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A mischievous spirit that likes to write about ponies and spaceships and da spooks.


Pinkie Pie doesn't like when other ponies cry. She always tries to cheer them up and make them stop, because that's what good friends do.

When she hears somepony she's never met crying in an unfamiliar place, she decides that maybe helping everyone isn't the best idea.

Big Thanks to my awesome friend and editor, Menace, whose support through my writer's block has been a great help, and his editing has kept me in check with my current writing skills.

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Well, this left me feeling uncomfortable. That's for sure!

I thought that it was written really well, but it left me thinking: "Why was she there? What was she looking (or rather not looking) at? Who was crying and why?" Something I've learned about writing horror is that the only question your reader should have is, "Is the character going be OK?" Being vague is OK, and even ending with a cliffhanger is fine so long as the reader believes there's a good reason why the story ended up without the problem being resolved, but all of the questions should be answered somewhere in the story. For me, all these questions I had just left me thinking, "What's even going on?" Is she being haunted? Is she receiving flashbacks? Is she legit losing her mind? If those questions could be answered somewhere in the story, I feel like I would have enjoyed it much more.

Welp, thank you for being so honest with me! As i stated after the story it is my first horror short, but honestly, in hindsight, you're absolutely right about pretty much every point there, and I will refer back to your comment if i try writing scary stuff in the future.
That being said, the story is only 1400 words, and answering all those questions in that amount of words, as well as the time frame i wrote this in gets quite challenging. I suspect it will be some time before i manage to do anything close to 2000 words and still have a cohesive story structure.

Horror is probably the hardest genre to write well. It takes a huge learning curve, and I felt that for as short as it was and for being relatively new to the genre, it was still written really well. I'll be on the lookout for your next horror story!

Thank you!though it may be some time yet before it's ready for release. Also my other readers would probably kill me if they found out i gave up on my other stories in favour of some scary fics.

That was... something. I can't say I really understood what was going on, but it was at least enjoyable to read and well written, too. The details were nice, though vague in overview, and Pinkie appears to have been in-character (believable).

Thank you!
I already stated that I know it was vague and i apologized for that, trying psychological horror takes lots of work to get right, but i'm surprised I'm actually getting compliments on this.

Hey, vague can be fine; sometimes having no idea what is going on can be a good thing.

Anyway, I'll try to keep my eyes out for the next one. ^^

Didn't understand the end, but the story had plenty of tension and was well written, so thumbs up and fave :pinkiehappy:

Thank you! I've learned that it's a bad idea to write when I am severely tired, so I'm going to keep my writing sessions scheduled before midnight now.

Others have said this already, the ending confused me a little bit. I liked it though, now I'll always be asking myself: "Why was the pony outside crying?"

And "Did Pinkie ever get out of the room?"

I also have a bit of a theory, but I could be overthinking it. Perhaps the passage through that door signifies the fact that Pinkie Pie was dead and the pony outside was crying because Pinkie was no longer alive? I don't know. It's an idea.

Great story though.

Wow, thank you for the praise. I'm surprised anyone can form any sort of theory from it. I honestly wrote this way too early in the morning without sleep and was half-delusional at the time.

Sometimes, I read too deeply into things. It was a unique story though.

Again, thank you, I feel undeserved of this praise though.

Don't be so down on yourself. World's already dragging us, we can't make it easy.

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