• Published 20th Nov 2023
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Equine Impact: For A Tomorrow Without Tears - DecoGalileo

The dragon who defended Hiersindwir for a millennium finally faces his perturbation. What does freedom really mean, when demanded of you by god?

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Unexpected Encounter

You held onto me as we dashed out the headquarters. "There's something you didn't tell them." I said. "The dragon and the crystal weren't the only things we saw."

"I'd like to investigate it on my own first. I don't think she's a bad guy." I said.

"So you do remember him, that blue gal." I crossed my arms, until I gazed at a familiar someone by the stairs. The same appearance. Same blue color, same attire, same hair, same accessories, same everything. "She looked just like that gal down there!"

"Well... Looks like her..." You said in shock.


"The exact same shade of blue, what a coincidence." you said, gazing at the girl.

"See? See?! Wait... Hold on a minute... That...That's the same gal!" I shouted. You grabbed my hand, and chased the fellow. The blue fellow, perked up her ears, and ran away.

"That blue gal disappeared! Use Elemental Sight to track her down!"

You squinted your eyes, and open them wide, having your elemental sight enabled. You can see Wind power resonance marked as the fellow's footprints.

I roared, as I gained my speed, and tried to follow the fellow. That fellow is crazy! Her footprints are going all zig-zaggy, until the footprints are now printed in a big piece of one heck of a wall.

"His footprints lead to this wall. Did he climb up from here?" I said in shock, as you immediately pounced into the wall. "Let's go after her!!"