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Weekend at Celestia's - Stratocaster

A short comedy involving two mares and an unconcious princess

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Cross My Heart and Hope To Fly...

Chapter 7: Cross My Heart and Hope To Fly…

Everything was coming back in a haze. As Twilight’s eyelids slowly began to pull open, her vision was met with bright light, making it hard to take in her surroundings. She moved her front hooves a bit feeling the surface she rested on. It appeared she was lying on something soft and cushiony; her spinning head even seemed to be supported by a large pillow. Finally, Twilight managed to open her eyes completely and struggled to focus her vision. There was a silhouette directly in front of her face blocking the blinding light. Then, she began to make out details on the silhouette. It was definitely a pony, with a white coat and a horn on the head. Twilight at first figured it was Rarity; but then she came to realize. Rarity’s mane was not multicolored and didn’t flow like wind. Twilight gasped as the face was at last revealed.
“…P…P…Princess…Celestia?” she said almost in a whisper.
There before her was the all too familiar face of Princess Celestia smiling down upon her. Before twilight could react, the graceful alicorn spoke in her usual gentle manner.
“You took quite a fall there.” She said.
Then, everything suddenly came back to Twilight. She sat up quickly as she recalled the incidents leading up to the crash in throne room with Rainbow.
“Oh my goodness!” she squeaked. “Princess, I- I- I don’t know what-”
Celestia put a hoof to Twilight’s mouth. “There’s no need to worry, Twilight. Rainbow told me everything.”
Twilight slumped down on the pillow. She looked around and noticed that she was sitting in Celestia’s royal bed chambers. A slight pain came in her head remembering the violent crash through the window and her sudden fall after seeing Princess Luna. She looked at Celestia again who was standing at the bedside.
“Princess, I’m so, so, so, so, so sorry about what I’ve done.” Twilight pleaded. “I was so scared when you were knocked out by the camera flash. I wasn’t thinking straight and I let myself take part in aiding a crime to Equestria. I know now that whatever punishment I get will be too good for me.”
Twilight covered her eyes in shame as she sat up on the bed beginning to sob. Then, she felt a light touch on her shoulder.
“I’m not mad at you, Twilight.” Celestia spoke. “There was no harm done.”
Twilight peered up. “But, we paraded you around like some kind of puppet! How can you ever forgive me?”
“Well you see, I woke up in the throne room to find Rainbow, Luna and you lying unconscious on the floor. When she saw me get up, Rainbow broke down and confessed the whole story. She told me that you were about to turn yourself in before Luna arrived. Once I heard everything, I decided to let Rainbow off easy; and you as well.”
“But why?”
“You were about to do the right thing. Normally, I’d give you some long stern lecture about honesty and all that. But you decided to own up to your actions yourself without my guidance. I’m proud of you, Twilight. So, I’m not going to punish you. However, I do suggest telling somepony first.”
“But, what about Rainbow?”
“Well, normally I would give her some harsh words. But because she confessed everything, and to be honest I’ve never seen her so panicky, I decided to give her a slap on the wrist.”
“And how did Princess Luna take the news.”
“There was no doubt that my sister would spread the word about your little endeavor. But I didn’t want to stir up commotion about it, so I used magic to erase her memory of everything that happened since she found I was missing. Luna can be a real tattletale.”
Twilight gave a shuddering sigh. “Princess, you are just too kind. I can’t see how you could ever forgive somepony for this whole mess.”
“You’re my student, Twilight. You’re no criminal.” Celestia smiled warmly.
“So, what about your meting with the griffons?”
“I decided to postpone it. This whole incident has gotten everypony in Canterlot pretty worked up. I could use some time to rest before continuing with royal business; even though I’ve been resting for a whole day.” The Princess chuckled.
Twilight laughed sheepishly as well. Then, Princess Luna poked her head around the door of the bedroom.
“We trust our guest has awakened from thine slumber?” she asked.
“Yes, Luna,” responded Celestia. “She took a bit of a spill, but she’s just fine now.”
“Well anyway,” continued Luna. “We bring a bit of troubling news, sister. One of thy guards speaks of thou being missing and thine unconscious body was seen with fair Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle.”
Twilight’s eyes widened with worry; but Celestia only replied calmly.
“Why whatever do you mean, Luna? I was at the castle the whole time. And I think I would remember being dragged off by Twilight and Rainbow, who would never do such a thing.” She turned around and put a hoof to her mouth giving Twilight a gesture of silence.
Luna looked around partially confused. “Well, if thou say so.” The moon princess left.
“I should probably leave you to get some rest.” Celestia told Twilight. “You can go home whenever you feel ready.”
“So, you’re really not going to tell anypony about what happened?” asked Twilight.
“Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” The Princess made the appropriate gestures.
“Thank you so much, Princess Celestia.” Twilight smiled. “This won’t happen again.”
“It’s all water under the bridge.” Celestia proceeded toward the door. Before leaving, she looked back once more. “Oh by the way, Twilight, can you do me a favor?”
Twilight perked up.
“Tell Rarity I love the dress.” Celestia gave her student a wink and exited.
Twilight lay back in the royal bed, put her hooves behind her head and breathed a sigh of relief. After a few minutes, she heard the door open again, and this time, Rainbow entered.
“Hey, Twi,” she greeted with an awkward look. “I guess the Princess told you what happened, huh.”
“Don’t worry, Rainbow,” replied Twilight. “I probably would have broken down too.”
Rainbow rubbed the back of her head and continued. “Twilight, I’m really sorry I dragged you through this. You always know what’s right. I should’ve listened to you from the start.”
“It’s okay, Rainbow; the Princess isn’t even mad. She promised to keep it all a secret.”
“Wow, I can’t believe we’re both off the hook. That princess really doesn’t get upset about much.”
“Well, what do you say we put this whole mess behind us and head on home?”
“That sounds great. Hop on!”
Rainbow then walked over to one of the windows and opened it while spreading out her wings. But then Twilight’s hoof grabbed her shoulder.
“We…are taking…the train!” scolded Twilight.
“Aw!” Rainbow kicked the floor with disappointment as she followed Twilight out.

“Hello? Twilight, I am back from my trip! I hope I did not let any trouble slip.”
Zecora entered the Ponyville library after noticing the door was open a crack. She walked in and scanned for any sign of the purple unicorn; but there was none.
“Twilight, are you home? Where could that pony roam?” she asked herself.
Just then, she heard a sudden thump from a nearby closet. Curious, Zecora walked over and opened the door. She gasped as she saw Spike, Big Macintosh, and Angel all tied up and gagged in the closet. They looked up at her with distress.
“Oh my dear! What in Equestria has happened here?” Zecora said.
She then removed the rag from Spike’s mouth, and the little dragon shouted.

The End

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Well, that was a doozie. :pinkiehappy: Thanks for reading, commenting, and pressing the thumbs up button. If this is the first of my stories that you've read, be sure to check out my other two. And, stick around for my next fiction, which will be a twisting romance. :duck: Seeyaround!

dah heck's a "sweat roll?" don't you mean "sweet roll?"
I bet sweat rolls taste horrible.

2131672 Oh crap, that's embarrassing. :twilightoops: Where did I mention sweat rolls?

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Somehow, I can imagine Angel, Spike and Big Macintosh tied up, gagged and stuffed in a closet.

2679937 Yeah, I just thought that had to be the perfect ending. :twilightsheepish:

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