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High school is already hard enough.

Being near invisible simply adds challenge to the mundane.

Wallflower Blush just wishes she could stand out more and maybe even catch the eye of her crush?

But she'd settle for a little trouble instead.

Some precious little strife.

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Precious little green bean :heart:

If this doesn't end with Sunset and Wally getting together and GaySmooching™, I will find you and fill your pillowcase with fish.

Sunset is her dream crush, so yes much smooching on the horizon.

Promising start. I'm surprised this isn't in the contest.


No just a project I've been grooming for a few months.

Arigatō, for enjoying!

Live up to your name dear \o/

This chapter was just adorable!

Trixie does play more of a Knives role

*Looks up who Knives is*


Happy you enjoyed the chapter.

"Hang on." Sunset politely excused herself as she pulled the window down with a bit of muscle.

Trixie Lulamoon stood waiting on the sidewalk overdressed in a puffy light blue coat complete with white trims. The wannabe magician had matching boots at knee-length, as oversized pink earmuffs completed the illusion.

"Looking fabulous, Trixie! " Sunset playfully winked towards the blonde.

"Trixie adores staying on the cutting edge! " She replied in third person pride.

"Absolutely! So I was wondering, when you talk do know if it's going to come out of your mouth or ass?" Sunset laughed aloud with a fierce grin.

Trixie couldn't help but drop her books onto the snow in shock. "Screw you, Sunset!" She flicked off the redhead from below.

Oooh. I've seen this one.

Lol, I know!

Ponut Joe had a excellent sense of banter, felt it should be referenced in it's humor.

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