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Wallflower hides in a old place of comfort to calm the nightmares.

Until Sunset shows her the way back into the light.

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She thought her actions would show how much she cared.

Now worlds apart.

The sun.

The grey.

Forever this way.

Entry for Scampy’s SunFlower shipping contest.

Suicide Symbolism ahead, be weary of that before reading.

Endings never need to be somber, remember it's never too late to create a better tomorrow.

Never be fearful of who you are or the worth of your actions.

A simple choice for yourself can be devastating for others.

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High school is already hard enough.

Being near invisible simply adds challenge to the mundane.

Wallflower Blush just wishes she could stand out more and maybe even catch the eye of her crush?

But she'd settle for a little trouble instead.

Some precious little strife.

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