• Published 27th Jul 2020
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My Little Pony: The Magic Continues - The Infiniteer

Starjack and Beebo move to Ponyville, looking for a place to live. They’re in for some thrilling adventures.

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Welcome to Ponyville

It had been a few hours since Starjack and Beebo had left Manehattan, and they were now heading to their new home, Ponyville. The train ride had been very smooth and comfortable as they sped past luscious green fields and rolling hills. The beautiful scenery had kept them busy along their trip as Starjack looked on at the majesty of the countryside, whilst Beebo stared at anything and everything with a look of great surprise in her eyes.

Starjack turned away from the window and looked down the train carriage. As he did, a pony walked past him and dropped something next to his leg before disappearing into the next car. Starjack bent down to pick up the object, which appeared to be a piece of parchment wrapped up with a string. He untied the string and read the message with shock: “I remember you…" it read in long, crooked letters. Written in red ink, it helped to confirm the eerie tone of the statement. Starjack was still in disbelief, but said nothing to Beebo; he had no desire to worry her.

A short time later, Starjack felt the train’s speed gradually slow, which could only mean one thing: they had arrived at their next destination, Ponyville. Starjack stepped out onto the platform, and before he could find his bearings, he was startled by several loud bangs behind him.

"Sorry, Master," called Beebo as she poked her head out from behind a wall of fallen suitcases. Taking a breath of relief, Starjack smiled a little and went to help her with picking it all up.

After sorting the suitcases, they stepped into the shade of the train station’s awning to escape the heat of the afternoon sun. "Well, the trip here was pretty good, wouldn't you agree, Beebo?" smiled Starjack, a look of satisfaction on his face. Beebo was busy checking if all the suitcases were there, and was also double checking just to be sure that they had not forgotten anything on the train. She looked at her master and nodded with a smile, after which she returned to checking inventory. "Yup, that's my Beebo, alright," chuckled Starjack, shaking his head with a smile.

"Come on, Master,” said Beebo, eagerly bouncing in anticipation. “Let's see what excitement awaits us in Ponyville!" Starjack silently agreed, and walked over to the station exit and stepped onto the dirt path.

"Hmmm, hey Beebo, I think we should ask somepony for directions, otherwise we could end up going the wrong way and end up completely turned around," worried Starjack.

"Do you see anypony around who could tell us the direction we need to go in?" asked Beebo, scrunching up her face and looking in every direction.

Star looked around and saw an older stallion laying in the shade of a tree on a nearby bench. “I think I do,” he said, narrowing his gaze to try and see the pony better. He was a unicorn, medium grey of coat and blue of mane. His frosted tips hung just over his emerald eyes. Sitting at the tip of his nose was a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. “Wait here. I’ll go and ask them if they know the directions to town.”

Starjack walked across the path to the pony. As he approached, he saw that he was reading what looked like a parchment written in a script unfamiliar to Starjack. Old Ponish, he presumed. “Umm, hello there, mister,” he said with a warm smile.

The pony, deep in concentration, was startled and jumped as he was caught off guard by the colt’s presence, causing Star himself to stumble backward, nearly falling on top of Beebo in the process.

“I am sorry if I startled you, friend. We were just wanting to ask you if you could give us the direc--” before Starjack could even finish asking his question, the unicorn was gone, kicking up a cloud of dust in his wake. “Well, that was certainly strange...” Star said, standing up and dusting himself off. “What do you think, Beebo?” he asked as he looked at where the stallion had been just a moment ago.

Beebo walked over to her master and looked in the same direction. “Yeah, I wonder if that kind of reaction is normal around here, or if something concerning happened recently?” she thought aloud with a look of intrigue.

Starjack wondered for a moment and imagined if everypony in Ponyville would react to their presence just like that, distant and afraid. "I don't know, Beebo... hopefully we will be able to find out. But for now... let's keep moving, this heat is intense." Starjack gestured towards the path. Beebo nodded happily and picked up the suitcases, as she followed her master along the dirt path east into town. As they stepped into Ponyville, however, the atmosphere turned out to not be at all as to what Star had encountered at the station, as the entire town was lively with ponies having fun in the summertime sun, bargaining and meandering through the marketplace, and enjoying cold treats to beat the heat.

Meanwhile, over at Sweet Apple Acres, two ponies were helping Applejack, owner of the farmland, with her chores around the orchard. “Where do you want these painting supplies, Applejack?” asked a light grey unicorn with a smile on their face. They were petite for their age, barely looking to be an adult. They didn’t mind their small frame, however, as it made it seem less weird that they had no cutie mark.

“Hmm, why don’tcha put em in the barn, Wie? It’ll be a mighty big help the next time the barn needs that special shine to her,” said Applejack gratefully.

Wie nodded, their muted pink mane flashing across their steely eyes, and headed towards the barn. As they did so, a pegasus zoomed over and around the barn, landing with a skid near Applejack, his golden mane with its blue streaks being tossed forward by his tailwind. “Hey Applejack, I’ve completed my investigation of the orchard’s boundaries, and I am happy to say that there are no breaks or gaps in the fences,” he said as he plopped down next to the nearest hay bale.

“Ah greatly appreciate it, Kai. Why don't ya lie down and take a break; meanwhile ah’ll see if ah need anymore help in the sky.'' Applejack picked up some saddle bags and carried them to the barn.

“Thanks, AJ...” Kai said as he lay down on his hay bale and put on the shades he kept under his wing, blocking out the light from the cloudless sky and guarding his aqua eyes. “Hey Wie, have you seen Nayo today?” he asked, settling in for a nap.

“I haven’t seen him all day, Kai,” said Wie as they came out of the barn. “All done, Applejack.”

“Whoo, those chores were certainly hard work. Wouldn't ya agree, Wie?” Applejack said with a smile. ”Don’t ya worry none sugarcube,” she said, turning back to Kai. “Ah’m certain Nayo will turn up sooner or later. For all we know, he could be at his place, goin nuttier than a squirrel in Sweet Acorn Orchard, what with all of ‘em artifacts he has his hooves on.” Applejack spoke with enthusiasm as she closed the barn doors.

“Mhmm,” nodded Wie as they looked at Kai. He had been relaxing, but in a blink of an eye, he flew off of his hay bale, landing face first in a puddle of mud, completely messing up his pristine white coat. Applejack and Wie were taken aback for a moment before running towards Kai, helping him up. As they did, the stallion that had collided with him reared his head from behind the hay bale Kai had been resting on just a few moments ago.

“That was unexpected of me, I do apologize,” said the pony before falling to the ground, unconscious.

“When I said ‘turn up eventually,’ I didn’t expect him to turn up right away,” Applejack said as she ran over to Nayo to help him.

“Ugh, blegh, this is not how relaxing is supposed to go,” Kai said as he spat mud from his mouth and wiped his face.

Wie giggled a little as Applejack fetched a bucket of water and splashed it onto Nayo, causing him to wake up suddenly. “Good evening,” he said, throwing Kai into a fit of laughter. Applejack tossed the bucket aside, but it bounced, striking Kai’s face, causing him to somersault and land face first into the mud again, throwing Wie into a heavier fit of laughter.

“Well, that got one of ‘em to stop laughing,” Applejack chuckled as she helped Nayo to his hooves.

“Why do I have to have two mud baths?” Kai groaned as he stood up and began to clean off his wings while Wie and Applejack laughed a little.

“Easy there partner, you seemed to have had quite the collision course there,” chuckled Applejack as she helped to steady Nayo.

“Yeah. Thanks, AJ,” Nayo said with a groggy voice as he tried to find his bearings.

“What happened, Nayo?” asked Wie as they all looked at him, concerned and hoping for an explanation.

“Well, I was doing what I always do, which is reading, right? Then, out of nowhere, a pony showed up in front of me and started saying something. I was too busy running away to know what he said, but I can tell you he’s definitely new around here.” Nayo had a look of certainty on his face.

“I knew it would happen again,” said Kai, snickering a little. “You know most ponies won’t bite ya, right?”

Nayo gave Kai a look of indifference as Wie and AJ looked at each other, concerned.

“I’m not worried about them biting me!” Nayo growled with such frankness that it startled the others. “In fact, you should be the one worried about being bitten if you keep mocking me!”

Kai looked at Nayo, uncertain of whether he should continue, but he decided against it, as he wanted to hear what the others thought of this news. Plus, he knew that even if he did pry, Nayo would not actually bite him.

“Guys, please don’t bite each other, okay?” pleaded Wie as they walked over to Applejack.

“So, does anypony have any idea who this new feller is that’s riled Nayo up?” Applejack asked.

Wie looked over to Nayo. “Do you remember anything more than just running?”

Nayo looked back at Wie and thought for a moment. “Well, there was the pony who said something to me, a colt with a gray coat, and he had white patches around his muzzle.”

“Well we can be--” Wie was immediately cut off by Nayo.

“He wasn’t the only pony there; I remember seeing another pony behind him, a mare with a green coat who...I don't know...had an air of familiarity around her, like I had seen her or felt her before.”

Upon hearing about these two new ponies, everypony present looked at each other, intrigued.

"Where did you meet these ponies exactly, Nayo? Maybe we could go over and see if they’re still there," Kai said with a smile.

"At the bench where I usually sit and read at, near the train station," Nayo replied.

"Alright then, let’s head there and see what's up with these ponies," Kai said, determined.

"Looks like you three went ahead an’ found yerselves a lil’ mission," Applejack said with a chuckle. Wie, Kai and Nayo looked at each other with a smile before hugging Applejack together. "Awww shucks, you three," AJ said as she hugged them back. "Now y'all go on yer way, and do remember to come back and tell me who these mystery folks are, ya hear me?"

"We will," they replied in unison as they headed towards the train station.

Starjack and Beebo had reached the center of town. Star’s anxieties were put to rest, as the ponies were far from afraid and distant; rather, they were happy, open and friendly with them. Starjack and Beebo walked through town with Beebo carrying the suitcases in her hooves above her head, which attracted the attention of a good few ponies.

“I think we should split up, Beebo,” Starjack said with a smile. “That way we can cover more ground.”

“If you think it’s for the best, then let's do it,” Beebo said, looking at Star. “But how would we keep in contact with each other?”

Starjack thought for a moment. “Use your telepathic powers; the ones you used in the Zebra lands to allow us to keep contact with one another whenever either of us travelled long distances. We could use that, if you’re ready?”

Beebo nodded her head. “Alright, then, Master. Let’s do it.”

Starjack and Beebo went to the corner of nearby street with the suitcases in hoof. After Beebo put the suitcases down, she telepathically linked their minds together.

