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Pony Project 156

Just your casual mlp fan fiction writer and co. with occasional creative brainstorms to boot ^^


Moving to a new place isn’t always easy; nopony knows that better than Starjack and Beebo. They’ve moved several times recently, always looking for a new place to call home. They thought Manehattan a good place to live, but after several months, they’ve decided to once again weigh their proverbial anchor and find a new life in a new town. Ponyville sounds nice this time of year.

They reach their destination, and receive a very unorthodox welcome from some of the locals. Unorthodox, but still fun. They decide to stay, putting together a fine home for themselves to live in while they find their bearings and make new friends.

From dealing with rude ponies to interacting with robots, from teaching at a school for friendship to attending invention conventions, Star and Beebs have their hooves full.

However, the two of them are keeping a deep secret to themselves. A secret that, if discovered, could lead to the pair being ripped apart from each other. The secret must be kept hidden, for both of their sakes. As long as there’s nothing that forces their hooves, that should be an easy task… Right?

This is meant to take place after the generation finale.

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