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Not realy a brony, i am more fan of the fandom than the show.


The largest tragedy of the time of Conversion Bureaus wasn’t the loss of humanity, it was the loss of earth…

The captain of a space station documents about the final years of earth, as it’s slowly absorbed by the ever expanding dome, slowly but surely removing it from reality…

My first oneshot. Not the best piece of work, but hopefully good enough…

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Just damn.

Bravo, I liked this read


Interesting song. I like it.

👍 I would've said something profound but that would be redundant.

I like it when people have the same ideas I do, and they have the ability to put it down so I get to see it

Relatable. Glad you liked it. 👍

And across the air waves and projected from mankind came to the universe across countless worlds, one last message from a lost people...

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