“So, um... did it work Beebo? It’s been a while since we last us--”

“It sure does.” Beebo’s voice came through in Starjack’s mind, startling him and causing him to jump, colliding with the wall behind him. “I am sorry, Master. I didn’t mean to startle you,” she giggled as Starjack looked at her in surprise.

“It’s quite alright, Beebo,” he said, standing back up. “Damn, it really does work well. Before we go, you may want to put those suitcases in the void; they’ll be pretty annoying to lug around. Plus, we won’t lose them that way. We’ll be able to access them easily when the time comes.”

Beebo opened up the void and used her magic to put the suitcases into it. “Time for adven-- I mean, time to look for directions, hehe.”

“Good. Now remember, Beebo, just ask anypony if they know the directions to where we need to go. If not, just walk away, alright? We don’t know anypony here, so don't share too much about yourself, okay?”

“Yes, sir, Master,” Beebo said, picking a random direction and running off.

“Remember, we are looking for a place to live, okay!?” Starjack yelled after her.

“Okay!” Beebo yelled back as she disappeared amongst the crowds of ponies. Star let out a little chuckle before turning around and heading off in his chosen direction.

Kai, Wie and Nayo had arrived at the train station where Nayo had seen the ponies first. “I don’t see any unusual ponies here,” Wie said as they looked around the station platform.

“I just flew around a little, and I didn’t see anypony matching the description you gave, Nayo,” said Kai as he hovered next to Wie. “Everything seems normal here.”

“Well, it has been some time,” Nayo explained. “I don’t think they would wait around long, y’know?”

“That is a good point,” Kai agreed as he flew above them. “So what should we do now?”

“Hmm... maybe they went into town?” Wie suggested, looking at the dirt path leading to town.

“That’s most likely where they would have gone,” added Nayo as he walked over to the beginning of the dirt path. “I would say we should check the places most ponies usually go after coming here, like the café or town square.”

“Good idea, guys,” Kai said, determined. “Hopefully, we’ll find them this time.”

The three ponies nodded to each other and raced back to town with Wie and Nayo leaving a dust trail in their wake and Kai flying at high speeds above them.

Starjack and Beebo were asking different ponies if there was a place somewhere in town that could give them lodging for a few nights. After searching for several minutes, Starjack decided that it was about time to check in with his assistant. “Beebo? Come in; it’s Starjack. I’ve asked a few ponies and they all gave me the same sort of answer; nothing is available. Did you have any luck on your end?”

“Sorry, Master. Nothing to report.” Beebo replied telepathically. “However, I did run into a pink mare with a fluffy bright pink mane; she gave me two cupcakes and a wink, after which she ran off.”

”Well, that doesn’t sound bad,” thought Starjack. “How was the cupcake?”

”The best pastry I have ever eaten, and I believe the second one is for you, Master.”

”Really? That’s nice of her. Starjack considered the implications, then paused. Something didn’t quite add up. Wait a minute... How did she know to give you a cupcake for me?”

”I don’t know, Master,” replied Beebo, not having given it much thought. “Maybe that was the Pinkie Pie we have heard so much about?”

”It would make sense, come to think of it. If my memory serves me well, there was an article about Pinkie and her ability to sense certain events before they happened. I believe she called it ‘Pinkie-sense.’ If this is true, my dear assistant, that means we are currently in the capital of friendship.”

”Wait, doesn’t that mean we will be on the receiving end of one of Pinkie Pie’s legendary welcome to Ponyville parties?” Beebo sounded ecstatic. If Starjack had been looking at her, he wouldn’t be at all shocked if she was bouncing around excitedly.

Before he could give his two cents, Starjack was stopped abruptly in his tracks. He had bumped into a pink haired pegasus, startling her and causing her to drop her shopping bags. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going.” Starjack apologized, using his magic to help pick up her dropped items off the pavement and return them to her bags.

“No, no, it’s my fault. I’m sorry I was standing in your way,” said the pegasus in a very soft voice. Starjack suddenly felt calm and relaxed for some reason. “Forgive me for prying, but are you new in town?” she asked with a smile.

“Master?” asked Beebo. “Are you there?”

“Hang on a minute, Beebo, I just bumped into somepony that might be able to help us.” “Yes, I am new in town,” Starjack said with a smile. “My name is Starjack. I actually just arrived here today from Manehattan. May I ask your name?”

“My name is Fluttershy,” the mare responded, paying for her vegetables and pulling out a list. “It’s always a pleasure to meet a new pony and make them feel at home here in Ponyville.”

“Say, umm... Fluttershy? Could I ask you a question?” Starjack asked hesitantly.

“Of course,” Fluttershy replied as she smiled gently. “Anything to help a pony in need.”

Starjack explained to Fluttershy about their time in Manehattan, his search for his true calling and his reason for being in Ponyville. Fluttershy looked stunned as she walked over to the side of the street with Star.

“Oh, my. I didn’t expect that, Starjack; not at all. I am sorry to say I don’t know any place in town that could offer a room to you, let alone for a few nights.” Fluttershy replied sadly.

Star looked down at the pavement as he tried to think. He felt a hoof on his shoulder and he turned to face Fluttershy. “I have a spare bedroom in my cottage; you can stay in it for as long as you are here,” she said with a smile. Starjack grinned and gave Fluttershy a side hug. “You can ask around for the directions to my home if you are interested.” Fluttershy said as she stood up. “I have to go now; I still have some shopping to do. It was lovely meeting you, Starjack, and I hope to see you at my home soon.”

Starjack thanked her before waving goodbye, after which he continued down the street. As he walked, his mind returned back to the topic that had occupied him before, the repercussions of having Beebo at a large gathering. She was new to the world, and had never experienced social gatherings of this scale before. “One of the ponies who I spoke to mentioned a café nearby; let’s meet up there to discuss our findings.”

“Okay, Master,” Beebo said in a happy tone. “See you there!” She was definitely looking forward to Pinkie’s alleged welcome party. Starjack shook his head as he raced towards the café, jumping across barrels, dodging incoming ponies and ducking and weaving between tight spaces, all with a smile on his face.

Nayo and Wie had reached town, after which they collapsed under the shade of a tree, panting and gasping for breath. Kai had beaten them there, and was already lying down underneath it. “What took you guys so long?” he laughed.

Wie and Nayo propped themselves against the tree trunk and began formulating a plan to find the ponies from the train station. Kai fetched some cool lemonade for them all, to reinvigorate them and clear their heads.

“Soooo... how are we going to find them, guys?” Kai asked, sipping his lemonade as a smile spread across his face.

Wie was resting against the tree as they sipped their lemonade slowly. They enjoyed the crisp flavour of the lemons. They let out a soft sigh of relaxation as the ice-cold liquid worked to refresh their energy. Nayo sipped his own lemonade, trying to formulate a plan on how to find those ponies from earlier. However, he was unable to come up with anything.

All of a sudden, Wie sat up straight, startling Nayo and causing him to drop his lemonade, spilling it all over Kai. “Why don’t we split up, guys?” they asked enthusiastically, looking between Nayo and a thoroughly saturated Kai.

Kai wiped his face and shook his head. “That’s a great idea; if we split up, we could cover more ground. What do you think, Nayo?”

“Yes, that seems like a fine idea,” replied Nayo. “Wie and I can take to the streets to see if we can find ‘em, while Kai can fly up for a bird’s-eye view. If he spots them, he can immediately come tell us. Is everyone okay with this plan?”

“Sounds good to me,” Wie said as they finished their lemonade.

“Understood,” replied Kai.

The three ponies slapped high-hooves with each other and headed off in their chosen directions. Wie and Nayo cantered through the streets of Ponyville, while Kai took to the sky to gain a wider range of vision, in search of the two mysterious ponies from the train station.

Starjack approached the Ponyville Café. As he came closer, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods reached him, filling his lungs with a sense of home. When he arrived, he searched for a table. After looking around, he found that all of them were full, the exception being a lone unicorn sitting by herself in the corner. Star took a deep breath and walked over to her.

“Hi,” smiled Starjack. “Is this seat taken?”

“Oh, sorry,” said the unicorn as she looked out to the street. “I’m just waiting for a very close friend of mine to meet me here.”

“Oh, my apologies. I’ll look elsewhere.”

The unicorn giggled. “Wow, Master. I can’t believe you didn’t recognise me.”

Star was taken aback as he finally realised who he was talking to. “Beebo, is that you?”

The unicorn giggled a little, pulling out a seat for him. “Yup. I completely fooled ya, Master.”

Starjack sat down. Still dumbfounded by her action, he tried to form a response, but when he did his throat seemed to dry up and all he could do was close his mouth, and just stare at her. She looked back at him with a smug look on her face.

“Wh-when did you change your appearance?” Starjack finally asked as he slumped back in his seat.

Beebo was no longer a green earth pony. Instead, she was an off-white unicorn with dazzling baby blue eyes and a beautiful light blue mane. Even her cutie mark was different, which had successfully led to her seeming to be an entirely different pony altogether. She relaxed with a sigh before replying enthusiastically, “Well, I was excited about being at a Pinkie Pie party, so I must have become bored while waiting for you, hehe... Oh yeah, here’s your cupcake.” Beebo revealed to Starjack a beautifully decorated cupcake with white and milk chocolate swirls in the buttercream and a dark chocolate cube on top. As Star stared at it, he remembered what she’d said about the party.

“Umm, Beebo... about the party...” Starjack was apprehensive as he spoke.

“Yeah, it’s going to be amazing!” Beebo said with the biggest and goofiest grin on her face.

Starjack was surprised and a little taken aback, as he never knew that the pony face could physically stretch that much. He looked back at the cupcake and picked it up. “It’s that good, huh?”

“Yep, it was amazing! If we do move in here, we have to find Pinkie Pie again so that we can ask her for more.” Beebo’s eyes shone with glee.

“Slow down, Beebo. We still need to find out if we can actually stay here.” Star looked back at the cupcake. He hesitantly took a bite. As he did, he closed his eyes and chewed ever so slowly, as to enjoy the combining flavors in his mind. They were in perfect synchronicity, as no flavour of chocolate overpowered the others; the sweetness was on point and the bitterness was just right, blending together in harmonious union. In the end, it really was amazing. “It’s absolutely divine, Beebo. You were right,” Star smiled as he took another bite. Beebo’s smile widened with joy as she watched her master enjoy himself.

Starjack hastily finished the cupcake and, quite pleased with the confection, ended up smooshing his face onto the table. “Well that was amazing; wouldn’t you agree, Beebo?” Star asked in a muffled voice. Beebo laughed in response.

As they talked, Kai flew overhead, finally spotting the two of them at the café. “Those two ponies don’t seem to be from around here,” he thought to himself. “I haven’t seen them around town, either. I wonder if they are the ponies Nayo had met earlier? I should probably go back to find the others and tell them.” He turned around and flew back to find the others.

