was to pull out a random pair of shades and put them on her face, smirking. Just then Pinkie Pie’s song came on at full blast, earning two confused, yet intrigued faces from both of her friends.

Pinkie Pie took her time standing on her hind legs crossing her front chest with her front hooves. A smug look had encased itself all across her face.

Then the chorus of the song blared from the woofers, and instantly Pinkie Pie got into rhythm of her dancing. It looked like she was hoping on one side before skipping over to the other side then back to the other: Her front hooves were bouncing along with the rhythm as well. Occasionally one of her hooves would go above head making small circles in the air. She would also do a little side shuffle, sliding her hoof back to do her little hopping.

Screwloose and Screwball were both enthralled in Pinkie Pie’s dance. But pretty soon they started cheering her on for her incredible dance moves. And soon they changed into sparkly white backless shirts and shorts and mimicked Pinkie Pie’s dance movement as well sliding over to either side of her. Pinkie Pie too had somehow changed into a blue tux, despite never wavering from her dancing, and had a large smile plastered on her face by her friends joining in.

Pretty soon they all had the moves down pat and were singing along to the lyrics perfectly. A feat that Vinyl would never know how they’d accomplish.

All too soon a bright white light flashed before Vinyl’s equipment, making the speakers shoot out different colored beams of lights. The three mares on the dance floor took no notice of it as they were too enthralled in their dancing. Vinyl, however, knew what that meant and was too freaked to start panicking.

And just as she predicted, another bright white light flared the entire room, stunning the trio for a moment, but they still remained on their hind legs.

After the flash subsided, with the music still playing, the image of Discord, the Lord of Chaos and spirit of disharmony, in the same tux as Pinkie Pie was in, was laying down on the ground. There was another Discord in a T-shirt and shorts right above him thrusting his hips forward with each of the song. The Discord on the bottom was singing that particular part of the song.

The sight gave all three mares incredibly giant smiles, before the image finally sank into them and they tried their best to hold back the inevitable laughter. They all failed as soon as the bubble in their cheeks turned red and their laughter burst forth from their mouths. Vinyl just stared mouth agape at the scene; her glasses had fallen slightly down her face.

After that part of the song had past, the Discord on top disappeared in flash of white light. And the real Discord had gotten himself up with the assistance of his wings, still in his suit. He looked over at the three laughing mares who were laughing their side into oblivion. He quickly found their laughter to be infectious and started laughing right along with them.

Once the mares all calmed down, it was Screwball who realized that they had a new member to the party first.

“Daddy!” She exclaimed as high as she could, jumping up, and out of her outfit, to hug the lord of chaos. This earned a few giggles from Pinkie Pie and Screwloose. They all knew Screwball wasn’t really the daughter of Discord, however that didn’t stop from Screwball from calling him that. Heck she only called him that because it was actually a joke between the four of them.

“Hello Screwball, dear.” Discord said, after patting her back before peeling her off and setting her down on the ground with the others.

“How’s my favorite bunch of mares doing this fine chaotic day?” Discord asked the trio.

“Great!!” They all said at the same time.

“We’re having a party!” Screwball felt the need to point out.

“I can see that. What’s the occasion?” Discord asked, mostly because he loved to hear all the various reasons as to why these three felt the need to celebrate.

“Because it’s Today!” Pinkie Pie explained, blowing into her noise maker as loud as she could.

“Yeah! We even got Pinkie Pie to plan out all the fun things for the party!” Screwloose explained the plainly obvious.

“Hey it wasn’t that obvious!” Screwloose yelled at the author… And yes it was.

“Well what if it wasn’t? Just because you’re writing this doesn’t mean you know everything!” Screwball yelled out her argument.

Look if you don’t like my way of writing… Besides it was obvious to the readers! So there!

“Well we’re technically the readers too if we can read whatever thing you write here!” Pinkie Pie was quick to point out.

No. You are all just the little characters within the story for the people on my side of the wall to read about and enjoy. Technically you’re not even supposed to be able to read any of this! Or even communicate with me!

