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After catching Flash cheating on her, Sunset is a mixture of depressed and angry. An angry high schooler with access to alcohol is never good. Naturally, Sunset's friends hate their fellow high schooler, even Pinkie and Sunset vows to never date again until Rarity sets Sunset up with a friend of hers.

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Hard for me to hate Flash when the story is practically putting a "kick me" postit on their back. Might as well give him a twirly moustache and destroy a cake in grainy black-and-white video.

But hey, maybe a moment for him to rise back up after whatever is considered sufficient penance will make him a better person, and more importantly provide an interesting dynamic to the story from the view of Sunset's ex2.

1. Very interesting premise!

2. I am glad Sunset isn't mad at Derpy for what happened.

tis will be interesting

I admittedly hate EQG Flash wholeheartedly

Ultimately how you feel about the blue-haired ex is entirely up to you, but in this case I'd say his depiction is bringing down the story by how heavy-handed it is. It almost makes me want to feel bad for him... almost, I still wouldn't respect cheaters on my best day but the comeuppance he gets is like roundhouse-kicking a fly on your wall.

No it doesn't. It's good to show who's the antagonist in the story smh smh

The way he's depicted doesn't seem very "antagonist" from what is provided, the chapter starts with all the damage done already, with nothing but punishment that leaves Flash with nothing to hook the reader's attention as a narrative threat for future acts of spite or disloyalty.

At most his multiple attempts to approach her could potentially be bad, like if he had the ability to persuade Sunset to take him back in an unhealthy third try at a relationship or threaten her, but that is only on the assumption he wasn't trying to apologize or beg for her to call off her friends instead.

That's not how you set up an antagonist though, that's how you set up a emotional handicap that puts Sunset at a mental/social disadvantage for her arranged date and provide conflict in the form of her distrust and unease vs her subconscious desire for companionship.

And while that is a good foundation, it's so blatant in immediately spelling out "who dunnit" that it comes off as comical, more than half of the chapter is about how terrible a person he is, you would think we time-traveled back a decade to when equestria girls first launched and everyone was crying "waifu stealer".

And unless Flash is uncharacteristically spiteful despite it undeniably being his fault, is blackmailed, or brainwashed I don't see him being actively antagonistic in future chapters

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