“It really was,” Beebo affirmed as she looked out to the street with happiness. “However, now that we are here, I think we should go to Town Hall. That would be the place where we could find out if there is anywhere to live. I know the directions.”

“Good idea,” said Starjack, determination in his voice, “Let’s try it.”

Starjack and Beebo stood up and left. As they headed towards the Town Hall, according to Beebo’s directions, they had quite the walk in front of them.

Kai flew through the air, now searching for Nayo and Wie. He managed to spot Wie and decided to go to them. “Hey, Wie!” he shouted, trying to attract their attention.

Wie stopped what they were doing and looked to the sky, hearing a familiar voice. “Oh, hey, Kai. Did you find something?” they asked Kai as he hovered next to them.

“Yup,” he panted, catching his breath. “There were two unfamiliar ponies at the Ponyville Café, and I think it’s the duo we’re looking for. If they are, we need to find Nayo quickly, before they disappear.”

“Good idea. I believe he went in the direction opposite to me,” Wie said, waving their hoof in the general direction.

“Alright then, let’s go!” Kai said, flying alongside Wie.

Quite some time later, they noticed Nayo and called out to him. “Nayo!” they exclaimed, “Hold up!”

“Hm?” Nayo looked over his shoulder to where he had heard his name being called out. He stopped and turned around, waiting for them to catch up to him. “I’m guessing you found ‘em?” Nayo asked as he looked at the two tired ponies gasping for air.

“Yes,” Kai panted. “I saw them at the Ponyville Café, so we better head back there before we lose them again.” He quickly stretched his wings before returning to the air.

Nayo looked at them both. “Lead the way,” he gestured with his hoof.

As they headed towards the café, Kai flew above several obstacles in the street. Wie and Nayo had to dash through them, nearly knocking down stalls and colliding with other ponies. As the obstacles decreased, Wie looked up at Kai. “I’m not as fast as you are.”

“Just take it easy, Wie. It’s not a race, ya know,” Kai said, flying closer to his friends.

“I know... I just… I don’t know,” Wie replied, breathing heavily.

The three ponies made their way to the café, arriving momentarily. Kai looked around before returning to the others. “I could have sworn I saw them here earlier,” he said as he put his hoof to his chin in thought.

“Maybe you just thought you saw them?” Wie suggested as they walked back out and sat down.

“No, there’s no way I was imagining things,” Kai said defensively as he started pacing.

“Then I don’t know,” Wie shrugged.

Nayo was still looking around, not paying attention. “See ‘em outside anywhere?”

“Nope, sorry Nayo,” Wie said with a shake of their head, “I checked inside and they weren’t there; and they aren’t out here, so I don’t know where they could be.”

“Maybe they just disappeared again?” Kai shrugged as he hovered above the ground next to Wie.

“That also sounds possible,” Wie said as they put their hoof to their chin in thought.

Suddenly, Nayo spotted a pair of ponies that he thought might be the ones they were looking for rounding the corner. “Kai, over there! Fly up a bit and see if it’s them!” he shouted energetically.

Kai flew up above where Nayo had pointed and looked around, searching for the two ponies. He spotted them right away. “It’s them! Looks like we found them, guys!” The three ponies converged on Starjack and Beebo’s position.

About a minute later, Beebo used her telepathy to talk to Starjack again. “Umm... Master? I believe some ponies are pursuing us,” she said as she looked over her shoulder. “They have been following us for two blocks.”

Starjack looked into a nearby window and saw a glimpse of the ponies Beebo was talking about in the reflection. “I see them, Beebo. By the tone of your voice, I am guessing you have a plan?”

“Well, this is Ponyville,” Beebo smiled. “They are more than likely just here to say hello to some new ponies. Let’s say hi, and see where things go.”

Starjack looked at the ponies following them and recognised one of them. “The grey unicorn was at the train station when we arrived today. I think your plan may work if we execute it right.”

“No time like the present,” Beebo giggled.

Starjack looked to his assistant with a smile on his face. “My thoughts exactly.” The duo turned around and headed towards the three ponies. “Ready, Beebo?”

“Ready.” Beebo replied excitedly.


Beebo grabbed the three ponies quickly and teleported them all back to the café, seating them all at an empty table for five. “Glad to see you guys could drop by,” Starjack said as he relaxed in his seat. Beebo sat next to him, a smile plastered on her face.

The three ponies were blinking rapidly while looking around them. They had no idea where they were right now. “What just happened?” Wie said with a slight shudder.

“Yea, that was very...” Kai paused, swallowing hard. “Sudden.”

“My assistant, Beebo, just teleported us to this café on my orders.” Starjack paused, affording himself a short laugh. “Let me just say, however, that had to be one of the fastest teleports you’ve ever performed, my dear assistant.”

Beebo beamed as Starjack called the waiter. “Will you all be having anything?” Starjack inquired, gesturing towards the three frightened and confused ponies in front of him.

“No, thanks…” Kai replied. He was still coming to grips of what had just happened.

“M-maybe just some water?” Wie shuddered.

“And what about your grey-coated friend here?” Starjack asked, pointing at the medium grey unicorn stallion cowering in his seat.

“... I think he could use some water, too,” Kai replied slowly, blinking in confusion.

“Alrighty then.” Starjack turned to Beebo. “What about you, my dear assistant?”

Beebo thought for a moment before replying with a smile. “Banana leaf tea, please, Master.”

“Alrighty, then.” Starjack smiled and turned to the waiter, who had just arrived. “My good pony, we will have two bottles of water and one banana leaf tea, please.” The waiter nodded and walked away with their order in hoof.

“Now then, where were we?” Starjack asked, turning back to the trio across the table. “Ah yes, that’s right. You were going to start explaining yourselves. Why were you following my assistant and I?” Starjack spoke calmly but with a firm tone. Beebo nodded her head rapidly in agreement.

“... Well, our grey friend over here, Nayo Archaeon, met you both earlier today, and you two seemed new to this town so we decided to… uh… check on you two...” said Kai.

Starjack laughed a little as Beebo stared at the three ponies in front of her. “It seems like this was our welcome party, Beebo,” Starjack smiled.

“Yay!” Beebo returned the smile before turning to face the three ponies and bombarding them with questions in quick succession, “So do you three know where one could find a place to live? How are the books here? Are there any important dates we need to remember?” Beebo became excited and was about to ask more, but before she could continue, Starjack covered her mouth with his hoof.

“I do apologise for that,” he chuckled. “She’s just very happy to be here.” He took on a slightly more serious expression. The smile, however, did not fade from his face. “I'm sorry, I believe introductions have not been made. How rude of me. Shall we start from the beginning?” Without waiting for a response, he extended his hoof to shake. “Greetings. My name is Starjack, and this adorable-looking pony is my assistant, Beebo.”

“Introductions can wait,” interrupted Beebo. “First, we have to arrange our accommodations.”

“Heh,” Star chuckled. “Straight to the point as always, huh, Beebo?” In response, Beebo stuck out her tongue.

The three ponies started to relax. Kai was the first to break their silence. “Umm... I don’t think I can help you guys with looking for a place to live. You see, I live in a cloud house. My friends over here might be able to help, though.”

Starjack nodded. “Beebo, use that spell you learned. You know, the one tha--”

The waiter cleared his throat, announcing his return to the table. “Oh, hold that thought for a second, Beebo. Our order’s here.” With all the grace of a well-trained server, the waiter dealt both bottles of water and a warm mug of banana leaf tea to their recipients.

“Thank you, my good sir,” Starjack said as he paid the waiter. With a humble bow, he walked away. “Alrighty, then. Beebo, you can begin now,” Starjack glanced around to make sure nopony was watching. “You guys may wanna answer truthfully,” he smiled. With a nod, Beebo cast a spell of truth detection on the trio across the table.

Wie looked at Starjack, who was nonchalantly gazing out the window at a street lamp. “Oh, umm... Should we be scared or something?” they asked as they looked back at Beebo, trembling slightly.

“Not scared, no,” chortled Starjack, “Worried is a much better choice of word.” He turned to his assistant, “Begin.”

Beebo sipped her tea. “So, according to your pegasus friend here, you can help us find a place to live. Explain that.”

“I live in the area,” Wie confirmed. “Yeah, you could find some help with that at Town Hall. They’re always glad to help with stuff like finding a place to live.”

“I see,” Beebo nodded. “Thank you.” She took another sip of her tea. “So tell us about yourselves. How long how have you all lived here in Ponyville?”

Wie nervously drank some of their water. “W-Well, I have lived here pretty much for as long as I can remember. My parents and I moved here when I was very little.”

Starjack looked on with intrigue.

“Uhh,” Kai fidgeted in his seat. “I have been here for about 5 years now.”

Nayo slowly stopped shivering and looked ahead. “...2 years for me.”

“I would suggest you answer truthfully,” Beebo said through a cold smile. “If you don’t, I will destroy you.

Starjack, lost in thought, snapped back to reality and looked at his assistant. “Beebo, no. Don’t make threats.” His tone was calm and level. “Is everything okay with you, Beebo? What’s wrong?”

“I’m fine,” Beebo answered, keeping her eyes locked on the trio across the table in a cold glare. “I’m just making sure they know what will happen if they slip up.”

Starjack looked at the three ponies, now all the whitest shade of snow. “Trust me, they know.” He returned to the relaxed position in his chair, “Continue with your questions, Beebo.”

“So, what would you say would be the best places for new ponies to visit here in Ponyville?” Beebo asked with a smile.

Wie was shaking with such ferocity that the other two ponies were being shaken as well.

“Don’t worry you three,” laughed Starjack. “Beebo won’t hurt anyone. She’s generally pretty harmless. She tends to be a little overprotective of me, that’s all.”

With Wie still shaking their friends, the three ponies looked from Starjack to Beebo and saw that she indeed looked harmless. She looked like your average everyday pony with a cute smile and a cup of tea.

“W-Well, I think you can head to Town Hall first,” Kai said nervously. “The mayor might be able to guide you and show you around town, if she isn’t busy...”

Starjack nodded to his assistant with a smile. “You can stop now, Beebo.” Starjack turned to the trio across the table. “You three seem reliable and honest,” he said as Beebo released her spell. “In my eyes, that’s a pretty good pair of traits to have.”

Beebo drank her tea, finishing it before it turned cold. As she did, she looked over at Wie. They were still shaking with their eyes closed, not realising that they’d returned to safety.

“You see, we’re new here, and we have trust issues. Hence, the entire process we went through,” explained Starjack. “We have never had any friends, regardless,” He added somberly. “I apologize for the interrogation.”