“Ladies, ladies…” Discord chanted picking up all three of the flustered mares, who were taking great offense with the author’s words… Even though they’re the only reason why this thing is existing in the first place. Pbbbbbllt…

“Very mature Miss Evil-Lovieness.” Discord commented.

Well they started it.

“Well you gave us reason to start it!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed, point a hoof accusingly at where my computer screen would be facing them had this been a flash and not a fanfic. And like I never heard that excuse before. I practically INVENTED that excuse.

“Well we need this story to progress somehow. So the four of you need to make nice: I don’t care how.” Discord said, not daring to let any of the mares in his arms out, least they hunt down the author beyond the forth wall. Kinda harsh don’t you think?

“Yeah I guess…” Screwball admitted.

“Grrrr…” Screwloose growled in agreement, crossing her hooves across her body.

“Your right Screwloose. Sorry Madam author.” Pinkie Pie apologized, and apology accepted. Shall we continue on with this story then?

All heads shook yes. Okay then…

After the forth wall breaking dispute, Discord let go of all of the mares, though instead of them falling down to the ground, they all stayed suspended in the air. Screwball used the moment to float around in loop-de-loops and barrel rolls, where Screwloose dispersed of her costume as well and started swimming in the air. This left Pinkie Pie to just stand on all four hooves in front of Discord.

“Did ya want to join our party Dissy? You always make them ultra-super-funerific!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

“Well I’d love to mon petite Pinkie.” Discord said, lifting Pinkie’s chin up with his eagle talon. This made Pinkie Pie’s smile bigger, while also adding a slight blush.

Meanwhile, Vinyl Scratch was ducking below her booth shaking like a leaf, as she was, once again, taken aback by all that had happened that led up to her chained up to play every single one of Pinkie Pie’s party with Screwball and Screwloose.

“However I’ll have to join in all the fun later though. I have something to check up on at the moment. I will be back soon though my little ponies.” Discord promised, sliding across the dance floor as if it was an ice skating rink.

“See ya later then, Dissy!!” Pinkie Pie waved after him.

“Come back soon okay daddy?” Screwball pleaded.

“But of course Screwball.” Discord said, passing her.

“Sure thing Lord Discord!” Screwloose said backstroking her way to Screwball’s side.

And just like that he left leaving all three mares back to their partying, and livid laughter, as they changed locations yet again. They made their next destination the candy play room where they could jump into the chocolate pools dive into the portals, foal around with the cotton candy and marshmallow clouds and lounge underneath the lemonade waterfalls.

Discord however had several secrets up his sleeves. That is to say if was still wearing his tux, but you know what I mean.

“Yes I’m sure they knew. What’s wrong? Wanted our readers to know that I nixed the outfit?” Discord asked. Hey I gotta make the joke at some point. Why not to tell them?

“Alright. I’ll give you that much.” Discord said, letting my little fail slide for now.

He made his way through his chaotic palace, to his secret room. The one room he hadn’t allowed any of his pets currently in the candy room know about.

When he opened the door, a wonderful, horrible sight awaited him inside.

The rest of the elements of Elements of Harmony were all inside, struggling with various different troubles ailing them.

Applejack had her hooves all tangled up in some kind of super growing plant that would tighten its grip on her the more she struggled and was stubborn to let go. Unfortunately Applejack was just as stubborn and refused to just give up to a weed: Even though it would ultimately save her.

Rarity looked like she was being cornered and entrapped by incredibly fast growing crystals. She looked positively horrified that a mineral so beautiful would end up being her down fall. She tried using her magic, but unfortunately for her, she wasn’t as magically taught as her other unicorn friend.

Fluttershy looked like she was arguing with herself: Ranging from being the shy timid creature that everyone knew her to be, to a cruel and loud mouthed version of herself that reminded Discord of when he Discorded her. The cruel Fluttershy seemed to taunt ad intimidate her, while the original Fluttershy would shrivel in fear of her more dominate side.

