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This story is a sequel to Equine Impact: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind

Thanks to your efforts, Hiersindwir's elemental flow has returned to normal. It's time to report back to Night Glider.

Returning to Hiersindwir, you encountered a clash between Night Glider and the Ya Burv Durnyy. Afterward, you showed Night Glider the dragon tear that you found in the forest, and at her request, once again joined the investigation into Sturmterror Dvalin.

As you were heading out to investigate, you happened upon the mysterious girl that you saw talking to the dragon.

The mysterious fellow claimed to be a bard named Rainbow Dash, but left on his own accord before you could get her to explain her relationship with the dragon. You follow her to the giant tree at Windrise.

Stopped at last, Rainbow Dash explained that she had tried and failed to cleanse Dvalin's curse during their previous meeting. Now, she has been forced to rely on the Heilige Leier des Himmels's power if she is to restore Dvalin.

Rainbow Dash's plan to sweet talk his way into getting the Holy Lyre back backfires. She's come up with a new plan, but seems she'll need your help for it to work.

Rainbow Dash's plan to steal the Holy Lyre went off without a hitch. Well, almost — when the Lyre was almost in your hands, a stranger stole it from under your noses. Your movements alerted the guards, forcing you to flee the Cathedral.

In your haste fleeing the confusion you found yourself in Fire Streak's tavern, where — to your surprise — he decided to help hide you. Fire Streak agrees to meet back at the tavern after nightfall with his "contacts" — who could they be?

The person Fire Streak called in turned out to be Night Glider from the Knights of Günstig. After some discussions, it is discovered that it was the Ya Burv Durnyy who stole the Heilige Leier des Himmels. You must retrieve it to rescue Dvalin.

After a fierce battle, you managed to seize the Heilige Leier des Himmels back from the hands of the Ya Burv Durnyy. For some reason, Rainbow Dash seems to express a great nostalgia for the Lyre...

The Holy Lyre is in poor condition, but you manage to restore some of its Anemo power by using Dvalin's tears. To restore its full power, you will need to look for more tears.

Dvalin's footprints are all over Hiersindwir, and one of his tears fell upon a ruin deep within the forest.

The corrupted dragon tear has even attracted storm creatures. You must get it back from them.

After completing the retrieval of the tears, you meet up with the rest of the group.

Dvalin's tears restored the Holy Lyre back to its full power. Now, you are finally ready to purify Stormterror.

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Are Hiersindwir and Ya Burv Durnyy the only characters in this story series with weird, hard-to-pronounce names?

Hiersindwir is a nation. There are actually 6 more, in my group description. Ya Burv Durnny is a group of diplomats. Each nation is actually based on several different countries, so for future stories, you will encounter more "hard-to-pronounce" names. :pinkiecrazy:

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