Wie opened their eyes and looked at Starjack. “I can assure you that these two are honest and great friends. I’ll be trying my best as well.” Wie pulled Kai and Nayo toward themself with a smile. Starjack returned their smile.

“Yeah,” Kai said as he relaxed in his seat. “Although, maybe you can try not having your assistant threaten to destroy ponies less than five minutes after meeting them?” Beebo glowered at him in response.

“Yeah… that might help your friendship problem, not gonna lie,” Nayo said in a deadpan voice, disappearing into his seat to avoid Beebo’s gaze..

“Duly noted,” Starjack laughed. “Well, we‘d better be underway if we are going to reach Town Hall at a reasonable time.” Starjack stood up and prepared to leave, leaving a small tip for the waiter. “You could tag along with us, if you like. If not, you can meet us there; Or not, it’s up to you. Ready, Beebo?”

“Yes, sir,” Beebo replied as she smiled and waved at the three ponies before joining Starjack.

“Just a moment, Beebo,” Starjack said, holding up his hoof. “Before we part ways, I would like to ask your names.”

“My friends just call me Wie,” said the pink-maned pony. “Ponies have called me that for so long, ‘cause I don't really like my full name and I almost never respond to it.”

“The name’s Kai,” smiled Kai. “It was nice meeting you, I guess.”

The grey unicorn gave a long glance at Beebo, who looked right back at him. “Hmm… Nayo Archaeon,” he replied as he narrowed his eyes at Star.

“Well, consider this to be the start of a good, hopefully long friendship. See you around, guys.” Starjack smiled as he walked over to Beebo.

“See you around,” said Wie, waving happily at the new ponies.

Starjack and Beebo waved back, looking around to see if the coast was clear. Beebo nodded to her master with a smile, and they both disappeared into thin air.

After they left, the three ponies looked at each other in silence. “Well, that sure was weird,” said Kai. “Interesting, but mostly weird.”

“Indeed,” Nayo replied as he shook his head with a slight smile. “Let’s just hope that any other ponies they meet don’t receive the same first impression we ended up with.”

Starjack and Beebo appeared behind a boulder. A cloud of sand and dust obscured them in its nebula. “Well that was certainly interesting. Wouldn’t you agree, Beebo?” As Starjack dusted himself off, Beebo was checking her pocket watch.

She looked up to her master with a nod and a smile. “Not going to lie, Master; it really was. However, right now, we are on a mission to see if we can buy a house.” She dove into a bush, a look of determination on her face.

“Hm, good idea, Beebo,” Starjack nodded. “Let’s go, then.”

Beebo jumped out of the bush. The duo came out from behind the boulder and headed towards Town Hall. “So we haven’t actually talked about it yet, but what type of house are we looking for? A single story or a double story?” Beebo was filled with enthusiasm and delight. “Maybe even a three story house!”

“I was actually thinking about an empty plot of land, Beebo,” said Starjack with a hint of curiosity in his voice.

Beebo looked at her master with an intrigued smile. “So, we are going to use magic to build a house? That sounds like it will be a lot of fun!”

Starjack laughed a little and shook his head, “That would be fun, my dear assistant, but moreover, we can customize it to our liking, instead of being stuck with the design the prior owner wanted. However, we will deal with that in due time, right now, let’s go speak with the mayor about this topic.” They had reached the entrance of Town Hall.

As they entered, they were greeted by a smartly dressed pony wearing glasses with her mane in a tight bun. “Greetings, and welcome to the Ponyville Municipal Building,” she said in a cheery voice. “My name is Yellow Quill. How can I help you today?”

“My name’s Starjack, and this is my assistant, Beebo. We’re new in town, and we were looking for an empty plot of land so we could build our home,” he said with a smile as Beebo waved her hoof happily at the mare.

“Pleased to meet you,” she replied with a smile. “I’m pretty sure we have some land available in our town that will suit your needs. I hope you’ll stay for a long time and that you feel welcomed by our other citizens.” She walked over to a cabinet and began looking through files. “Any special place you two have in mind?” she asked while half-buried under files. “Any special requirements, such as size, utility or placement?”

Starjack thought for a moment before replying. “Actually, yes. We need a pretty big plot of land for working space.”

“Okay, I’ll check our biggest plots of land and compile a list of the most suitable choices. I’ll be right back.” Ms. Quill disappeared behind a door.

”Beebo, you still have our money safe in the void, right?” Starjack inquired telepathically.

“Yes, Master. How much do you want me to pull out?” Beebo smiled.

“It depends on how much the land costs, so just keep it ready, thank you.” He looked around the dark wood panelled hall.

“Okay, then!” Beebo said happily.

As Starjack and Beebo spent time speaking with the clerk about the availability and sizes of residential plots, the three ponies were now outside the café, contemplating what to do next. “Soooo, what should we do now?” Kai asked as he hovered above Wie and Nayo.

“Well…” Nayo looked around nervously after the encounter. “I think I’ll go read at home, so I don’t end up being interrogated by any more random ponies today.”

“Please, Nayo, hang with us some more,” Wie said as they leaned against the café’s fence. “We haven’t seen you all day.”

“I agree with Wie,” smiled Kai, hovering near them. “Besides, hanging out with us is way more fun than reading some musty old book.”

“Besides, books can always wait,” Wie said happily as they looked at Nayo. “We’ll buy you some new ones later.”

Nayo looked off in the direction of his home with a pout, “Books are awesome; I learn something new with every page.”

“Boring,” coughed Kai, causing Wie to giggle a little.

“Fine,” sighed Nayo. “We can hang out, so long as you’re serious about those new books.” His friends smiled with glee.

“Ha! Alright then! So what do you guys say we go to Sugarcube Corner?” Kai asked. “It’s been a while since we last went there together.” He looked in the direction of the bakery as he remembered the good times they’d had there.

Nayo shrugs with a smile. “I don’t see why not. Wie?”

“Sounds good to me,” Wie smiled.

The three ponies nodded in agreement and headed towards Sugarcube Corner. As they did, they began talking about various topics and issues with each other.

“So… what do you think about these newcomers?” Wie asked as they walked alongside Kai and Nayo. “To me they seem pretty unusual, but I’m not sure why.”

“Mhm, they were acting kinda strange,” Kai said as he flew backwards in front of them.

“Hmm… I don’t know about that other pony, but that Beebo feels very… familiar to me, in a way that I know I should be able to place, but I just can’t piece it together right now,” Nayo said slowly. Kai and Wie looked at him, very interested.

“What’s on your mind, Nayo?” Wie asked, curious.

Nayo Archaeon didn’t respond; rather, he remained silent. He was now in his mind palace, trying to piece together the puzzle as to where he had seen, heard or even read about Beebo.

Wie looked confusedly at Nayo. “What are you thinking about?” they asked as they touched him. The sudden contact shocked him and caused him to jump backwards, bringing him back to reality. “You were in your mind palace thingy again, weren’t you?”

Nayo, startled out of his thinking, regained the balance he had lost momentarily. “Wha-- oh, uh yeah. Just trying to figure out what’s making that mare seem so off to me, that’s all.”

“So, have you thought of anything helpful?” Wie asked. “You did see them before we did, so it would make sense if you knew a little more about them.” Kai nodded in agreement.

“Not much, actually,” said Nayo. “But she has a similar feeling to… an artifact, but different; like a magical construct that’s fully alive, ya know?” Wie and Kai looked at each other with surprised expressions.

“Living magic!?” Wie gave Nayo a baffled look.

“Yeah,” nodded Nayo. “Magic by itself already kinda feels alive, but it’s obviously not fully sentient. But her… it’s as if magic gained a consciousness. Not like a construct or golem, but something more.” As he thought about it, he grinned. “Oh, I can’t wait to see just what I can learn from her unique existence. To fully give life to magic...”

“That sounds unusual. How could magic just form into a mare?” Wie asked.

“I don’t know, Wie,” said a determined Nayo. “That’s exactly what I want to learn.”

Wie looked from Nayo to Kai with concern and curiosity as they neared Sugarcube Corner.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Ponyville, Starjack and Beebo were reviewing the different plots of land in the list given to them by Yellow Quill at Town Hall. They had already viewed a couple of plots, none of which interested or impressed them. As a result, their search continued. “This seems to be taking forever,” complained Starjack. “I don’t think we’ll find the right one in time, Beebo.” There was a worried tremble in his voice as he looked into the setting sun.

“Well, we could narrow down what we are looking for,” Beebo suggested as she took notes on the plot they were standing on. “That might make it easier to choose.”

Starjack thought for a minute. “I wonder if Beebo remembers her duplication ability?” He certainly remembered. She’d used it once by mistake in Las Pegasus, and it had caused quite a scene.

“Yep,” she replied with an energetic smile. “So, what’s the plan, have multiple copies search every location and then report back with notes?”

Starjack looked dumbstruck for a minute. Then, he remembered that he and Beebo were still telepathically linked. He smiled and laughed. “Yes, Beebo, you cheeky mare. Yes, that’s the plan, so could you please use that ability of yours?”

Beebo nodded with a smile and duplicated herself, creating multiple copies, to each of whom she gave notepads and the plot numbers. After talking and giggling amongst themselves for a few minutes, the clones headed off to their assigned plot locations.

“This will save us a lot of time and effort,” Starjack said with a smile. He nodded at Beebo as she walked back to him. “Now, we just have to wait for your duplicates to return. After that, we can review what each one has to say about their assigned location.”

“While we wait, let’s go to Sugarcube Corner,” Beebo suggested, licking her lips. “I have always wanted to try their sweets and baked goods.”

“Hmmm, sounds like a good idea. Yeah, let’s go,” Starjack said with a cheery voice. “Beebo, would you kindly take us there, please?”

“Teleport, activate,” Beebo said happily as she transported them from the plot of land to the easement behind Sugarcube Corner.

“Well, that was quick,” said Starjack with a smile as he looked at Beebo. She was now transforming into a pegasus with a light purple coat, light blue eyes and light pink hair. Starjack smiled at her. “Nice touch, Beebo.”

“Now let’s head in! I want to try a crystal berry scone! I read they are made according to a recipe from the Crystal Empire, and Pinkie Pie was one of the few ponies that was given permission to sell ‘em outside the Empire!” Beebo hovered in the air with glee.

They stepped out from behind the building and approached the front entrance. As they did, they saw how much resemblance the exterior of the building had to a gingerbread house. They were even almost tempted to gnaw at the roof tiles. However, before they could climb up and munch on the shingles, they found themselves at the front entrance.

“After you m'lady,” Starjack said in a courteous manner as he held the door open.

Beebo smiled as she and Starjack entered. They noticed how the interior of Sugarcube corner was just as magnificent as the exterior; the candy and sweet aesthetic continued inside, as well. As they looked around at all the ponies present and having fun, they saw the three ponies they met earlier.

