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Due to an accident in his youth, Charcoal lived a great many years without his father or his little brother. He blames himself for the accident, but life moves on around him, leaving him behind. He decides that he has to leave Ponyville to move on, and he does so in the middle of the night.

Diana can’t remember a thing when she wakes up one day in a storage room. Did she even have a life before then? She can’t remember. She just woke up one day, and was there. She decided right away that she should be happy, and that having fun was a top priority.

These two have their mettle tested against everything the world throws at them, sometimes handling different situations in the same way, or handling the same situation in a different way. No matter what, though, they share a common idea: They’re going to keep pushing their way toward their goal, regardless of the obstacles before them. Perhaps, they’re even walking the same path…

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