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A teenage superhero is unwittingly dragged into the My Little Pony world, courtesy of the recently freed Discord. Unable to return home on his own, he's forced to stay in Equestria and fight the King of Chaos. On the other hand, fighting Discord may be easier than dealing with day-to-day life in both Ponyville and Canterlot. At least if L-O-V-E has anything to do with it..... Part one of a potential miniseries.

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Hm, looks interesting enough, gonna give it a go, and see where this story goes.

Btw, seem's Twilight had a freudian slip there. I guess she doesn't like Applejack :rainbowlaugh:

However, when Nightmare Moon attacked Ponyville, she teamed up with five other ponies who would later reshape her life: Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and together, they used the elements of harmony to defeat Nightmare Moon, and restore order to Equestria.

Superhero vs. Discord? And he's been raising Hades on Earth too?
(grabs popcorn)
This is gonna be good! :rainbowdetermined2:

Teenage superhero self-insert? This has Gary Stu written all over it.

1418921 Not quite. he's not a cookie-cutter OC slapped into a "X lost in Equestria" fic. I had this story floating around for months, and the character for even longer. He's not your usual Plain Jane/Gary Stu OC, trust me.

1418878 Dammit, I knew I forgot something when I uploaded this! I'm doing the second chapter now, but I'll definitely come back to edit that later (Provided FIMfiction has on-site editing....)

I think they do.

Btw, good luck with this story. Will be interesting to see where you are taking it.

1418987 Consdering the ending of the first chapter? I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. He has all the classic marks of a Gary Stu. I mean even the mane six had a very hard time with Discord, and your superhero, who has only been a pony for a few minutes, is brushing him off and going "Is that the best you can do, Discord?"

1419189 But I also mentioned in the chapter that he went up against Discord in his own world. He didn't say whether or not he actually beat him, other than figuring out how to break his spell. The line he says at the end was only to piss Discord off, nothing more. It's not like my character is a uber-skilled fighter with nigh invincibility.

Make a Static Shock MLP crossover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1419259 Whatever, it's your character and I'm not going to argue with you about it anymore. But since you don't think he's coming across as a Gary Stu, well, I guess I'm not going to stick around for chapter 2 to see if things get any better. I can only assume they won't given that you don't see any problems.

Hm. Not bad. The fact you can stand up to Discord and walk away sane is a bit Gary Stu-ish, but may be acceptable, depending on where this leads. A few spelling errors here and there, may want to look into getting an editor though. I might just track it.

Well this reached my interest, and nice Chapter to start off. Now I have a question, Who is Gary Stu?

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