“Well, well. Kai, Wie and Nayo, wasn’t it?” said Starjack with a smile.

“Hello, you three,” Beebo said with a slight wave of her hoof.

“Oh, hello, guys,” replied Wie. They turned around in their chair upon hearing familiar voices.

“We didn’t expect to see you three again so soon,” Starjack said as he and Beebo walked over to them.

“Oh, it’s you guys again, huh?” Kai grumbled.

“I sense you are still a little apprehensive of us,” Starjack said with a slight laugh. “Are these seats taken?” he gestured at two empty seats at their table.

“Uh... I think not,” Wie said as they relaxed in their own seat. “You can sit with us if you wanna.”

“Thank you... Wie, was it?” Starjack said with a smile as he and Beebo seated themselves opposite to the three ponies.

“Yup, that’s right. I see you made a new friend,” Wie said as they looked at the pegasus sitting next to Star.

Starjack looked at the pegasus sitting next to him and chuckled as she looked back and showed her tongue mischievously.

“Where’s your travelling partner?” Wie asked with a slight frown. “I think you called her Beebo, if I’m not mistaken.”

“You want to tell them?” Starjack asked with a smile as he rolled his eyes in Beebo’s direction.

“I am Beebo, silly,” she chuckled. “And before you ask, no, I am not a changeling.” Star looked at his assistant with a smile, then turned back to the three ponies in front of them. They had stopped what they were doing altogether, and looked back at the duo with incredulity.

“W-What!?” Kai asked, sitting up straight so quickly that it caused Wie to be startled. “How did you change form, then?”

“So, you are not a changeling, but you change appearances?” Wie asked, visibly confused after regaining their stability.

Starajck chuckled as Beebo calmly replied, “Magic.” They both bumped hooves as the three ponies just looked at them, dumbstruck.

“B-But how?” Wie asked.

“I will tell you,” Star said with a smile. “But first, we have to place our order. Beebo, could you please give our order to the pony at the counter? Thank you.”

Throughout their conversation, Nayo was silent, just staring at the mare next to Star as he relaxed in his seat, trying to figure something out.

Beebo walked over to the counter and saw the pink haired mare from earlier, smiling at her happily as she approached. “Welcome to Sugarcube Corner! My name’s Pinkie Pie! It’s very nice to meet ya!” The pink haired mare overflowed with excitement as she shook Beebo’s hoof.

“Same here, Ms. Pie. I am a huge fan of yours!” Beebo was filled with just as much energy as Pinkie.

“Call me Pinkie, it’s what all my friends call me,” said Pinkie as she appeared next to Beebo in a cloud of smoke. Her silly face caused Beebo to roar with laughter. “Ya know, we can be best buds later, but right now your order is more important,” Pinkie said as she reappeared behind the counter. “So, what kind of sweet treats did ya have your eyes on?” she asked with glee, her eyes bulging out for emphasis.

“I would like to order three dozen crystal berry scones, please,” Beebo said as she smiled at Pinkie.

“Good choice, my friend. That’ll be twenty-four bits, and when it’s ready I will have it sent to your table.” Pinkie wrote down the order before looking at Beebo.

Beebo nodded as she quickly withdrew twenty-four bits from the void and handed them to Pinkie. She looked at Beebo with a confused face. “How did you do that?” she asked as she counted and felt the bits suspiciously.

“Magic, I guess?” Beebo said as she smiled and winked at Pinkie.

“Ohhhh.” Pinkie winked back at her before trotting through the kitchen doors and disappearing.

Beebo walked back to the group, laughing to herself. “So, did ya place the order, Beebo?” Star asked with a smile. Beebo nodded.

Wie looked at her with a confused expression, “What the hay was that?” Star and Beebo looked at each other, then back to Wie with raised eyebrows. “That bits hole thingy she just did at the counter.”

“Nothing,” Starjack said with a little smile. “That was nothing; just a little compartment spell.” Beebo nodded quickly in affirmation.

“Did she just create money?” Wie asked in a serious tone.

“Uh... I don’t think that’s legal...” Kai said as he frowned slightly.

“My assistant didn’t create any money,” Starjack said with a smile as he relaxed in his seat. “Rather, she took out some money from a magical compartment. With us travelling around so much, you never know when you’re going to need the bits.”

“Compartment?” Wie asked as they scratched their head in confusion.

“Yes, a compartment; as in, a little storage area that allows us to store things of importance,” said Starjack with a smile.

As they were about to ask more questions, Pinkie appeared out of nowhere, surprising the table. “Here’s your order of crystal berry scones!” she shouted. “And in case you didn’t read the sign, we’re giving away a free kettle of tea with every pastry or dessert order over twenty bits! Oh, and sorry if I startled you guys.” Pinkie put the tray of scones on the table, as well as a kettle of tea. “Well, I hope you all enjoy them,” she said with a smile as she hopped back towards the counter. “Have fun!”

“Yup, that’s definitely the Pinkie Pie we have heard of,” Star said contentedly as he relaxed again. “There’s no questioning that, Beebo.”

Beebo looked at him with a half-eaten scone already stuffed in her mouth. Starjack looked surprised and laughed, after which he took a bite for himself. He chewed slowly, so as to enjoy the amazing flavours; the delectable crystal berries fused with a rich and sweet dollop of whipped cream to give a whole new world of flavours that Star could not begin to describe.

“This really is amazing. Great suggestion, Beebo,” said Starjack, crystal crumbs around his mouth.

“These are delicious,” Beebo said with a smile before she took a sip of her beverage. “And they pair so well with the tea!”

“Well, when Pinkie is involved, everything goes well with everything,” Star said as he sipped his own tea.

“...Sooo, uhhh… who exactly are you guys?” Kai asked curiously as he took a bite of a crystal scone.

Star looked at Kai, surprised. “Oh, how rude of me. I never did fully introduce myself; we were in such a rush before. My name is Starjack, I am an inventor. This is my assistant and protector, Beebo.” Beebo waved at them while stuffing another scone into her mouth. Wie just sat in silence, still shocked and confused.

“An inventor?” asked Nayo, leaning in. “Are you, perhaps, the one who invented this fine work of art and magic here?”

“Pardon me?” Star said with a look of surprise and confusion as he stared at Nayo.

“Your assistant. I can tell she isn't a full pony, if at all,” Nayo said as Beebo looked up at him. Star said nothing and relaxed in his seat. He nodded in agreement while sipping some more tea.

Wie shook their head and brought their mind back to Archeon. “Oh, don’t be silly. What could she be, if not a pony?”

“A whole lot more,” Star said with a smile on his face.

“She’s more... artificial, Wie.” Nayo brought his attention back to Star. “I would love to know if you are the one who gave this amazing creation life.”

Star looked at his teacup, now empty. “Ok. So, Beebo isn’t a true pony, nor is she a changeling; rather, she is a creature that has been secluded from all of ponykind for millennia. She is rather powerful in her manipulation of magic surrounding her.”

“That sounds impossible,” Wie said as they looked at Beebo.

“I don’t buy that for a second,” Kai said as he looked at Star, who just sat there indifferently. “You must be lying to us.”

Beebo giggled. “You want proof?”

Nayo narrowed his eyes. “There’s nothing you can show me that would convince me. I don’t believe you at all.”

Beebo shrugged. “Okay, don’t believe me, then. Just eat your scone, you skeptic.”

“I will,” chided Nayo, picking up a scone in his hoof and chomping down on it smugly.

“And you call yourself a unicorn,” jeered Beebo, shaking her head. “I bet you don’t have enough magical power to lift that scone.”

“Not everything requires magic,” said Nayo, raising his eyebrow. “Some of us enjoy the tactile feeling of holding something in our hooves.”

Beebo shrugged. “Hey, if you can’t do it, all you have to do is say so,” she smiled slyly.

“You think I won’t?” growled Nayo, placing the pastry back on the platter. “Well, unlike you, I can prove that I’m right. Watch this, bigmouth.”

The table fell silent and stared at the scone. Wie and Kai were astounded by what they saw, but Starjack just sipped at an empty cup, trying to hide that he was chuckling.

“What do you say to that?” smirked Nayo.

“What do I say to what?” smirked Beebo right back.

“Uhhh… Nayo?” muttered Kai. “You might want to look down.”

Looking down at the platter, Nayo was astounded to find that the scone was right where he’d left it. He tried to lift it again, but nothing came of it. It didn’t even budge. That is, until a light blue aura surrounded it and it flew up to Beebo’s mouth. As she bit down on Nayo’s scone, he snatched it back with his hoof. “What did you do!?” he demanded.

“Looking for this?” asked Beebo, holding up her hoof. Inside it was a small, glowing ball emanating a green light. “This is your ability to control magic.”

“Give it back!” shouted Nayo, grabbing for it across the table.

“Ah, ah,” smiled Beebo. “Good little ponies say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ Are you a good little pony?”

Nayo’s grimace was rigid, but before long, he relented. “May I please have my magic back?”

“You may,” said Beebo. As she brought it forward again, she chuckled. “It’s so small and adorable. It’s funny; All this time, I was under the impression that your big attitude was compensating for something else that was tiny and cute.”

Snatching it back, Nayo tried to push it back into his horn, as he’d never encountered anything like this before. After a few moments of awkward whinging, Starjack informed him that he had to swallow it whole. He did, and moments later, he was back to normal, if a bit shaken from the experience.

“That f-feels really weird,” Kai said, looking at his pastry. “I’m not used to magic stuff happening around me. I’m not a unicorn, after all…”

“That was harrowing,” said Nayo, trembling as he took a sip of tea. “I believe you now, just… don’t ever do that again.”

Wie stared at Beebo for a good long minute before Star broke their stare, waving his hoof in front of them. “Wie? Is everything okay?”

“Hm? Oh, yes. I was just thinking,” Wie replied, looking down at the table.

“About what, if I may ask?” Star asked calmly, relaxing in his seat.

“Oh, nothing important,” Wie chuckled dryly.

“I hardly believe that,” Star replied as he leered at them.

“Well, as a unicorn, when ya learn that magic is controlled by beings or creatures with unknown intentions,” Wie paused and looked at Beebo, “It just makes you think about how the magic you control could be easily used against ya.”

Star was at a loss for words and couldn’t bring himself to say anything. Even when he tried, his throat became parched, so he just relaxed back in his seat.

“Don’t you worry, Wie,” Nayo said, putting his hoof on Wie's shoulder. “There will always be times where such thoughts will occur. When they do, all you have to do is ignore ‘em.”

