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I was a little taken aback that Zecora didn't use her signature talking style, but I get that writing her is a huge pain.:rainbowkiss:

Also, faking a pregnancy scare is messed up in a hilarious way.:rainbowlaugh:

I figured I could get away with Zecora's lack of rhyming since it takes place in an alt. universe on top of the fact that it's a pain to think of something that works constantly. I've done it before, but man!

Hey, they challenged us to include and April Fools, and I thought it was quite fitting, given the situation.

Originally I was gonna link the source, but said soured is an adult website.

Ah. In that case, you could state the artist name/handle and source Web site in the story description instead. If it’s on Derpibooru, some folks will give the image number, but without linking directly.

I plan on replacing the image with my own ASAP, but since my artist hand is rusty, I wanted to find something that fit for now.

Fair enough! In that case, who was the artist, so I can go looking for the art?

I updated the description with the name, but just to let you know I didn't find it on derpibooru.

Thankee! I’m guessing you found it originally on Tumbler; it’s been reposted to Derpibooru as well.

No, I don't go to tumblr at all. I found it on e621. you can find everything there.

The link to the prequel story don't work. Why is that?

Probably because that story is temporarily revoked until I get some rewrites in. See, I started writing that story with the races having slightly different names, but with the way I wrote this short, it doesn't mix. So, I'm in the process of changing those races back to the ones we know so it won't be confusing.

Okay. Here's to hoping that's fixed so I can see what happened before hand.

Try reading Heart of Fire: You'll be in my Heart. That's basically what Breaking Boundaries is, just less mature.

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