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"Hello. My name is Maudlina Daisy Pie. But most ponies just call me Maud. They think I'm odd. Boring. But I've not always been this way. I was very different, when I was young. Before the accident. Before everything changed."

This is the story of how a happy foalhood came to an abrupt end, and how one of Equestria's most singular characters came into being.

Six years ago at the time of writing, in January 2015, I published I am Maud Pie. This story is a substantially rewritten version which better fits in with FiM canon, along with a degree of headcanon based on the show's development and production phase.

Specifically, the idea that Lauren Faust's original concept for Pinkie Pie, the white and yellow pegasus named Surprise, was actually the youngest of the Pie sisters. This idea has been explored by other authors, and although there is a Wonderbolt of the same name and appearance canonically, the idea of a fifth Pie sister has always intrigued me. Thus my decision to write a story based around the concept.

The story is set shortly before Maud's relationship with Mudbriar began.

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I like this fic. You write well.

Guess that expains how maud and pinkie are siblings, they both don’t show the pain they have.

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