“Well, you don’t have to fear me, Wie. I’m on your side,” Beebo said as she pushed the tray of scones towards them. They smiled and nibbled from it.

“So, who summoned your assistant, Starjack?” Nayo asked Star.

“Well, Beebo was summoned by my sister to assist and protect me in any way possible,” Star said calmly, sipping some tea.

“I see. Were you able to see the spell your sister used to summon your assistant?” Nayo asked as he looked at Beebo, hope in his voice.

Star smiled. “Nope, never had the chance. Sorry, Nayo.”

Nayo frowned. Beebo was reading his thoughts while stirring the tea in her cup. ”Maybe I could track down his sister and ask her for the spell...” As Nayo put together a plan to do so, Beebo disrupted his thought process by showing him cute furry animals. “Dammit!” he exclaimed as he shook his head, startling Kai.

“I should’ve warned ya, Beebo does tend to do that to the thoughts of those she finds harmful or untrustworthy,” said Star as he narrowed his eyes and gazed at Nayo. He was scratching his head in confusion as Kai was calming down. “Besides, my sister is neither a very socially active pony, nor is she a pony with a lot of spare time,” he said with a smile. “She’s in Canterlot, studying the upper echelons of magic at Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns.”

“Eh, we shall see,” Nayo said with a little smile. Star simply stared at him with a unique expression; a mixture of concern, horror and disbelief.

At that moment, Beebo received a notification from the clones. They were done with their tasks and were on their way back. “Ummm, Master? The clones are on their way back with the information regarding the land.”

Starjack quickly covered Beebo’s mouth. “Perhaps that’s not the right way to relay that information to me, Beebo,” he scolded telepathically. “But thank you for telling me.”

“No problem, Master,” Beebo responded, pulling out her pocket watch. “The clones will be here very soon, so we should be going.”

Starjack spat out his tea, looking at her with concern.“WHAT!?” he exclaimed. He slammed his cup down with such ferocity that it nearly toppled the table. “Not here! Beebo, order the clones to meet us at the first plot we visited, immediately!” There was panic in his projection. Beebo, taken aback by this, nodded quickly before psychically ordering all the clones to the designated rendezvous location.

“Done, Master,” Beebo confirmed as Star sighed in relief, taking his hoof away from her face.

“Umm... clones?” Wie asked.

“Clones, you say?” Nayo asked with curiosity in his voice. Kai said nothing, just staring at them in shock.

“Yeah, clones,” Starjack answered, relaxing in his seat. “You need not worry about them, as they are quite harmless.”

“You two have clones...” Wie said in disbelief.

“Harmless? Yeah, sure,” Nayo said as he gave a quick glance to Beebo.

“They actually are,” Beebo said with a smile. “‘cause we’re only using them to survey and collect information about different plots of land.” Star nodded in agreement.

“Alright, then,” Wie said as they finished their scone, looking at Star and Beebo.

Beebo looked at her pocket watch again. After putting it away, she looked at Starjack. “Master, I think we should be going; we don’t want to keep the clones waiting.”

“Good idea,” Star said, finishing his scone.

Beebo packed up the remaining scones into a brown paper bag and stood up, ready to leave. “Well, see you, guys,” she said with a wave of her hoof before trotting towards the exit. Before leaving, she and Pinkie excitedly waved goodbye to each other.

“Right, then. Guys, I will take my leave now. This has been fun, and we really should do this all again, and soon.” Star smiled, standing up and walking towards the exit.

“See you around, guys,” Pinkie said with a giggle. Star looked at her with a smile and a nod before leaving the shop.

“Alright, Beebo. You know what to do,” Star said, standing next to her.

Beebo smiled and gave a nod, teleporting them to the first plot they’d looked at, where she had told the clones to meet them.

After Star and Beebo left, Wie looked at Nayo and Kai, “Okay, that was weird.”

“Yeah, everytime we meet them, something weird happens,” Kai said as he relaxed.

“Hmm.. I would like to find out more about them,” Nayo said, finishing his pastry. “Maybe the key to doing that lies in us finding one of those clones Beebo talked about. What do you guys think?”

“That sounds like a great idea!” Kai said with an enthusiastic smile. “One that will really help us learn more about them. I am personally invested now.”

“On that, we can agree, Kai,” Wie said happily. “If I remember correctly, they’re moving into town somewhere, so to find them or their clones, we must remember where they were heading from here.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Kai said, tapping his hoof on his chin. “But do you guys have any idea where Star and Beebo were heading next?”

“Hmm…” Wie thought aloud to themself. “They said something about surveying land. That would narrow it down to just the empty lots. That’s still quite a few places to check, but what if we started with the big ones? We’re sure to run into them eventually, or at least one of their clones.”

“That sounds like our best option,” Kai said, with Nayo nodding in agreement.

The three ponies smiled at each other and stood up, ready to leave. As they left Sugarcube Corner, Kai saw an off-white unicorn with dazzling blue eyes walk in front of them, humming to herself as she passed.

“Guys? I think that’s one of the clones they were talking about.” Kai pointed his hoof at the off-white unicorn.

“How can you be so sure that’s even a clone?” Wie asked with an eyebrow raised.

“I swear, I saw it. Wait here.” Kai flew up into the air. He followed the unicorn. He saw that she was using her magic to hold a file that had a plot number printed on the front and some notes sticking out of the side. Seeing this, Kai flew back to Wie and Nayo, landing next to them. “I was right, guys. She’s a clone,” he confirmed. “She has a file that has a plot number and some other notes and documents.”

Wie and Nayo looked at each other and smiled before they both patted Kai on the head.

“Looks we found 'em,” Wie said as they started running after the unicorn. “Let’s follow them.”

“Indeed,” Nayo said with a smile, racing after Wie with Kai in tow.

Starjack and Beebo regrouped with the clones at the very first plot of land that they had visited that day. “Alrighty, then,” Star said, pausing to look at the clones in front of him. “Clones of Beebo, please report what you have found about the remaining plots,” said Starjack, an apprehensive smile crossing his face.

One of the clones gathered the others around it, and they began whispering and giggling to each other. Star turned to face Beebo, who just shrugged off his inquisitive gaze with a smile. After talking amongst themselves for a few more minutes, one of the clones walked out of the group and stood ahead of the others. The clone was a carbon copy of Beebo’s unicorn façade from earlier that day. However, it did have one singular uniqueness; she had a dark black streak running across her mane, while the others had highlights, ponytails and many other slight variations.

“We have been going over the info, and after reviewing the various plots, we have narrowed them down to just a few. The rest are not at all suitable to fit the requirements and objectives you had set down.” The clone spoke succinctly with a smile on her face. “However, we are missing one of our clones, so we will have to wait for her. When she arrives, we can compile all the plots again. Only then will we see which one is best.”

Star looked at the clones suspiciously, but when all the clones blinked at the same time, he felt a chill run down his spine. It was unsettling, having them all staring at him. He let out a nervous chuckle, turning back to the original Beebo. “Yeah, nope. Sorry, Beebo. I love you, and all, but those clones freak me the heck out sometimes.”

“Hehe.” Beebo chuckled, a coy expression on her face. “We should wait for the last clone to arrive, so they can revise the plot information,” Beebo said with a smile.

“Good idea.” Starjack sat down.

Beebo nodded and walked over to her clones. They immediately started giggling and talking to her. From what Star could hear, they were mostly telling each other about the parts of town they had gathered the information from for each of their plots, the ponies they ran into there, and how one of the clones had been run up a tree after being scared by a local. Star let out a small laugh at that last one.

Around ten to fifteen minutes later, the last clone trotted happily into view and headed towards the group. “Looks like we’re all here,” said the clone with the black streak in her mane. “Which means we can now begin comparing the plots of land that we had narrowed down before, accounting for the information that the last clone has on their plot.”

The clones gathered around and began talking amongst themselves again. Star and Beebo looked at each other for a few seconds, before looking back at the clones. A few minutes later, the clone with a black streak merged with the other clones, becoming one pony that walked towards them.

“So, the clones and I discussed and reviewed all the plots of land, including the latest one.” She paused for a moment. “The one brought by the last clone is the best choice, Starjack.” She handed Star the files. The one that the last clone was carrying was on top. She nodded to both of them with a smile, and merged with Beebo. Starjack smiled, glad to be back to just one Beebo. Beebo blinked rapidly before looking back at him.

“Looks like we have our directions, Beebo,” Starjack said as he left the plot. “Let’s go.” Beebo hovered behind him happily, not knowing they were being followed by three familiar ponies from a distance.

Starjack and Beebo soon reached the plot of land. They were left speechless as they looked out to the massive expanse that looked as if it could go on forever. “It looks amazing,” Starjack said with a smile, looking out over the vast property. Beebo nodded silently in agreement.

“So, I guess we should go pay for it, right, Master?” Beebo asked, still transfixed by the plot of land. Starjack nodded in response.

Meanwhile Wie, Kai and Nayo Archaeon watched from behind a bush, trying to listen.

“Huh... So, instead of finding the clone, or any of the clones, we find Star and his assistant viewing an empty piece of land,” Wie whispered to their two friends.

As Star and Beebo prepared to head back to Town Hall, Beebo stopped all of a sudden. Her ears began to twitch, and she felt the presence of three ponies.

“What’s up, Beebo?” Starjack asked with a look of concern. “Is something wrong?” Beebo smiled before teleporting the three ponies over a shallow pool of water nearby. They landed with a splash, causing Star to jump back a little in surprise.

“Oh, it’s you guys. Wassup?” Star asked with a smile. Beebo was trying very hard not to burst into laughter at the three sopping wet ponies. “Come on out of there, you guys, before you catch a cold,” Starjack said, shooting Beebo a cold look, telling her to stop giggling.

“Uhm..ok,” said Kai as he, Wie and Nayo walked out of the pool of water and over to where Starjack and his assistant were waiting. He’d had enough of being tossed into mud for one day.

“Great. Beebo, dry them off, please,” Star said with a satisfied smile to which Beebo showed her tongue before walking over to the wet ponies.

Beebo mimicked her master’s mouth movements as she used her wings to dry the three ponies off. She blew across them an excessive amount of air, causing their fur and manes to become very fluffy. When she was done, they looked like balls of fur. Beebo, at this point, collapsed to the ground, a laughing mess. The three balls of fur standing in front of her looked back at her with confused faces.

“Oh, for the love of Celestia,” grumbled Starjack as he dried up the three ponies himself before raising Beebo into the air with his magic. “Forgive her, she’s always like this,” Starjack chuckled as he flopped Beebo back onto the ground. She soon calmed down from her hysteria. “Good to see you are back with us, Beebo,” Starjack said, handing her the file for this plot. “I need ya to go to Town Hall and ask the property agent how much it would cost to purchase the land and when we can sign the paperwork.”

