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I am a teenage brony, living in the county of Cheshire, which is located in the north west of the UK. I am very creative, and enjoy art, music (Heavy Metal) and literature and like to make new friends

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Discord doesn't need to pay for rent, doesn't need to buy food and so doesn't need a job. Fluttershy thinks otherwise, forcing the mischievous Draconequus to go and find employment to keep himself busy. By chance, he finds work as a food critic, and becomes rather proficient. Much to the detrimental effect of the nations waistlines.

This story contains-
Fat - From chubby to immobile blobs
Weight gain
Gas - Belching and Farting
Mind alteration

Chapters (2)

Manehatten MediTech, a huge research lab and medical centre designed to better the lives of everyone, sometimes in the most unusual of ways. Lapis Lake, a mare down on her luck will find herself at the spearhead of a new project as she volunteers for a revolutionary test designed to help those individuals of excess girth.

This story contains-
Fat- From chubby to immobile blobs.
Weight gain.
Gas- Belching.
Messy eating.
Poor attempts at rhyming.

Chapters (5)

The Spirit of Chaos is bored whilst wandering the long halls of Canterlot Castle. He finds Celestia's room and in turn discovers something that will change Discord's perception of the Solar Princess.

This is first and foremost a Fat Fetish story, containing, Morbid/extreme obesity and light slob (Messy eating, sweat, light burping)

Original picture is by the great AstroZone

Chapters (1)

Last night Tommy was asleep in bed, living a normal life. Then he is rudely awoken in a place very far from home, full of horses. What will he do? What will the aforementioned horses make of him? Unfortunately for him this world is pastel coloured and bright. Like it was dreamt up by little girl. Being as he likes nothing better then squealing guitars and fast aggressive riffs and drums, this world does not sit well for at all.

This fic is set around the middle of season 6, which will alter cannon events in the future.

Chapters (5)

Lance-Corporal Bert Atkins, a British army soldier who has seen the entirety of WWII from 1939 to 1944, is placed on sentry duty as the rest of his patrol head to sleep. What he finds on his sentry duty, no one could have expected as he waits by the ominous French wood for any enemy contact.

Chapters (3)

A scientist dreams of his ultimate weapon, his envisioning of the ultimate creation, boils down to his research and planning which he has spent years meticulously working on. What will this mean for his target location? What does this mean for Equestria, his intended location and what possible dangers await the Main 6 and their friends?
This is set in an alternative time line, which starts post season 5 but prior to season 6. Events which occurred in season 5 happened in this time line, but season 6 events don't occur due to the alternative timeline. Sorry if that was a little complicated.

Chapters (6)
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