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Not really a lot to say. I'm a real fan of the series and of any sort of crossover based on it.


While reshelving her castle library to accommodate some new books sent from Canterlot and recovered from the Castle of the Two Sisters, Twilight happens upon a mysterious one that sends her and her friends to another world. Now in young human bodies with remarkable powers, they must help prevent the end of this new world with the aid of one who is believed to be its greatest hero; Percy Jackson.

Predictably only the first of fifteen stories where the Mane 6 end up following the exploits laid out in Uncle Rick's Camp Half-Blood Chronicles (with a few personal liberties taken every now and then).

Please comment and enjoy.

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I think this will be good

I really enjoyed this this fanfiction so far you keep up the good work

Good speed with the story, nice writing ...
There is a good future for you.
Keep it up!

Will this story still have the problems I had with the Percy Jackson series? If you want to know what they are, please tell me.

The girls were still astounded until finally, Rainbow broke their silence. “Why do I get the feeling Percy just drew the shortest straw in the world?”

Because he probably did?
Nevertheless, I'm more interested in how it will turn out with mane 6.
Maybe They will get their god's parents, but they already have.
Or godly godparents...

Maybe blessings? They are from another world.

or since Twilight is an alicorn...
And alicorns are like gods...

Can't wait to see if the main 6 including spike get claimed. Wouldn't it be funny if Spike freaks out about the symbol?

Past, Present, and of course, Future


Forgot to ask by the way is this based on the book or the movie?

Almost entirely the book (the movie was hot steaming Hollywood garbage), but as you've no doubt figured out by now, I'm including songs from the musical every now and then.

Wow I didn't know that there was a musical.

Yeah, dude. And the music is fire. Go listen to a few more tracks; you'll thank me later.

Will a character based off of Devastation appear in this story?

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