“Understood, Master,” said Beebo as she looked at Kai, Wie and Nayo. “What about our friends, here?”

“They can keep me company while I wait for ya to return,” Starjack said with a smile. Beebo nodded and flew off. Star walked over to the three ponies, who were now standing around a wooden sign which had the address painted on it.

“I guess you’re going to be buying this plot, huh?” Nayo asked as Kai and Wie looked on in awe, as the massive plot of land looked to be touching the horizon.

“Yup,” Star said with a smile. “It’s just what we need. Its size will allow Beebo and I to test and experiment with countless inventions.” As soon as Star had said the word ‘inventions,’ he had caught the attention of all the three ponies around him.

“I had forgotten you were an inventor,” Wie admitted, sitting down in front of Starjack. “What have ya invented so far?” Kai nodded enthusiastically, listening intently as he hovered above them.

Star smiled. He began telling the story of when he had made his first invention; a rudimentary gem-powered lamp. As he went into detail, Nayo Archaeon sat down next to Wie and looked at Star, clearly intrigued.

Beebo landed at the entrance to Town Hall and walked in, making her way over to the reception desk. “Oh! Hello there, and welcome to Town Hall,” Yellow Quill greeted in a cheery tone as she sorted some sheets. “How can I help you on this fine evening?” she asked with a smile.

“Yellow Quill, it’s me, Beebo,” Beebo said with a giggle.

Yellow Quill just stared at her wide eyed.“B-Beebo!?” she exclaimed as she hurriedly walked over to her.

“Yes, it’s me, and yes, I am a pegasus now,” Beebo said, holding out her wings with a smile.

Yellow Quill approached them and held the wings. She looked as if she had seen a ghost. After a few moments of silence, she asked “H-How is this even possible? Y-you were a unicorn the last time I saw you, so how in the name of Equestria is this possible?”

“It actually is quite possible,” Beebo gave a quavering giggle as Yellow Quill stared at her suspiciously. She had to think of something, and fast. “Yeah, it is, and all because of that damn spell. Oh, I was such a fool!” Beebo said, putting her hoof to her head dramatically.

Yellow Quill continued to leer at her. “So, that’s what happened, hmmm?” she asked in a slow manner, staring at Beebo with a raised eyebrow, nearly muzzle to muzzle.

“Y-Yes,” Beebo said with a slight gulp as she stared back at the unicorn. Yellow Quill was now mere centimeters away from her nose.

“Alrighty, then,” Yellow Quill smiled, deciding she believed that story. “That sounds pretty cool, to be honest.” She spoke in a cheery tone as she returned to her desk, leaving Beebo staring at the ceiling.

“Yup, it sure is,” Beebo said with a dry laugh as she wiped the sweat off her forehead with her hoof.

“Indeed,” paused Quill, narrowing her eyes at Beebo. “I am going to assume you have selected the plot ya want. Is that correct?” She stacked a few binders on top of each other with her magic.

“Yes indeedy. We would like plot number one hundred and twenty-one, please,” Beebo smiled as she presented the plot number and file to Yellow Quill. She smiled as she put her paperwork away in her desk drawers.

“That’s an excellent choice, Beebo,” Yellow Quill said as she picked up the plot number and reviewed the file.

“I have a few questions, regarding the plot,” Beebo added tentatively. “If you don’t mind?”

Yellow Quill, slightly taken off guard by the enquiry, readjusted her glasses before addressing Beebo, “Of course, how may I help?” she asked with a patient smile.

“I’d like to know the specifics of this plot; size, history, and such. Most importantly, what is the price, and when can we pay for it?” she asked with a little giggle.

Yellow Quill, maintaining a playful yet professional manner, chuckled a little. “Ah, yes. Now, you see, Beebo, I believe I have the answers you seek, right here.” She walked over to a filing cabinet and looked at Beebo expectantly before rifling through the various files and sheets using her magic. After a couple of minutes of searching, she produced a few sheets that were collated by a paper clip. As she scrolled across the text of each one, she gave a nod of satisfaction.

“So, the size of that plot is eighty acres, rivalling the size of Sweet Apple Acres itself!” she said in awe while Beebo looked at her with just as much surprise. “The price of the land is about one thousand, seven hundred and fifty-eight bits per acre, culminating up to a final price of one hundred and forty thousand, six hundred and sixty-eight bits.”

Beebo simply nodded with a smile at the stats of their new home. “Will we be able to pay for it right away?”

Yellow Quill shook her head apologetically. “In order to attain ownership of the land, you must have a land deed signed by our Mayor Mare. Unfortunately, she already went home for the day, so you will have to wait until tomorrow.”

“Oh,” said Beebo, pouting a little. “I see.”

“As for history or significance, there’s nothing special about the land,” Yellow Quill said with a cheery tone. “In fact, you will be the first ponies to actually develop or build anything on this plot.”

Beebo looked at her and blinked a few times before smiling and nodding her head. Looking out one of the large windows, she saw that the hour grew late, and she thought she should head back to Star and others. “I must be going; it’s late. Thank you for answering my questions, Yellow Quill,” she said with a smile as she headed to the door.

As soon as she put her hoof on the handle, Yellow Quill called out to her, “Don’t leave yet, you have forgotten your documents!!!” Beebo quickly turned around and saw the unicorn running towards her whilst holding the plot number and relevant documents with her magic.

“Thank you so much for reminding me, Yellow Quill,” Beebo said with a smile as she took the file folder from her.

“No worries, many new ponies here do that,” she said as she took a few breaths. “I am always happy to help.”

“Well, thank you, Yellow Quill, and goodnight,” Beebo said with a smile as she opened the door and stepped out, leaving it to close on its own with a soft click.

“Goodnight, Beebo,” Yellow Quill said in a slightly tired but happy tone as she walked back to her desk and seated herself. She stared back at the door with a look of confusion and intrigue.

Beebo, now standing on the dirt path in front of Town Hall, looked around, amazed to see how, in the evening, Ponyville looked so lively and beautiful. The pathways were being illuminated by lanterns and fairy lights and Ponies were just walking and relaxing in the cool evening breeze.

As she looked around her, she noticed a figure standing in the shadow of a nearby house, leering at her with glowing pink eyes. Transfixed on the figure, Beebo kept on staring at it, but as soon as she blinked, it was gone. She was left looking down a darkened alleyway.

Beebo blinked a few more times before looking around. She could not see the figure anywhere. After searching for a few more minutes, she gave up and flew off into the evening sky. After flying for a while, Beebo landed back at the plot where she found her master and the three ponies laughing their heads off. “What’s going on, Master?” she asked as she walked towards them.

“Ahh, Beebo, my dear assistant. I was just telling our new friends about the time we scared the locals in the zebra lands with that explosion,” Starjack said, roaring into laughter. Beebo smiled. She remembered that explosion, as she was the one who had triggered it; she’d added the wrong chemical into one of the potions she was brewing at the time. After the group relaxed and calmed down from their laughing fit, Starjack turned to his assistant. “So, Beebo, what were ya able to find out from the clerk?”

“Well, Master, Yellow Quill told me two things, firstly that the price of the land is one hundred forty thousand, six hundred and sixty-eight bits,” Beebo said, causing the others to stare at her bewildered while Starjack just nodded as if it was normal.

“I see. What’s the second thing, my dear assistant?” Starjack asked with a slight head tilt.

“The second thing is that we can’t purchase the land right now. We need a signed deed from Mayor Mare, and she’s not at Town Hall. We will have to go tomorrow morning.”

Between Starjack and Beebo, the group was running rich with sour faces. The other three ponies looked at each other for a few minutes before Kai broke the building silence. “So, where will you guys be staying for the night?”

“You guys have heard of Fluttershy, right?” Starjack asked. Beebo and the others nodded. “Well, I met her in town whilst looking for Beebo. I introduced myself and our predicament; to find a place we could call home for a few days while we set up our permanent residence.” Star paused to catch his breath. “In response to this, Fluttershy offered up a spare bedroom in her cottage, which she said she would be happy to lend to us, to stay in for as long as we need.” Star breathed a sigh of relief.

“That’s very kind of her to let you both stay with her,” Wie acknowledged. Nayo nodded along with them.

“Asides from being kind, you have the chance to spend time with an Element of Harmony,” Kai said as he enthusiastically flew up into the air.

“Huh,” Star said, putting his hoof to his chin in thought. “I hadn’t considered that.”

“Wait, are we seriously going to be living with one of the Elements of Harmony!?” Beebo asked in an excited frenzy, shaking Star violently.

“Y-Y-Yes my dear as-as-assistant, so can ya st-stop shaking me n-n-now?” Starjack asked as Beebo shook him, causing an uproar from their audience.

“Ooops, hehe. Sorry about that, Master.” Beebo let go of Starjack, who was now trying to stand upright. He failed, falling down.

“Man, you both are seriously weird,” Kai said with a smile as he helped Starjack up. ”But seriously fun at the same time.”

“Thanks, Kai,” Starjack said, shaking his head a little to stop the world around him from spinning.

“Indeed,” Wie said as they looked at Beebo with a smile.

“I agree, as well. They certainly are both weird and fun,” Nayo Archaeon said with a smile. “However, guys, I think we should be going; it’s already pretty late.” He looked up at the dark blue and purple star-filled night sky.

“Good idea, Nayo,” Kai said with a yawn as he landed next to Wie.

They tiredly blinked their eyes while trying to stay upright. “Yeah,” They stood up and leaned against Nayo Archaeon, still staring at the night sky and its beautiful star-strewn patterns.

“Well, I hope you guys have a good night’s sleep,” Starjack said with a smile as he walked over to Beebo.

“Thanks, Starjack, and I hope the same for you,” Wie said. Kai nodded in agreement before they walked together back down the dirt path that led back to town.

“Thanks, Star. Sleep well, you two,” Nayo Archaeon said with a smile as he walked towards the path, rejoining Kai and Wie.

“Night, guys,” Beebo said. As she stared at Nayo, she licked her lips with a lustful look in her eyes. “And a very good night to you, Nayo.”

Nayo turned around to look at Beebo. They locked eyes for a minute. For Starjack, it felt like eternity. He just sat there staring at them both blushing before Nayo broke the silence. “Hehe, ummm... Thanks, Beebo, and I h-hope you ha-have a g-goodnight too.”

Beebo smiled with a dreamy look in her eyes as Nayo ran to catch up with Wie and Kai. They were out of sight, but could be heard up ahead on the path.

“He’s gone now, Beebo,” said Starjack as she leaned against his back and continued staring at where Nayo had just been standing a few moments prior. “Well, we should be going too.” Starjack moved forwards, causing Beebo to fall backwards onto the ground.

