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Hi, names MetalBrony20, I started writing normal stories, got bored, then decided to write WG/Fat fiction instead. Support me if you want with a coffee - https://ko-fi.com/metalmadness9090238



Berry Pie Bakeries is a small, but decently popular place that manufactures delicious pastries and cakes. The owner, Berry Pie, is having a small problem. That being that, due to an issue with stock checking, she has run out of sugar. In a panic, she is forced to use her own special sugar, a sugar which is highly, highly addictive. This leads to some rather fattening consequences for her customers and especially Berry's best friend, Bowstring.

This is a 12000 word commission for MinxyEMF on Furaffinity

This story contains:
-Weight Gain - from chubby to blob sized
-Slob - Messy Eating/Burping/Farting
-Alternative Universe

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Note based purely on the short and long descriptions: relative to other mammals, human milk is notably high in sugar because that's what brains eat and our brains are hungry.

Or I just didn't see the "Narcotics" tag that actually covers all forms of drug use and made assumptions.

More generally, I make a lot of these sorts of comments on fics I don't plan to read but whose descriptions spark associations with random facts I happen to have in my brain. These don't generally have very much to do with the actual content of the fics.

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