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An accident leaves a tragic mess behind in its wake, and it's up to Rainbow Dash -- and a couple of strange companions -- to put everything back together.

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..... No, boner, stahp. This isn't even clop.

.... Stahppet, go down.

2366824 Oh dear lord, what have I done? That wasn't even intentional! :pinkiegasp:

2366898 It's just... It's too good, make it stahhhpp!!! Why is Twilight getting blown up such a turn-on for me?! :raritydespair:

How To Train Your Pegasus?

Seeing that there is a crossover tag on this story, my guess is that there is going to be a connection with the 2010 animated movie "How To Train Your Dragon". If this isn't the case, could you explain more on what franchise/story you're going to crossover with?

2367115 Well, I don't know, I don't want to give too much away. Maybe I can *hic*-

-tell you that *hic*-

-I do have some interesting plans *hiccup*-

-pardon me, I think I need a glass of *hic* water.

Hmm, you better get that water then. I mean you can't write a story if you got the hiccups. May I suggest a way to cure that problem you have there? One of the many ways to cure the hiccups is by relaxing.

Do you have a 'toothless' black colored cat/dog that you could pet by any chance? Because if you do, enjoying petting it might relax your body enough to the point where the hiccups will eventually disappear.

Okay, important safety note: Do not allow rainbooms near precision magic; the possibility of a massive explosion, catastrophe, rip in the fabric of reality and so forth is just too great. :twilightoops::rainbowhuh:

:pinkiecrazy: don't mind me, just your friendly Fimfiction crazy


Interesting let's see where this goes.

2367115 it was a book series first so it might cross over with that (but probably not because everybody forgot that there are books and not just the movie)

Oh yeah, totally forgot to mention about the book series:twilightblush:. I actually read the first book and it seems more focused on the younger audience and, in my opinion, wasn't to my liking but it was indeed imaginative to start with:pinkiesmile:. The movie in the other hand had my attention from nearly the beginning to all the way to the end and was in fact more enjoyable then the book. It's most likely why I was reminded about the movie first other than the book series:ajsmug:.

2465615 it is geared towards younger readers but i was younger when i first read them and loved them so the fact that almost everybody forgot about them kinda upset me once i got over the exitement of how much i love the movie (the animation. BEST. EVER) and i couldnt find a single person who remembered where it all started so now i like reminding random people that the books do exist

2465630 2465615 Yeah, it's going to be based mostly on the movie. If I recall, the Night Fury is new to the movie version anyway, so going with the book version eliminates one of the best characters.

2467047i like it o lot when next chapter:unsuresweetie: but great job my friend:twilightsmile::twilightoops::rainbowhuh:

2367124 ya couldn't have been more obvious :rainbowlaugh:

that was awsome :yay: can't wait for next chapter :twilightsmile:

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