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This was crazy, crazy sexy.

I am disturbed But I liked it... gave an idea for my clopfic coming up... thanks

Aw... no creampie?

normally, I don't do 'mentally unwell' stories, but the reverse rape was HOT.

hope to see more of it!

i think he knows better than to impregnate crazy honse

First comment I'm leaving on this website in years.
This was abnormally good. Keep it up.

This... is porn. It says so in the tags.

If that wasn't the case, I would really like to say this, because it is subject very dear to my heart. I don't wish to imply anything about the intentions of the author.

Hate is not a normal emotion. Hate comes from desire. Hate is less like rage than people think. Its a lot more like disgust. A shadow of everything you don't want to be.

A twisted, evil reflexion of everything you want. Not don't want. WANT.

Like wanting to be loved, find a girlfriend and live with a person who you have chosen just as much as they have chosen you.

But having to live with the shameful memory of having been raped by your older brother when you were young and naive.

Like your room was painted over in a color you hated and then having to live with it. Always there, just near the edges of your vision. When you sleep. when you invite people over.
As if having that connection, in and of itself, is soiling you, your dream and everything you hold dear.

Hate and Love are opposites. Hate and Sex, sadly, aren't.

Hate and Lust aren't opposites. In a way they rejuvenate eachother, spurring eachother on like twisted siblings when they don't activily fight eachother.

To honestly think that a situation like this would NOT inspire hate just as strong if not strong than any lust or love you have toward a person... feels evil to me.

And that is where this story is inaccurate...

... if this wasn't porn. And thats fair.

hey man i just like to write weird shit. rape, grooming and sexual assault victim, so i do know a thing or two. i just know the boundaries between fake horse words and real life heh

aw gee, thanks man

Yeah you just had sex with mentally unstable mare. You put up as much resistance as you could and I admire you for that but she was just too sexy and the situation was just too hot. I can't blame you for giving in and wanting to fuck her.

At least you had enough self thought to not finish inside her but cumming all over her was a perfect substitute.

Sure you will no doubt regret this tomorrow or maybe not, maybe having sex with her and actually giving in to her was exactly what she needed to be mentally stable and she might end up being a great pony.

And if she does remain crazy but you still want to put your dick in her. Make her clean herself up first, so she doesn't stink and find out why her muzzle was covered in blood because I'm afraid she might of killed or mained somepony and that is a straight up mood breaker.

Of course it's a 3:am :raritydespair:

"You probably do not want to read this."

Well now I have to read it just to be sure.

Omg... this was super creapy, and kinda spooky, almost like a horror story.
It gave me goosebumps I love it!

You know, the entire time I'm reading this, I'm picturing all this happening ... and she isn't real. He is catatonic in a padded cell somewhere, and this is all in his head.

That's the entire thing that was going through my mind as the story unfolded.

"Yes, I will eat the Fear Turkey." -Illua

I read the title and think of this.

It's three PM FOR ME!

And then he never woke up again...

There's a reason for the saying after all

I was honestly expecting this to be darker than it was. He put up the best resistance he could, but unfortunately biology doesn't care. Good story.

This was good, there are not enough dudes getting non-con’d.

I was hoping she’d make him paint her insides white

I thought there was gonna be a creampie, but I was wrong, doesn't mean I enjoyed the story tho, it was unique to say the least.. and fresh, something new to me that I haven't read yet, I don't know if there are any similar stories like this on the site. But if there is I would definitely want to go and read them. Good job you earned a like! (and favorite) keep up the good work!

Heres a song I think fits this story -

As she lifted her head upwards and exposed the side of her neck he begrudgingly let his teeth graze the area; it seemed to do the trick for her as she let out a soft, somewhat unsettling moan.

And then he bit down. Dancer died choking on her own blood.

Am i the only one interested in the plot? Any sequel planned? I wanna know what's gonna happen to him 😂

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