• Published 1st Feb 2021
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The Sub, The Dom, The Emo, The Psycho, The Sorceress, And You - Pinkamena666

Twilight calls you over to help with some of her more private spells. Testing out various spells from breast and butt enlargement to becoming a dragoness, and also trying out role-play, she makes sure it's never a dull day in Ponyville.

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What alter egos do you have lined for AJ?

really only two. and their not exactly the same type of personality like Fluttershy's. More like a more submissive side of her and a Timberwolf cosplay as seen on the cover.

Her fic will be the shortest.

There are fics of her that likes to go skinny-dipping or goes nude sun tanning when no one is looking

And I can see you got Twi with the most alter egos. Of course she would since an open mind like hers has an expansive horizon.

The Cowgirl, the Naturalist, the breeding mare (sub), and the wild girl (timberwolf)

Those some good AJ things.

Just thought I'd help out
I want all characters to get plenty of love so I researched and brainstormed to make sure AJ gets a fair share of it.

Very nice :rainbowwild:
Now our favorite cowpony babe is getting love.

And what's the list for RD

Oh you forgot cowgirl. AJs main persona

I also didn't include "shy girl" in Fluttershy's fic :P

Naw just call her the Butterfly
They'll get the idea

I can't imagine RD as a Sub unless Rarity or AJ are involved for S&M. I figured the likes to to be Dom. Likes to be on top but enjoys it when her partner tries to Dom or resist her.
Basically rough sex.

Really hope that one day this story with Twilight will be updated, loved every chapter of it so far.

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