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I am a big fan of Starlight Glimmer most of my stories center around her. I do crossovers as well.



Starlight and Trixie always thought they went well together, they always thought they’d be able to face whatever issues they had as a unit.

But how could Trixie be able to solve this problem? How could she be able to fix her cheating on Starlight?

Trixie and Starlight didn’t know how this problem could be fixed. They really did not know.

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Comment posted by Inucroft1 deleted Dec 5th, 2022

Oh man. Sorry about that.

I don't necessarily dislike this or the premise, but it seems kinda generic and characters shoot responses at each other rather fast with little time for the audience to feel the emotions, even if there is a perfectly fine framework to work with in regards to the character's destress. For example, Sunburst's introduction at the end feels so brief, and it didn't really add anything to the story, as it was already established that Trixie felt guilty.

Eh. Fair enough. Thanks for the constructive criticism though.

Sunburst was purely just to show Trixie had one friend by her side right now. Showing she’s not completely alone in this problem she’s in.

Eh, I figured that besides Starlight, he was the closest to Trixie. Plus he’s understanding and level headed enough to hear her out.

So, I see where the story starts, but this really feels like it's Act One and then stops. There's the setup of thenconflict, things blow up and get out of control, but then... nothing really resolves.

Which may have been the point, honestly!

From my perspective, and I admit that I'm a weird example (I'm poly by nature and the romantic jealousy part of my brain seems to be a dud), but this situation is one where my first reaction would be to let Starlight cry it out, then try to get her to talk to Trixie and see if their friendship can't be salvaged at least. Trixie broke their relationship boundaries, but all evidence in the story suggests that she did So in the least egregious way possible, realized she had screwed up, felt sick about it, stopped things from going further, and then went to admit what she did and take her proverbial medicine.

She screwed up, but everything about her behavior indicates that she knows that, regrets it, and actually accepts that it's her fault. This is an eminently salvageable relationship, if they want to salvage any of it at all.

So glad you figured out my master plan. The plan was never to resolve anything but not to give the story a crappy ending for Starlight and Trixie either, at best, I’d probably have them go back to being friends after the whole thing blew over, though I am aware cheating can be forgiven if the circumstances are right like with Geoff and Bridgette in Total Drama World Tour.

"I know she’s not the best mare in the universe,"

That's debatable Spike.

Yeah can see this happening with Trixie being who she is. Starlight's obviously not at fault.

Vague ending is fine though this is another premise you could have gone way further with.

How come you feel what Spike said was debatable given her past?

I’m surprised you were able to buy Trixie’s betrayal.

Because I could definitely see Starlight bring best mare. Starlight is amazing. I mean if we're not considering the sisters of course, but Starlight is phenomenal.

Fair enough. Thoughts on what Trixie did to Starlight?

Awful. She doesn't deserve a mare like Starlight if she chooses to do something like that.

How were Twilight and Spike?

They were fine. Probably accurate Spike, though I think it would've been super interesting if he told Twilight or Starlight before.

Cause there's a lot to play with there. What would Twilight do knowing that before Starlight?

What would Starlight do?

Answering interesting questions is one of the funnest things in writing... for me at least.

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