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Demon king night


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Congrats on your two year ban, Mr. Eleven Year Old! ChatGPT will live on through this story. :twilightsmile:

"terrestrial plane" is the most certainly the description of all time for "The ground"

My favorite part was when Sunset Shimmer said "It's shimmering time" and then shimmered all over the place.

My favorite part was when Celestial Discord, Echoes of Divine Convergence, used Celestial Discord to echo of divine convergence all over the place.

This has powerful early fandom energy to it, love it.

Keep writing and chasing your dreams! Just, you know, without any unnecessary aid from AI :twilightsmile:
You can do it by yourself.

It can be or it can’t be ai
Since everyone is saying that it’s ai
Next time onwards do t use ai
No use
Also check out my story
Coming soon

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