Rainbow Dash, was just racing around the room in a mad dash. She looked horrified, like she was trying to out-fly whatever thing was behind her. She crashed into the walls every so often, quickly shaking off the trauma, surprise, and confusion of there being a solid surface for her to crash into. All in the name of escaping whatever fear she was trying to shake off.

Twilight Sparkle however was a special case indeed. Her horn was aglow as if she was in a dark desolate place. She paced around the room as if she were trapped in a never ending maze; her head shifting from side to side as if she were looking for something, or someone. And even though the room was also occupied with her friends, she kept calling out to them, as if she couldn’t hear or see them.

Oh that’s right, she couldn’t. None of the ponies in the room could. Because all of them were under a certain mind spell that Discord placed on them a long while ago. It made their eyes glow yellow, except they still kept their original iris color. Right now, he had Applejack believe that she was stuck in a warped garden that had it out for pony kind. He also had Fluttershy face her inner demons and lose once he discovered that she really DOES have a dark side. Discord also decided to give the unicorns a sense of irony in making Rarity believe that she was to be forever trapped in a cave of endless crystals and Twilight with forever being lost and alone. Rainbow Dash was also a personal favorite of his, in which he made her believe that something far more horrible than even her worst fear is flagging her down, and no matter where she runs or flies, she cannot escape it.

All of them were wearing their respective element, but it wasn’t as if it would do any of them any good. The jewels that were held inside each necklace and tiara had dulled to a useless grey and had cracked past the point of ever repairing it. The metal holding them, too, had dulled in color, and practically rusted over. Though none of them realized this little tid-bit about their element.

He just looked upon the chaotic little scene of the five failed “heros” and laughed till he fell over.

“Stop this madness Discord!” A condescending voice called out to him.

“Oh Celestia… You’ve been trying to tell me to stop for a long while now. And has your words ever even came close to working?” Discord said, standing right back up and putting his best smug grin for the giant sun shaped jewel he had placed on one of the walls of the room.

Inside the jewel Celestia sat there fuming at her old foe who had trapped her in this prison of his own design.

“It’s only fair warning to you before you are stopped, probably even more viciously then you have been in the past. We and the bearers now have been far too merciful towards you. In fact it’s too fair to give this warning.” The former lunar princess threatened from her own crescent moon shaped gem.

“Oh really? Hahaha!! I’m going to be stopped now? Ba-hahaha!! By who, pray tell, is going to stop me now?” Discord questioned, practically daring Luna to answer.

Luna barely even flinched inside her jewel prison.

“You think you can fool us Discord? Do you honestly believe you can fool yourself?” Luna started, her voice remained neutral; never raising in anger, smoothing over in smugness, or being lightened with hope. However, no matter what tone she used, Discord found himself intrigued as to what the former princess of the moon had to offer as her “observation” of some false flaw in his perfectly executed plan.

“The Elements of Harmony: You only entrapped and 5 of them, and even if you had somehow managed to entrapped them all, just as you encased me and Celestia…” Luna said, now gaining her older sister’s attention. Celestia thought, at first, that her dear little sister was holding on too tightly to a fight even SHE could see no way to win against. But now… Now she was just as interested to hear what she had to say as Discord.

“They are not the only hero’s our fair land has to offer.” Luna said, adding extra emphasis to the word “our” as if to say that the land of Equestria still belonged to her and her sister.

At those words Celestia found herself impressed, and extremely disappointed in herself for failing to see what her little sister had too late.

Discord, however, merely fell on his back, howling with laughter.

“Ba-hahaha!!! Really?! Other hero’s? To try and stop me? Hahahaha!” Discord laughed, a tear forming in his eye, which he quickly wiped away with his talon.

The encased sister just glared at him.

“And who pray tell would those so called “hero’s” be? Hmmm?” Discord asked, daring either former princess to answer.

If either Alicorn had an answer for the deranged Chaos Lord, he never gave them time to answer.

