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Hi! I write about ponies doing spooky things! And sometimes in space, too! If want to donate a dollar for the cause, I have a Ko-fi! https://ko-fi.com/vinnrosta


With airships flying around, automatic houses catering to every whim, and ponies getting the latest models for their bodies, Applejack and Rarity have a conversation over the changes in their lives.

Written in 36 hours for the Quills and Sofas Positive Technological Equestrian Future speedwriting contest.

Artwork by baroquedavid.

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Very though provoking story.
found it interesting how the cybernetic bodies were somewhat in the uncanny valley
I honestly feel like this could get expanded upon very easily.

I certainly could do more, though I have no plans to do so at the moment. I only wrote this for a speedwriting contest, so most of what I envisioned writing about made into the story. If people like it at all, I might write a sequel, or add more chapters.

Do metal hearts beat?

I conclude they do. Lovely story, really, it was heartwarming to read and it felt like Rarity, despite not being organic anymore, was still herself.

Thank you very much! I feel like Rarity can be one of the deeper characters to write, but she's still one of the hardest characters for me, personally, to write properly.

Very well written, though it's funny the tag is "positive future" when it's frankly horrifying. A testament to the obsessive need for newer, flashier, 'better', without any real focus on what you lose.

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