“Yea, that sounds like a great idea,” She said as she stood up and massaged her head, wincing. She looked at her master, now standing at the dirt path, looking at her with tired eyes.

“Indeed. Ya ready to go?” Starjack asked, yawning.

“Yup” Beebo said, fluttering over to him and landing next to him with a smile.

“You just love doing that whenever you take the form of a pegasus, huh?” Starjack asked as he and Beebo began walking back up the path.

“I just love my wings, Master,” Beebo said as she held out her left wing and flapped it up and down. Star rolled his eyes with a smile.

“Well, you may wanna pull it back in. We have to head back into town to ask for directions to Fluttershy’s cottage.” They crossed a bridge, and were once again within the city limits of Ponyville. "Alright, Beebo. Let's split up and ask around. Someone has to know the directions to her cottage," he said, determined.

Beebo nodded, flying over to a few ponies who were relaxing by the statue of Chancellor Puddinghead. Starjack smiled as he watched her nearly fall face first onto the ground before he walked away. As he did, he saw two mares walking happily, enjoying the cool summer night breeze.

Maybe they know where Fluttershy’s cottage is?” Star thought to himself as he walked over to them. “Good evening,” he said, causing the two ponies to turn and face him.

“Good evening, my friend.” One of the mares replied in a polite and formal manner. Her medium-grey coat was accented by her long, dark grey mane. Starjack noticed her pink bowtie under her white collar; she looked quite formal and sophisticated.

“I was wondering if you could direct me towards Fluttershy’s cottage?” Starjack asked the two ponies with a smile.

“Of course,” replied the mare. “First, you have to head towards the northwest bridge that leads out of town, after which you continue down that dirt path until you see her house. You can’t miss it; it’s essentially a big tree with a door.”

“Thank you very much, miss…” Starjack said with an embarrassed smile.

“Oh, how rude of me. My name is Octavia Melody, and this lovely pony is my good friend, Vinyl Scratch.” Octavia smiled as she pointed gently towards the second pony. She smiled at them both and nodded in response. Starjack noticed that she was wearing shades despite the darkness and a pair of headphones around her neck that weren’t plugged into anything. Her coat looked a light grey in the dim light, but her mane shone out a powerful electric blue.

“Well, Octavia, I thank you very much for your assistance,” Starjack said with a tired smile.

“Don’t mention it,” Octavia smiled back as Starjack, grateful for the information, went on his way to find his assistant so as to tell her the good news.

“What a strange stallion, wouldn’t you agree, Vinyl?” Octavia asked as they both started walking again. Vinyl frowned a little, but soon smiled and nodded in agreement.

Starjack walked over to where he had last seen his assistant. However, when he arrived, she was nowhere in sight. Just as he began wondering where she could’ve gone…

“What ya thinking about, Master?” Beebo said, hovering behind him silently.

Starjack cried out in surprise, jumping into the air and spinning to face her. “Beebo, don’t do that!” he exclaimed as he stepped back a few paces, catching his breath.

“Hehe, sorry, Master, I couldn’t resist; the chance was just too good and I had to take it,” Beebo said with a smile as she hovered above him.

“Well, I’m going to pay you back for this, make no mistake about that.” Starjack said with a determined and devilish smile. “However, that will have to wait; I have the directions to Fluttershy’s cottage.”

“Seriously, Master!?” Beebo said excitedly as her smile widened.

“Yup,” Starjack said with a smile. “So, my assistant, are you ready?”

“Yup!” Beebo said, doing an aerial somersault. Starjack smiled and shook his head as he walked over to the bridge that Octavia had told him about.

“Here we go,” Starjack said as he galloped across the bridge and down the dirt path out of town. Beebo flew behind him. As they travelled down the path, they went past a small building, from which they both could’ve sworn they’d heard clucking sounds. As they continued down the path, Starjack looked to his right and saw exactly what Octavia told him he would see: a house that looked very much like a tree. As he stared, he was no longer watching where he was going. He tripped on an elevated root cresting over the edge of the path and started rolling at a high speed down the road.

“Oh, dear!” Beebo exclaimed as she raced towards him. When she tried to stop him, she was caught in Starjack’s spiral. After they rolled for a few moments, they came to a stop with the wet splash of the cold water flowing down the river.

After a few moments of feeling like an ice cube, Starjack and Beebo were fished out of the river. Coughing up several mouthfuls of water, Starjack stared up to see who had rescued them. He turned the palest shade of white as he looked up. It wasn’t a pony who saved them; rather, it was a big brown grizzly bear. Starjack screamed and jumped into Beebo’s wet hooves. She stopped trying to knock river water out of her ears and looked up at the bear in terror.

“Oh, thank goodness he pulled you both out in time,” came a demure voice. As Star and Beebo stopped shaking, Fluttershy appeared from behind the bear.

“F-Flutters-shy?” Starjack asked, shivering. He glanced back and forth between Fluttershy and the bear, then passed out in Beebo’s arms.

Starjack woke up slowly and blinked his eyes. “Ugh, what happened?” he asked, to nopony in particular. “And why am I looking so fluffed up all of a sudden?”

“Well, Master, it seems that you are a scaredy-cat, so ya passed out,” Beebo responded with a smug smile, clearly enjoying his confusion. ”As for why you are so fluffy, Fluttershy had some of her animal friends dry you off. Now, you look adorable.”

Starjack tried to stand, but a sudden pain shot through his right hoof. “Easy, Master,” said Beebo, rushing to his aid. “Ya hit the riverbed pretty hard, and you sprained your wrist.”

“Understood,” Starjack said as Beebo shook her wings dry. “Where’s Fluttershy?”

“She said she was going to say goodnight to the woodland critters at her animal sanctuary,” she said. “Ya know, we should ask her to take us sometime. It would be pretty fun to see so many adorable little creatures.” Beebo smiled as she combed her wet mane.

“That would be quite lovely, indeed,” Starjack smiled. He sat up to take a better look around the room. He found it to be quite cozy. There were bird houses hanging from the ceiling with little robins sleeping inside, a fireplace with a beautiful framed picture of pink flowers, a study table and a couple of windows, through which Star could see the beautiful star-filled night sky.

Beebo was combing her mane in front of the bed. She started to struggle a bit; her mane was riddled with knots. She sat on top of the chest at the foot of the bed and combed harder. After a few strokes, she finally managed to comb her mane straight. Now it would dry properly.

Starjack was more interested in the titles of some of the books that were open on Fluttershy’s study table. From what he could see, she had books with titles ranging from ‘Animal Care for Beginners’ to ‘Plants and Critters of the Everfree Forest.’

After a few minutes, both of them heard what they guessed to be the front door opening and closing. As they both looked down the stairs, they saw Fluttershy poke her head up. “Oh, you're awake,” She said timidly. “Do you mind if I come in?”

“Not at all,” Starjack said with a smile as he gestured her in. “It’s your home, Fluttershy.”

“Oh, don’t be like that, Starjack,” Fluttershy said with a smile as Beebo clapped her hooves together. “Sure, it’s my home, but for as long as you need, it’s your home, too.” Fluttershy quickly hovered over to her study table and put the books back where they belonged on the shelf, after which she wiped the desk clean. “Oh, my. Excuse the mess, I wasn’t expecting to have you over so soon.” She sighed in relief, happy to have a clean house. “There we go, all better! Now tell me, Starjack, do you have a plan for what you are going to do here in Ponyville?”

Starjack and Beebo looked at each other. “Well, the plan at the moment is to buy a plot of land here in Ponyville,” Starjack said with a smile as Beebo nodded agreement. “Then, Beebo and I can build our own home, which will allow me to pursue my true calling: the art of inventing.”

“Well, that’s a very well thought out plan, you two,” she said with a smile. “You can rest easy. I will be here to help you out in any way I can.”

“Thank you, Fluttershy. That’s so kind and thoughtful of you,” Beebo said with a smile. Starjack nodded in agreement.

“No problem,” Fluttershy said with a smile as she gestured to the clock on the fireplace. “Now, I think you two should take a well-deserved rest.”

“Of course, Fluttershy,” Starjack smiled. “Just point us in the direction of that spare bedroom, and we’ll catch a bit of shut-eye.” As the words left his mouth, Fluttershy looked down, a little saddened.

“What’s wrong, Fluttershy?” Beebo asked, worried.

“Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just... There is no spare bedroom. This is the only bedroom in the cottage. I lied to you, Star. I’m sorry.” Fluttershy looked at the floor, upset with herself.

Starjack and Beebo looked at her, concern and curiosity painted on their faces. “Why did you lie to me, Fluttershy?”

“Ohhh... I couldn’t stand seeing you without a home, Starjack,” Fluttershy said sadly. Starjack and Beebo stared at her, speechless. “I didn’t mean to lie to you or trick you. I just didn’t want to imagine what might have happened to you if you were to try sleeping on a park bench; or worse, in the street gutter.”

“Well, there’s no need for ya to feel bad, Fluttershy,” Beebo said with a smile, hugging the pegasus gently. “‘Cause without ya, we wouldn’t have a place to stay while we looked for our new home.”

“Thank you, my friend,” Fluttershy smiled. “I needed that.” She wiped her face dry. “So, where do you guys want to sleep?”

“Well, I don’t think I can move anywhere, due to my hoof,” Starjack said, thinking to himself. “Would you have an issue with Beebo and I sleeping here for tonight? From tomorrow onwards, we can sleep downstairs. That is, if you are okay with that. Fluttershy?”

Fluttershy nodded in agreement. “Alright, you guys. Looks like I will be sleeping downstairs tonight, so I’ll just take my sleeping bag and an extra pillow, and I’ll be on my way.” She took her sleeping bag from the chest under the footboard and took one of the extra pillows from the bed. “Goodnight, everypony. I hope you both sleep well.”

“Goodnight, Fluttershy.” Starjack said. Beebo waved Fluttershy goodnight as she walked down the stairs. After Fluttershy left, Beebo opened up the void and took out a sleeping bag and a couple pillows of her own. She set up her little sleeping area next to the bed and lay down.

“Ya comfy at all, Beebo?” Starjack asked with a smile as he laid back down on the bed.

“Mhm,” Beebo affirmed as she settled in. Before she fell asleep, she looked up at Starjack. “Goodnight, Master.”

“Goodnight, Beebo. Sweet dreams.” Starjack yawned and turned to the other side of the bed.

Finally, after a long and tiring journey, Starjack could at last have a well-deserved sleep. However, as he closed his eyes, he could have sworn that when he looked up into the beautiful starry night sky through the window opposite him, he faintly saw what looked like a mare looking down and smiling at him. Before he could do anything or even react, his eyes closed and he fell fast asleep.

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