“If it’s your precious little niece and her ever doting husband, I’m afraid you’re sadly mistaken.” Discord said, snapping his fingers to reveal two screen showing the sister two horrible scenes.

In one scene there was the image of the Crystal Heart from the Crystal Empire. However right at the core of the heart was an image that, to most, would only look like a reflection and nothing more. However both Celestia and Luna knew that it was far from the case. Inside the Crystal heart Princess Cadence had, too, been imprisoned in a jewel/crystal as well. They could tell that she was trying everything she could to break out of her prison, however they recognized the look of both a hopeful pony and a defeated on when they saw it. And Cadence had both looks.

Meanwhile a dark shadow seemed to loom over Cadence in her crystal prison and a familiar hiss could be heard, as well as a dark chuckle. Then the scene vanished.

The other scene held a sight similar to what was being scene in the room. Shining Armor was there, his horn illuminated to a bright light to light his path in a dark, small room. Yet he was pacing around as if he were lost a maze; calling out the name of his beloved wife, and his dear sister.

The whites of his eyes had turned into a similar yellow color.

“I figure that the family, who “harmonizes” together, should at least go through the same things together. Don’t you think?” Discord asked, snapping his finger to remove the two scenes in a bright flash of light.

Both sisters had no words, and refused to let Discord see the anguish they felt for the couple.

“And don’t go around thinking that some under-appreciated background pony will form a group to replace the elements to try and stand up to me.” Discord said, snapping his fingers to revile a new scene to the princess. One that showed what Equestria was like now.

Everypony had gone, either completely mad and had embraced their chaotic new world, or were “altered” by Discord’s hand to enjoy the new world he created. And then there were those who were neither, who remained inside. Away from the craziness outside, to afraid to even speak a word of resistance against the new reign.

“I have high doubts anypony would be willing to lift a hoof to stop me.” Discord said smugly, chuckling to himself once he made the scene vanish.

Then he heard something he never thought he’d hear in this room.


He heard laughter coming from the Luna’s crystal.

“Hmmm… What’s this?” He asked, pausing in his own laughter to inspect the blue Alicorn’s.

“That’s just it isn’t it? When it all comes down to it, Laughter will prevail.” Luna said, still laughing merrily to herself. Even Celestia was getting concerned with her sister’s attitude. Just what was there to laugh about?

“Hmmm... Yeah… No. I’m afraid I don’t follow.” Discord said simply.

“As I’ve said before Discord: You’ve only managed to capture five of the Elements of Harmony. I see Honesty, Generosity, Loyalty, Kindness, and Magic, but I fail to see Laughter. That is why I laugh, because Pinkamina is still out there somewhere! Laughter still exist in you twisted world! And she will rescue her friends, and you WILL be defeated!” Luna said, a bit more forceful this time, and it was obvious that she was trying to keep whatever hope that could be crushed out of her voice.

She continued to laugh.

Discord however, continued to look smug, despite Luna’s forward laughing. Then with a snap of his fingers and flash of light, a familiar artifact landed in his talon. The artifact was that of a necklace, and at first glance it seemed to be a simple necklace, made from a shining gold with a simple swirl pattern. But upon further inspection, both Luna and Celestia could see that it was something way more important than that. Because in the middle of the necklace, there lay a simple jewel: It took the form of a blue balloon.

“Are you referring to this Element of Laughter, Lulu?” Discord said mockingly, placing it around his neck, posing in it like it was the latest fashion trend.

Luna didn’t even flinch, she did however, along with Celestia, peer inside the element itself, hoping that their fear wouldn’t be realized. They both let out quiet breath when they saw no bubbly pink pony trying to escape from the jeweled balloon. However, relieved or not, it made one of the former royal sisters, very angry.

“Enough of this, Discord! What have you done with Pinkie Pie?” Celestia demanded, hoping that the command in her voice could carry out through her crystal prison.

