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Sterling the pegasus


A Ponyhammer: 40,000 story. Lieutenant Stormhoof of the Lamenters finds himself stranded on a feudal world. Away from his chapter, he is placed in charge of the defence of this world against the xenos that threaten it. Does he have what it takes to defend the ponies of Hashtor? or will his defences crumble, and lead to the loss of the planet itself?

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I thought Hastur was from the Lovecraft Mythos, and not Warhammer 40,000.

I don't really know anything about Lovecraft, i just named it Hashtor because originally I had named it 'Hastor' and then read the book, 'The Infinite and the Divine' where Trazyn the Infinite mentions a planet named 'Hashtor' and i realised it would be really funny if this world was a necron tombworld (necrons probably won't appear in this story but it would be funny if all of this is going on below).

Well we have a knight world with warp touched creatures.

But is this just going to be a Lamenter survivor story but pony or more?

i'm not entirely sure at the moment, i guess i'll see which way my writing goes lol, i'll try to encorporate more ponyisms and all that! only time will tell...

It's good that brother Stormhoove is getting backup.

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