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How to Train Your Pegasus - Snowstreak

An accident leaves Rainbow Dash and a couple strange companions to fix the mess left behind.

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Series Pilot - Loss

"Hey Twilight!"

Twilight Sparkle stiffened in shock, jumping back several inches and very nearly dropping the fragile glassware she had been holding in her magical aura. She glared daggers at the stealthy intruder over her withers. "Rainbow Dash, what are you doing? You can't just barge in here when I'm working. Do you have any idea what would have happened if I had broken this?"

"Yeah, yeah, but you didn't, so what's the problem? Besides, it's not like you're ever going to make some potion unless you know what it does, right?"

"That's not the point."

"Sorry. Thought you might like to know that Pinkie's planning another party tonight over at Sugarcube Corner. Apparently Gummy just started growing some teeth, so of course it means the whole town needs to celebrate."

"Of course I'll be there. Between you and me, I need to lose a few pounds, but I don't think a few sweets will matter too much."

"Yeah. I'm always up for some of Pinkie's cupcakes. But Gummy growing teeth?" The pegasus cringed. "Know any quick healing spells?"

"Oh, Dash, I wouldn't worry too much. I'm sure Pinkie wouldn't invite us if it wasn't safe. Although I might review one or two, just in case." Twilight trailed off, turning to a bookshelf and scanning the spines for the correct tome.

"Right. Later!"

"See you at the... never mind." The unicorn grinned and shook her head, realizing the room was now unoccupied except for her. "Always in such a hurry."

Outside, Rainbow Dash rocketed into the sky, pulling a series of barrel rolls to avoid some stray wisps of cloud until she reached her normal flying height. She had notified all of her friends except Rarity, who was currently in Canterlot hosting a private fashion show with a few of her new designs. With the necessary responsibilities taken care of, Rainbow landed softly on an especially high quality cloud that she had hoof-picked earlier while clearing the sky of the rest. She carefully smoothed out part of the white material, furrowed her brow, and with the tip of a hoof, started to scratch lines into the surface. "Time to get awesome!"

Several minutes later, Rainbow Dash hovered a few feet above the cloud and admired her work. By now, the cloud barely resembled the poofy cumulus it had begun its life as. On the surface, Dash had diagrammed her newest acrobatic trick in exquisite detail, sometimes attaching extra sheets of cloud paper at odd angles to sketch out complicated sections. She looked at the diagram one last time, then set her eyes on another cloud she had already set up. With a cry of exhilaration, she gave a mighty flap of her wings, propelling her straight towards her target.

Twilight hummed softly to herself as she finished her short tangent on healing spells. She re-shelved the heavy tomes, then returned to her potion table, making careful note in her notebook how long she had been away. After all, if this worked, she needed to know how long the mixtures had rested and how the extra time might affect the final result. The laboratory was silent except for the scratching of quill on paper and the occasional soft tinkle of liquid dripping from beaker to beaker. Her eyes were focused, ears tuning out every sound except for her own thoughts. She slowly lifted the last test tube in front of her vision, tipping a flask slowly, watching the liquid move down the neck... right... just about...




Startled, Twilight lost focus and her telekinetic aura sputtered and died, leaving the delicate glass and its sensitive contents floating in midair. Her eyes dilated, watching the precious contents as they began to fall, slowly turning over and over as time seemed to grind to a halt. She reached out with her magic, trying to reestablish her magical connection to the containers, but as they fell faster and faster, her desperate attempts to lock on to the moving objects became more and more futile. As her brain finally began to realize that it was far too late to save the contents, she frantically raised a hoof to her face, shielding her eyes with her foreleg.

The glass hit the floor.

Twilight cringed, preparing for the explosion.

It never came.

Cautiously opening her eyes, she peered at the puddle of liquid on the floor.

“Well, that was anticlimac…”


Twilight was thrown back into the wall, leaving a spider web of cracks radiating from the impact. Books flew everywhere, pages smoking, thrown from the shelves by the force of the blast. Smoke filled the room as the center of the floor erupted in blue and orange flames.