“Oh, now don’t make me out to be the bad guy, just because I entrapped your student, and her friends, and her brother, and your niece.” Discord trailed off, never getting the irony of his statement. “I’m not all bad.” Discord finished off.

But before he could give either Celestia or Luna any other say in the matter he snapped his fingers again, and they all flashed out of the room in a bright light.

Once the light vanished however, Celestia and Luna found themselves in a strange room that was, no doubt, designed by their mad warden.

The walls looked they were made of taffy, and the floors made out of crystallized brownies. There were varieties of different clouds hovering near the ceiling and lower to the ground. Several of them looked to be Discords signature cotton candy clouds, while other looked like meshed up marshmallows. On the ground there were scattered puddles of chocolate milk rain with whip cream foaming at the edge; other puddles seem to be made out of fruit flavored juice! There was also a lake with a water fall that looked to made up of nothing but pure lemonade.

But that’s not what made Celestia and Luna’s eyes widen with shock.

No, what truly shocked them was the presence of two mares playing and frolicking around in this candy room.

One of the mares had a light blue coat, and a frazzled silver mane. She obviously looked like someone, namely Discord, had just picked her up from the mental institute and dropped her off here. Her smile was wide and deranged, and the irises in her eyes were so shrunken, at their distance, they couldn’t even tell what her eye color was. And on her flank was a mark that looked like a simple screw. She was jumping about diving into one chocolate puddle after the next. Jumping into one, and somehow splashing her way out of another one and coming back out on the surface, just to repeat the process. However, her movements didn’t seem very pony like. In fact, if the princesses didn’t know any better, they could’ve mistaken this mare to be a dog!

The other mare was just as strange, if not more so! She had a pink coat and a purple mane with white streaks, as well as a beanie that refused to even shake itself from her head. Even from their distance from her they could see that her eyes were just as messed up as the dog-pony’s. There were the regular size alright, but they held no pupils: They were nothing more than a big, swirled purple ovels in her eyes. On her flank, there was also another screw, but it was coupled with the appearance of a baseball. She was currently floating around the lemonade falls; splashing her way in the middle of the falling citrus drink, and somehow coming back up in the middle of the pond spitting out the access liquid, before going back under for another sip.


Neither princess knew where the yell came from, or who it had belonged to until it was too late. Next thing either of them knew, a high pitched, yelling, pink blur fell down from the high ceiling splashing into one of the chocolate puddles, coating the entire room in the brown liquid. Even though it looked no deeper than a simple hoof shoe.

Then out of the liquid chocolate emerged a familiar pink pony, who was eating the chocolate remains with joy.

“Pinkie Pie?!” Both princesses exclaimed.

None of the mares in the room seemed to take notice of the princesses out burst. In fact the other two mares had started cheering for the pink pony, and the even pulled out random cards with the number “10” written across it.

“Woohoo! Perfect score!” Pinkie Pie cheered, splashing in the puddle.

“Always a flawless landing with you Pinkie!” The other pink mare, with the purple mane exclaimed. Her voice sounded like it belonged to a filly, and yet it sounded clear and echoed. She simply tossed her card away and started splashing around too.

Pinkie’s only response was to let out a giggle at this.

“And the form was perfect! Especially considering the height!” The other mare, the one who acted like a dog said, somehow popping up in the same puddle Pinkie was in to give her a hug. Her voice was a bit off as well. It sounded normal enough for the average mare, but it sounded loud and high pitched. And her speaking pattern was fast and choppy, almost like her speech pattern was imitating that of a dog!

Pinkie Pie started giggling a bit harder at this compliment, and soon it turned infectious when the mare in the lemonade started giggling as well, soon it caught up with the dog-mare. Pretty soon, all three of them started busted a gut in full blown laughter, and somehow, when they all fell backwards in unbalance, they all fell right next to each other, only to roll on top of each other, never ceasing their mast hysteria.

That’s when Discord decided that the princess had seen enough and transported them back in their prison room.

Both of the sister were practically livid.

