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After trying to raise the Sun, a young Twilight learns an interesting fact about Alicorn biology. Cuddles ensue.

An entry for CategoricalGrant's 2021 Cuddlefic Contest 2021 You should check some of the other stories out. They're good.

Pre-read by Eikichirou and ScatteredStarlight413.

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Damn. Some cuteness before going to sleep, yes please!~

What else can I say other thrn I love it! Then filly Twi never disappoints.

And no grammar errors that I can see, but I'm blind to grammar, so don't take my word for it, alright.

Another story going to my 'favorites' collection!
Great job! 👍

So all she would have to do is cast appraise on nightmare moon and she would be harmless.
Also, if casting appraise on somebody is that dangerous this should not have been done without
a.) her horn being okay again
2.) her having had at least some actual training in it to minimize risk.

God this ball of lavender fluff is to much for me now and then, Good Job

In my notes, I've giving you a secondary award for 'Most Unique Interpretation of Cuddling'

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