• Published 25th Nov 2012
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For Queen and Country - Gherkin

After disastrous events in Istanbul, 007 ends up in Equestria.

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Prologue: Let the Sky Fall

"This is the end... hold your breath and count to ten."


The door was ajar. Not a good sign. Raising his gun, James Bond crept towards the room, apprehensive about what could lie inside. Ronson has kept radio silence for ten minutes, so something must have happened. Staring straight down the sights of his weapon, 007 burst into the room.

It was as bad as he had expected. One agent, lying dead, and Ronson, the second, sprawled out on a chair, slowly bleeding out. Quickly checking the room to check it was secure, Bond picked up the laptop, looking for the hard drive that had caused all all of this trouble. It seemed to have been torn out. "The hard drive's gone," he relayed through his earpiece.

"Are you sure?" M's cold, calculated voice came into his ear.

He picked up the computer, checking underneath. "It's gone," he said, throwing it to the side.

"Then keep moving Bond," M told him. "We can't lose him."

"One second." Picking up a towel, he walked over to the slowly dying agent. "I'm helping Ronson." He smiled at the man, before covering his wound.

"No Bond, you have to get going!"

"I have to stop the bleeding!" he snapped, making sure the towel was in place. He smiled at Ronson again, before setting off. He moved quickly through the building, making sure there were no hostiles nearby, before stepping out into the streets of Istanbul. Almost immediately, a dark grey Land Rover came screeching round the corner. The passenger door popped open, inviting him to enter, and he obliged.

Sitting in the driver's seat was his fellow agent, a young woman. He still didn't know her name, but now was not the time for introductions. As soon as he sat down, she slammed her foot on the gas pedal, roaring off in pursuit of a black car in front of them.

"He's in the black Audi," she informed him as the drove through narrow city streets. Turning a tight corner, she clipped the wall, shearing the side mirror clean off.

"It's alright, we weren't using it anyway," Bond commented, still focusing on the black sedan. Almost immediately after he had said it, they clipped a market stall, breaking off the second mirror as well.

"Wasn't using that one either," she joked, increasing her speed as pedestrians scrambled to get out of the two cars' path. The terrorist veered to the right as she tried to ram him off the road. It was unsuccessful, however, and she cursed as she had to swerve to the left to avoid a fork in the road. The Audi took the right lane, and she could only watch helplessly as their view of him was almost broken by rows and rows of market stalls.

Without a word, Bond reached over and grabbed the wheel with one hand. As the two lanes joined to form one road again, he yanked on the wheel, sending the SUV crashing into the side of the jet black car. The plan worked, and the Audi flipped onto it's side before crashing to a halt. To his horror, James saw the driver's side door open. "Get down!" he shouted, just as the terrorist opened fire on them with an SMG. Flinching as bullets whizzed past his ear, 007 clambered out of the car and returned fire.

His target moved his attention away from James as two police officers on motorcycles hastily arrived on the scene. Shooting them down swiftly, he picked up one of their bikes and roared away. James, trying to keep up, thankfully spotted a bike of his own. He hopped on and quickly gave chase, leaving his fellow agent to follow in her SUV.

The terrorist darted quickly through back alleys and side streets, barely keeping his distance from Bond. Being blocked by a large van, he decided to ride up a set of stairs, soon emerging on the rooftops of Istanbul's Grand Bazaar. This didn't deter him, however, as he kept going along the tiled rooftops, barely slowing down. Noticing 007 on his tail, he took a sharp right, crashing through a window into the hallways of the Grand Bazaar itself. Pedestrians fled as the two rode through the narrow hallways, but thankfully the terrorist led Bond back outside onto the road, heading towards a small bridge.

As they approached, Bond noticed that his fellow agent had set up a roadblock, leaving the man he was chasing nowhere to go. What he hadn't expected, however, was for him to quickly dismount his bike and leap over the fence onto a moving train below. Sighing, and silently cursing himself for what he was about to do, he opened the throttle on his bike, crashing into the side of the bridge. He was sent flying clear of the bike, landing hard on the roof of the train. He almost rolled off, but managed to grasp the side at the last second.

Pulling himself up, he noticed the terrorist was a few cars ahead of him. Between the two of them was a large construction digger, and James was forced to take cover behind it as the man opened fire on him again. He returned fire, but only got a few shots off before running out of ammo. Groaning, he threw the gun away in frustration. Peeking around, he saw that the terrorist's magazine was empty. That gives me a few seconds, he thought, quickly climbing into the seat of the digger. Turning the cab around to face forward, he flinched and grunted in pain as a bullet caught him in the shoulder, but he shrugged it off.

"Bond," came his fellow agent's voice through his earpiece. "He's decoupled the cars, hurry!"

Slamming a lever forward, he smiled the arm of the crane came crashing down on top of the car in front of him, tearing the roof off. Quickly, he hopped out of the cab and sprinted forward, leaping into the carriage at the last moment. Startled passengers could only gawk as 007 readjusted his cuffs and pushed forward. He quickly reached the front of the carriage as the train went through a tunnel. There was a ladder, so he swiftly climbed up and onto the roof of the train.

Daylight hit him again as he leaped towards the terrorist, catching him off guard. The two of them fell over, Bond desperately trying to choke the man with the lanyard that held MI6's hard drive. He was unsuccessful, and was kicked onto his back as the train entered another tunnel. Bond threw a punch, but the man blocked it and jabbed him in the ribs.

The train roared out of the second tunnel, crossing a bridge, approaching a third. The terrorist kicked Bond away and tried to run further down the train, but James grabbed him. The two grappled, trying to throw each other off the roof of the train. 007 struggled, trying to get throw a good punch, but couldn't free himself from the man's grip.

There was a loud crack that echoed through the air.

James suddenly found himself free of his assailants hold, but now instead found himself falling through the air, his chest burning with pain. He saw the bridge and train above him, quickly passing out of sight as he plunged into the raging waters below. He drifted into the depths of the river, slowly floating away. As he quickly lost consciousness, he could only make out two words from his fellow MI6 operative through his earpiece.

"Agent down."



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