Twilight groaned, trying to summon her magic in order to put out the fire, but for some reason she couldn’t. She tried to move, fear overtaking her as she realized she was trapped under a fallen support beam. “Help!” She screamed, hoping someone would hear her.

Rainbow Dash cheered as she broke the sound barrier yet again, leaving a brilliant ring of multicolored light in her wake. Whooping enthusiastically, the pegasus banked and twisted in the air, following her route with the precision of a master aerialist. Her maniacal grin faded when she heard a second explosion behind her. “That’s odd, I didn’t…”

Her words caught in her throat as she turned to look towards the sound. Smoke rose from the tree that Twilight used as her home and library, flames licking at some of the lower windows. “Twilight!” she yelled, putting on a burst of speed towards the tree. “Come on, please be okay!” She was almost there!

Just before she could reach the tree, the flames suddenly collapsed inwards with a sharp, piercing wail, leaving the tree dark and still smoking. Then the library exploded in a burst of blinding white light, sending out a shockwave that sent Rainbow spinning out of control to land painfully on the ground several dozen yards from the tree. She slowly raised her head, tears starting to form as she took in the scene of destruction before her. The library was gone.

“T… Twilight?”

Author's Note:


Cliffhanger'd you on the Pilot, didn't I? I'm evil like that.

And whoa, 3:2 upvote:downvote ratio already? Sheesh. (Remember to comment, whether positive or negative. I'm curious why people don't like it. Feedback helps me improve, after all.) :pinkiehappy:

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..... No, boner, stahp. This isn't even clop.

.... Stahppet, go down.

2366824 Oh dear lord, what have I done? That wasn't even intentional! :pinkiegasp:

2366898 It's just... It's too good, make it stahhhpp!!! Why is Twilight getting blown up such a turn-on for me?! :raritydespair:

How To Train Your Pegasus?

Seeing that there is a crossover tag on this story, my guess is that there is going to be a connection with the 2010 animated movie "How To Train Your Dragon". If this isn't the case, could you explain more on what franchise/story you're going to crossover with?

2367115 Well, I don't know, I don't want to give too much away. Maybe I can *hic*-

-tell you that *hic*-

-I do have some interesting plans *hiccup*-

-pardon me, I think I need a glass of *hic* water.

Hmm, you better get that water then. I mean you can't write a story if you got the hiccups. May I suggest a way to cure that problem you have there? One of the many ways to cure the hiccups is by relaxing.

Do you have a 'toothless' black colored cat/dog that you could pet by any chance? Because if you do, enjoying petting it might relax your body enough to the point where the hiccups will eventually disappear.

Okay, important safety note: Do not allow rainbooms near precision magic; the possibility of a massive explosion, catastrophe, rip in the fabric of reality and so forth is just too great. :twilightoops::rainbowhuh:

:pinkiecrazy: don't mind me, just your friendly Fimfiction crazy


Interesting let's see where this goes.

2367115 it was a book series first so it might cross over with that (but probably not because everybody forgot that there are books and not just the movie)

Oh yeah, totally forgot to mention about the book series:twilightblush:. I actually read the first book and it seems more focused on the younger audience and, in my opinion, wasn't to my liking but it was indeed imaginative to start with:pinkiesmile:. The movie in the other hand had my attention from nearly the beginning to all the way to the end and was in fact more enjoyable then the book. It's most likely why I was reminded about the movie first other than the book series:ajsmug:.

2465615 it is geared towards younger readers but i was younger when i first read them and loved them so the fact that almost everybody forgot about them kinda upset me once i got over the exitement of how much i love the movie (the animation. BEST. EVER) and i couldnt find a single person who remembered where it all started so now i like reminding random people that the books do exist

2465630 2465615 Yeah, it's going to be based mostly on the movie. If I recall, the Night Fury is new to the movie version anyway, so going with the book version eliminates one of the best characters.

2467047i like it o lot when next chapter:unsuresweetie: but great job my friend:twilightsmile::twilightoops::rainbowhuh:

2367124 ya couldn't have been more obvious :rainbowlaugh:

that was awsome :yay: can't wait for next chapter :twilightsmile:

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