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Hi, names MetalBrony20, I started writing normal stories, got bored, then decided to write WG/Fat fiction instead. Support me if you want with a coffee - https://ko-fi.com/metalmadness9090238


This story is a sequel to Bowstring and the Fantastical Fattening Farce

Honeysweet attends the wonderful Canterlot Mare's Preparatory Academy, an academic institute which rivals even Celestia's School. However, Honey's status as 'new money' and her larger than average size has drawn the attention of a unicorn called Ruby Radiance, who antagonises both her and Honey's friend, Autumn Canter. When Autumn tells Honey about a surprising new trend from Manehatten, they, along with the rest of the school, soon find their waistlines expanding out of control.

This is 10000 word commission for MinxyEMF on furaffinity.

This story contains:
-Weight Gain - from chubby to blob sized
-Slob - Messy Eating/Burping/Farting
-Slight Romance
-Alternative Universe

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