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An evil that is older than Eqestria and even it's wise and benevolent rulers has awakened. The guardians that fought it before have also been awakened from their slumber to defend the land as they did before.

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Some errors, a little fast-paced, but interesting.

I mean, shit, if they can put four legendary golems on the seafront, in the desert, jungle, an ice temple, and a commonly-explored cave, then I suppose you can find it in Equestria, eh?

I also suggest you put more emphasis in their voice. If you've seen Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, you'd know that they not only say their names, it comes out something like this:


Eh, something like that.

Still, could use some touching up, I suggest Authors Helping Authors or the School for New Writers.

2016281 There is a reason that they are speaking like that actually.

2016315 Nah, That implies that they are like Regigigas. They are not. They were craft by Regigigas out of rock, ice and steel. They were given life by his hand. For all that, they are still only golems and only work as well as they were made.

I am basicly saying that the Regis guarding the tree were defective.


Nah, I was just kidding 'bout Slow Start, but I suppose that makes sense, all three of the golems sound like they're damaged in Mystery of Mew and I suppose I should say the same for Brandon's golems.

Giritina and the Sky Warrior, though? I can't tell, since I haven't seen it in so long, though, it was the first movie to introduce Regigigas.

2016398 No other regis in giratina movie and Regigigas has been sleeping for a long while from the dust covering his form.

I'm looking and thinking this was just about the golems and how they normally were.

>A wild Groudon appeared!
>Sudden words from 'Gigas.

Huh? :rainbowhuh:

Either way, it's short, but shows a lot of promise. For that, you get a favorite. :3

2028372 I don't get your confusion. Please explain in more detail.


To begin with, I was originally to assume that it was just about the four golems and how they end up causing mayhem (Guarding something perhaps sacred to them, maybe even the Crystal Heart, given how it's a relic and its crystalline structure and how its made in relation to the three lesser legendaries and given power by Regigigas.

In this scenario, it turns out that they are there to prevent what very much seems like Groudon (Blue "aura lines," volcanic habitat/prison, red skin/claws) as it has suddenly come into play. On top of this, I thought they were originally silent guardians (Of course, saying their species name like most Pokes'), but instead Regigigas can speak what seems to be telepathically.

However, I don't mind these changes, as they seem very interesting to story development, the Weather Trio in my story can communicate with each other via telepathy and use whatever organism possessed by their respective orbs as a vessel to communicate with others besides them.

It seems interesting, and it'll be exciting to see in future chapters. :twilightsmile:

2028428 Actually, Groudon isn't the enemy. He is just one of the many guardians.



Huh...Guess I'll have to wait to see who the real villain is, then, won't I? :trollestia:

2028453 Yes, you will.

Just an explanation. If its a legendary pokemon, its a guardian.mostly.


I suppose you're right, the only exceptions being Mew, Mewtwo, the Elemental Birds, Heatran, Darkrai (Given that Cresselia dispels the former's nightmares), Kyurem, Genesect...er...is there any I'm missing?

2028516 Depends on why you are listing them.

2028516 Most legendaries are guardians. Except these who we learned of past Sinnoh because I don't really know those ones.


The one's that weren't designated to be "Guarding" anything.

2030357 Mewtwo probably won't be showing up. He is a clone and doesn't have a spark a true legendary has.

Or at least thats how it is in the story.

:rainbowlaugh: darkrai :rainbowlaugh: stupid darkrai :rainbowlaugh:

2081205 Darkrai in this kinda doesn't percieve that he scares people.

2081256 well in the time you took to write that I watched that movie involving darkrai palkia and dialga good movie

2081296 It was a good movie wasn't it.

A few errors here and there, but it was all right.

My main qualm is with genders. Lugia, as with all legendaries (Discounting Latios, Latias, Heatran, Cresselia, etc.), is genderless. What caught me, though, was this "Corruption" concept.

I was expecting its creator was Darkrai, but then that ending.

Huh...'gratz, you got me into the story.

2093833 I am giving them genders to help me speak about about them in paragraphs.

Also, No legendary can corrupt another legendary even if they had that power. Its an built-in defense mechanism by arceus.

To short wheres the meat...

are the guardians going to talk about the humans at all?

Sure could you add another update to let's us know when the new version is up?

2302844 Will do. I am sorry about the rewrite,but I realized that I had way too many characters to keep track of.

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