“What have you done to her!?” The both shrieked.

“Oh why do you have to be like that? I only gave dear little Pinkie Pie and her new friends a very generous gift. All three of them are quite happy to be here.” Discord said, pulling off the necklace and flashing it away.

“Only because you put her in a mind spell no doubt.” Celestia accused.

“Oh really?” Discord questioned.

Neither Celestia, nor Luna, flinched away from him.

“Just how, do you suppose, did I even manage to be free of my recent imprisonment in the first place? Pinkie Pie and those two “Screw” cases,” Discord said, pausing to chuckle at his little pun that neither princess would understand. “Are all here because they want to be. They’re not here against their will.”

None of Discord’s words made sense to either sister. But then again, they hardly ever heard ever making any amount of sense. But it almost sounded, to them anyway, like he was trying to tell them that Pinkie Pie, a bearer of one of the Elements of Harmony, an enemy to Discord, had somehow freed Discord from his stone prison with the aid of those other two mares.

“Well… I think I’ve spent enough time here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I just found something better to occupy my time with. So long former Princesses! I won’t be missing you!” Discord said before laughing manically to himself, and vanishing from the room a bright white light, leaving the two princesses fuming with anger in the room with the other Elements of Harmony, still stuck in his mind spell.

Princess Luna was seething with anger, just planning all the ways she would make Discord pay for his crimes, never giving up the hope that justice will present itself to Discord and free them all from their horrible imprisonment.

Princess Celestia, however, chose that time to really look at her student in the longest time since they were all sent in this horrible room.

Twilight looked scared, confused, and beyond all hope, and Celestia couldn’t blame her one way or another. Though in different circumstances she might grow worried, and do everything in her power to try and help her. But how could she? Twilight was under the strongest influence Discord’s mind spells had to offer, and was probably reliving that terrible time in the labyrinth the first time she and her friends went hunting down Discord. However this time, it must’ve been a whole lot worse, without the aid of her friends, and to have herself trapped in a crystal so she couldn’t even try to send a warning out to Twilight.

The more Celestia watched, her strongest, powerful student circling around herself, looking distressed and more worried with every passing second, Celestia found it harder to keep holding on to hope like her little sister.


Except for that one thing, that one single solitary thing, that kept Celestia’s will strong and intact: Twilight Sparkle never gave up under Discord’s mind spell. Not once did Celestia ever hear her student ever say that her mission was pointless, or that she might as well give up. No, instead all Celestia ever heard from her student was her calling out her friends names, never giving up and always pressing on.

She couldn’t say how, and she didn’t know why, but she knew that Discord would be given his dues. And that the Elements would rise up again and defeat him once more.

All she had to do was keep on believing just as her sister did.

Celestia vowed that as long as her student didn’t give up neither would she.


In the candy room the three mares had started splashing around and laughed their little heads off while doing so.

“And how are my three favorite little ponies?” a familiar voice asked from behind them all.

“Discord!!” All three shouted in glee at once, turning around to view him with excitement.

Discord just pulled out a pair of shades and placed them across his eyes, before holding his breath and diving right into one of the chocolate puddles. He later resurfaced right next to the trio of mares, who were all laughing in hysteria at the draconequus’ antics.

“Oh come now, it couldn’t have been that funny.” Discord said in mock seriousness.

“Hehehe… Sorry Dissy. We’re just all hyped up!” Pinkie Pie was the first to speak out through her giggles. Screwball and Screwloose laughing their side’s away right in front of her.

“As long as you three are all laughing and enjoying yourselves, I can’t really say I can complain much.” Discord said, and at those words, all three mares stopped laughing for a moment to smile widely up at him.

“Love you too, Discord!” They all said in unison, still smiling as wide as a mile.

Discord just smiled a wicked smile besides himself.

Yes,’ He thought to himself. ‘I’m pretty sure I’m practically unstoppable at this point.’ Discord mused over, looking over his newest tools of chaos that beamed in front of him.